NHL Scores And Standings

Handicappers should always be up to date on how National Hockey League teams are trending. As discussed in our Under The Numbers wagering tutorials, knowing which teams are running hot and which squads have gone cold is an important part of a successful wagering plan. We provide up to the minute NHL scores in the table above and the overall standings are always current below.


NHL Puck Line

Known as the run line in baseball and simply as the spread price in football and basketball, hockey betting ATS odds are called puck lines. Exactly like the 1.5 pre-game runs on MLB betting cards, NHL puck lines are always a 1.5 goal advantage for the underdog and a 1.5 disadvantage for the favorite when it come to hockey handicapping. NHL spread lines have a wide ranging variance and teams receiving pucks will often have a negative line while the team giving goals will normally have a positive price. For example, a recent Vancouver vs Anaheim matchup had the Canucks as pups with +1.5 (-140) odds while the Ducks were posted with a -1.5 (+120) price. It’s wise to remember that empty net goals are often an equalizer for bettors who give up goals to back the chalk team.

NHL Money Line

Uniform across all sports, NHL money line odds require bettors to pick the outright winner of any given match. The rub here is that favorites are often tagged with a price that some handicappers refer to as “little value” being as it takes a large wager to earn a relatively small return. A recent match between Pittsburgh and Buffalo is a good example as the Penguins money line price was (-310) while the Sabres rolled into the Steel City with a (+255) price. In this instance, bettors are required to wager $310 on Sidney Crosby and the Pens to win $100 while those taking a leap of faith with Kyle Okposo and the pups would earn $255 on a $100 wager. Value bettors are more likely to lay the Pittsburgh puck line -1.5 (-115) when betting on this chalk heavy style matchup.

NHL Over Under

Unlike the other three “Big Four” North American sports, where game total odds normally have a fairly large fluctuating scale, standard NHL Over/Under lines are usually set at 5 or 5.5 goals. Online bookmakers, in rare instances will also a post 4.5 or 6 goal lines depending on the teams involved. Game total odds include overtime and one goal is added on to any matches that are ended with a shootout. During the first 960 games of the NHL 2016-17 regular season, 545 matches ended with five goals or less scored while 415 contests finished with six or more goals. Those numbers were a reflection of the previous two years as five goals or less sported a 712-518 advantage during the 2015-16 campaign and a strikingly similar 703-527 edge back in the 2014-15 NHL regular season. 

NHL Futures And Props

Offered throughout the preseason, regular season and the playoffs, prop and futures odds are also extremely popular Fire on Ice betting options. Prior to puck drop of Game One of any new season, bettors can wager on NHL futures that include Division, Conference and Stanley Cup Champion lines. Popular preseason proposition bets include total individual team wins and NHL MVP wagering while every contest offers player and team related props such as who will record more points and will player X score a goal in the game. No matter what type of betting options suit your preference; top ranked online sportsbooks like Bodog are loaded with tons of action everyday. Register a free account, collect a generous first deposit bonus and then get into the games quickly and safely.