Betting On Hockey

The wait is over for hockey fans come October as the National Hockey League drops the puck on another season. With many fans also keen to make a wager the betting lines come as fast as a rush down the ice. The options for bettors don’t end with the NHL as odds are also available for international tournaments, the Kontinental Hockey League and other elite leagues in Europe. The stakes are raised in the spring on ice with the Stanley Cup Playoffs… [+]

… And off ice with bettors keen to get in on the action wagering not only on single games but also on who will be crowned hockey’s best team of the season.

Hockey Betting Offers

From preseason to postseason, from group stage to medal round, there are hockey games and hockey fans across the globe making their bets. We help you with your choices on what games to play with a few helpful options and explanations below.

How To Win Hockey Bets

Money Line Betting. The most common form of bet in hockey is the money line. It determines how much you need to bet to win $100. For example, the New York Rangers are playing the Columbus Blue Jackets and New York are the favourites. If the Rangers have a money line of -225 then you would need to wager $225 to win $100. If the underdog Blue Jackets have a money line of +240 and they pull off the upset your $100 bet would win you $240. 

Puck Line Betting. The line line is a combination of the money line and a spread. Still using the Rangers-Blue Jackets tilt as our example, you think the New York will win by three goals. If the puck line is set at -2.5/-160 now you only have to wager $160 On the Rangers to win $100. The catch is that if New York have to win by those three goals. If the Rangers squeak out a 5-4 win then you lose the bet. 

Future Prices. A third option when betting on hockey is wagering on future results. Popular during the offseason and preseason, future prices allow you to pick division winners, conference champions and who will win the Stanley Cup in the upcoming season. Odds and betting lines for future prices do change over the course of the season as teams get hit by the injury bug or make a hotter than expected start to the season or struggle out of the gate. Keeping track of trades and free agent signings can help you with your future picks as teams look to improve or find themselves rebuilding.