Hockey Betting

Hockey’s the most popular sport to bet on for Canadian fans, especially when the National Hockey League playoffs roll around, attracting a greater audience. Placing a bet on hockey through a reputable sportsbook adds excitement to the game and provides an opportunity to fatten the wallet. This guide walks bettors through the process of a placing a typical hockey wager while providing the best hockey odds and additional betting resources and tips.

How To Place Hockey Bets

#1 Log into your account if you haven’t already done so. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up with the sportsbook you wish to wager with.


#2 Select the ‘Hockey’ category to open a list of leagues and competitions available for wagering purposes. If you’re looking to bet on an individual NHL hockey game, select the ‘NHL’ category, instead of ‘NHL Props’ or ‘NHL Futures’, which offer more complex types of wagers.


#3 Select the team you wish to bet on to add their line to your bet card. Often, sportsbooks will list the three most popular single game bets together, including the puckline, moneyline and over/under. For this example, we’ll choose the moneyline bet, which requires players to predict the outright winner of the match.


#4 Confirm the team selected and the price provided on your bet card before filling out the ‘Bet Amount’. The potential payout should be calculated as you enter the amount of money wagered.

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#5 Double check all details, including your betting selection, winning conditions, odds given, betting amount and payout.

#6 Lock in your wager by clicking ‘Place Bet’. 

#7 Record the confirmation number of your wager by taking a screenshot of your bet or writing down the details. Some sportsbooks offer automated bet receipts via email. Always keep a copy of a bet receipt for your own records.

Hockey Betting Types And Wagering Options

Most fans know standard hockey bets, such as betting on individual NHL games, or the eventual winner of the Stanley Cup, but some might not be familiar with the full range of futures, live betting and prop bets available on the wagering market. Expand your NHL wagering portfolio and sharpen profit opportunities by learning more about the diverse range of hockey betting types available for NHL punters.

Standard Hockey Bets

NHL Futures

Prop Bets

Live Betting On NHL Hockey

Sportsbooks close standard sports bets minutes before the game starts, but when the puck drops, many betting services offer real-time action, more commonly known as live betting. Fans of betting on NHL hockey have access to a similar list of moneylines, spreads, totals and props during the game, with odds that fluctuate according to the flow of the match. Live betting rewards players with the potential of greater value.

NHL Live Betting Examples


Live Puckline Bets

Similar to puckline bets before the faceoff, you’ll have the option of wagering on a team beating or covering a spread of 1.5 goals during the match. Expect the odds to change wildly after a goal scored by either team, which greatly changes the probability of a puckline win for either club. Lines will also move as time drains from the clock, with the potential of a shift during penalties or injuries to valuable personnel. Alternative pucklines of 2.5 goals or more will also be available.

Live Moneyline Bets

The odds of either team winning straight up will change throughout the game, although the line movements tend to change less than pucklines. Live moneylines represent an attractive opportunity when betting on a favorite which falls behind by a goal, which may boost the payout for a moneyline favorite.


Regulation Time

Predict the outcome after three periods of play while the game’s in progress. You’ll be able to select either team for the win, or a tie game after sixty minutes. Draws tend to pay out better earlier in the game, rather than the finals minutes of a close match.

Live Over/Under Bets

Select whether both teams will score more than or less than a predetermined total. For an over/under of 5.5 goals, over will win with six or more goals between the two clubs, while the under wins with five or fewer. If the teams match the total, a push results, returning the wagers to the bettors. Totals options include over/unders for individual teams and periods.

Next Team To Score

Pick the team which will score the next goal. This type of live bet includes the option of neither team scoring, which pays out well when there’s plenty of time left on the clock.


Correct Score

One of the most difficult types of bets to nail, predicting the exact final score of a match can pay out very well, especially during games which feature wild momentum swings. The more outlandish the final score predicted, the better the payout. In addition to betting on a specific score, you’ll have the option of wagering on “Other”, which covers all the potential correct scores not listed.

Live Period Betting

Wager on the results of an individual period, including puckline, straight up wins and specific scores.

NHL Live Betting Tips

  • Avoid the temptation to cover losses with spur of the moment wagers during the game. Live betting works well when pursuing a specific opportunity, instead of hedging in response to a sudden losing scenario. 
  • Live betting offers the ability to maximize the value of wagers you were already considering. For example, if you believe that a favorite will win despite giving up a goal in the first period, the live moneyline for that favorite will offer a better payout compared to the pre-faceoff line. Teams which allow the first goal are more likely to lose, increasing the risk and reward of betting on them.
  • Respond to favorable betting scenarios quickly to maximize the profit of your live hockey betting. When bettors see an edge and move to capitalize, sportsbooks adjust the live odds to make the popular wager more expensive. As such, hesitation may reduce your payout.

Hockey Betting Glossary and Terms

Similar to other special interest groups, the hockey betting community features a rich nomenclature of colorful terms. The language shared between sportsbooks, experts and hockey bettors isn’t always obvious, requiring the occasional translation. Our dictionary of hockey betting terms provides a quick glossary of important phrases, introducing rookies to key concepts while reminding vets of essential hockey betting fundamentals.

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