World Cup Top Goal-Scorers Contenders And Dark Horses

World Cup Top Goal-Scorers Contenders and Dark Horses

Who Will Win The World Cup 2018 Golden Boot?

Over 300 goals were scored last World Cup for an average of 2.7 per game over 112 games. James Rodriguez scored six, Thomas Muller scored five, and eight others scored three goals or more. With all the scoring, it’s hard to stand out but James and Muller did. 

We look at the five best bets to lead the World Cup in scoring complete with betting odds. All odds courtesy of Sports Interaction.

  • Odds to be Top Goal Scorer: +900
  • Odds to win Player of the Tournament: +680

Tied with Messi as the odds-on favourite, Neymar Jr. is a “safer” bet as Brazil has an easier path to the Finals and he has less competition on the squad for goal-scoring duties. The 26-year-old talisman was injured during the last World Cup and watched helplessly as his team was embarrassed by the Germans.

Neymar Jr. is still shaking off the cobwebs but has scored six goals in his last 12 games with the team. Thanks to a change in coaching, the Brazilians now have a more fluid style of play that benefits Neymar’s versatile abilities. This won’t be the same sluggish Brazilians from 2014.

Brazil is the favourite (+408) win the tournament and Neymar Jr. will be leading the charge. If they make it all the way, he has seven apps to produce six goals, which is usually good enough to lead the tournament.

  • Odds to be Top Goal Scorer: +1100
  • Odds to win Player of the Tournament: +1400

The French forward broke out in a big way in 2016 by leading Euro 2016 with six goals and scoring eight in total in 15 apps. This included a pair of goals against Germany as the home team made it all the way to the Finals. They’re among the favourites (+565) to win the World Cup and should at least make it deep.

France boasts a squad filled with prolific scorers. Joining Griezmann is Paris star forward Kylian Mbappe and Premier League assassin Olivier Giroud. The colourful Paul Pogba will also be a threat from the midfield. But Griezmann will be the team’s primary triggerman.   

Griezmann may not have the technical prowess of a Messi or Ronaldo but his incredible work-rate and ability to be effective from almost any position: on the attack, set-pieces, or penalties, makes him a solid bet to be among the tournament’s top goal-scorers.

  • Odds to be Top Goal Scorer: +1600
  • Odds to win Player of the Tournament: +300

Belgium (+1100) has graduated from a dark horse to a legitimate cup contender and Lukaku is a huge reason why. Along with fellow stars Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne, Lukaku leads a Belgian outfit that will be scoring a lot of goals, especially in a relatively soft group.

Lukaku has been scoring goals at an alarming rate. He already has 34 goals in just 68 apps and he’s only just 25. This includes 11 goals in 10 caps during the qualifiers and multiple-goal games against Mexico and Saudi Arabia during the friendlies. 

The Belgians are poised to make at least the quarterfinals barring any upsets and that’s more than enough games for Lukaku to score five goals, good enough to at least tie for the lead. Hazard (+3800) will also be a goal-scoring threat but with their current 3-4-2-1 formation, Lukaku is the more likely scorer.

  • Odds to be Top Goal Scorer: +6100
  • Odds to win Player of the Tournament: +4700

Last tournament’s Golden Boot winner is a relative longshot simply for the fact no leading scorer has repeated in World Cup history although players like Thomas Muller and Miroslav Klose managed to score the exact same amount in consecutive tournaments.

James took home the Boot in 2014 with six goals and could’ve scored more if Colombia made it further than the quarters. They could repeat their finish from that period and are in a group with no elite defensive teams. James’s biggest challenger is his own teammate, Radamel Falcao (+4600).

The 26-year-old struggled to make an impact with Real Madrid but is killing it with Bayern Munich. In his last 22 international apps, he’s scored eight goals and hasn’t scored in 2018 though Falcao has four goals in just seven apps dating back to 2017. But if it’s a coin flip between both, take James at a better payout.

  • Odds to be Top Goal Scorer: +6300
  • Odds to win Player of the Tournament: +7700

For four consecutive World Cups, a German has finished in the top three in goal-scoring thanks to Germany finishing no worst than third-place since 2002. Die Mannschaft scores at a consistent pace and Thomas Muller (+2800) is the favourite German to lead the tourney in scoring but forgotten son Reus is a sleeper.

Reus will be making his World Cup debut after being injured in the last two. His selection came with much controversy as it came at the expense of Leroy Sane. Reus hasn’t scored an international goal since March 2015 and has only made three apps in the last three years.

It’s unclear if Reus even starts for Germany’s 4-2-3-1 lineup but if the team struggles to score early, they could switch things up and Reus could be beneficiary.

One thing the World Cup promises is unexpected heroes and the controversial Reus could rise on the biggest stage and be the top goal-scorer for the Germans, who are favourites (+409) to repeat.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Broadcast in Canada

Most fans who watch the World Cup don’t know a lot about soccer but they know enough to follow the biggest stars and goal-scoring heroes. Canadian coverage is on CTV, RDS, and TSN. Similarly, online sportsbooks serve Canadians looking to bet by offering 24-7 service.

DateBroadcastStart Time (ET)Network
Thursday, June 14Russia vs. Saudi Arabia10amTSN/CTV
Thursday, June 14Highlight Show1:30pmTSN
Thursday, June 14Match Of The Day11pmTSN2
Friday, June 15Egypt vs. Uruguay7amTSN
Friday, June 15Morocco vs. Iran10:30amTSN
Friday, June 15Portugal vs. Spain1:30pmTSN
Friday, June 15Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Friday, June 15Match Of The Day8pmTSN2
Saturday, June 16France vs. Australia5:30amTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 16Argentina vs. Iceland8:30amTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 16Peru vs. Denmark11:30amTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 16Croatia vs. Nigeria2:30pmTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 16Highlight Show5:30pmTSN
Saturday, June 16Match Of The Day8pmTSN2
Sunday, June 17Costa Rica vs. Serbia7amTSN/CTV
Sunday, June 17Germany vs. Mexico10:30amTSN/CTV
Sunday, June 17Brazil vs. Switzerland1:30pmTSN/CTV
Sunday, June 17Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Sunday, June 17Match Of The Day6pmTSN2
Monday, June 18Sweden vs. Korea Republic7amTSN
Monday, June 18Belgium vs. Panama10:30amTSN
Monday, June 18Tunisia vs. England1:30pmTSN
Monday, June 18Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Monday, June 18Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Tuesday, June 19Colombia vs. Japan7amTSN
Tuesday, June 19Poland vs. Senegal10:30amTSN
Tuesday, June 19Russia vs. Egypt1:30pmTSN
Tuesday, June 19Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Tuesday, June 19Match Of The Day8:30pmTSN
Wednesday, June 20Portugal vs. Morocco7amTSN
Wednesday, June 20Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia10:30amTSN
Wednesday, June 20Iran vs. Spain1:30pmTSN
Wednesday, June 20Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Wednesday, June 20Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Thursday, June 21Denmark vs. Australia7amTSN
Thursday, June 21France vs. Peru10:30amTSN
Thursday, June 21Argentina vs. Croatia1:30pmTSN
Thursday, June 21Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Thursday, June 21Match Of The Day11:30pmTSN
Friday, June 22Brazil vs. Costa Rica7amTSN
Friday, June 22Nigeria vs. Iceland10:30amTSN
Friday, June 22Serbia vs. Switerland1:30pmTSN
Friday, June 22Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Friday, June 22Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Saturday, June 23Belgium vs. Tunisia7amTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 23Korea Republic vs. Mexico10:30amTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 23Germany vs. Sweden1:30pmTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 23Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Saturday, June 23Match Of The Day6pmTSN2
Sunday, June 24England vs. Panama7amTSN/CTV
Sunday, June 24Japan vs. Senegal10:30amTSN/CTV
Sunday, June 24Poland vs. Colombia1:30pmTSN/CTV
Sunday, June 24Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Sunday, June 24Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Monday, June 25Uruguay vs. Russia9:30amTSN
Monday, June 25Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt9:30amTSN2
Monday, June 25Iran vs. Portugal1:30pmTSN
Monday, June 25Spain vs. Morocco1:30pmTSN2
Monday, June 25Highlight Show4:30pmTSN/TSN2
Monday, June 25Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Tuesday, June 26Denmark vs. France9:30amTSN
Tuesday, June 26Australia vs. Peru9:30amTSN2
Tuesday, June 26Nigeria vs. Argentina1:30pmTSN
Tuesday, June 26Iceland vs. Croatia1:30pmTSN2
Tuesday, June 26Highlight Show4:30pmTSN/TSN2
Tuesday, June 26Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Wednesday, June 27Korea Republic vs. Germany9:30amTSN
Wednesday, June 27Mexico vs. Sweden9:30amTSN2
Wednesday, June 27Serbia vs. Brazil1:30pmTSN
Wednesday, June 27Switzerland vs. Costa Rica1:30pmTSN2
Wednesday, June 27Highlight Show4:30pmTSN/TSN2
Wednesday, June 27Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Thursday, June 28Senegal vs. Colombia9:30amTSN
Thursday, June 28Japan vs. Poland9:30amTSN2
Thursday, June 28England vs. Belgium1:30pmTSN
Thursday, June 28Panama vs. Tunisia1:30pmTSN2
Thursday, June 28Highlight Show4:30pmTSN/TSN2
Thursday, June 28Match Of The Day11:30pmTSN2
Saturday, June 301C vs. 2D9:30amTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 301A vs. 2B1:30pmTSN/CTV
Saturday, June 30Highlight Show11:30pmTSN2
Sunday July 1Match Of The DayMidnightTSN2
Sunday, July 11B vs. 2A9:30amTSN/CTV
Sunday, July 11D vs. 2C1:30pmTSN/CTV
Sunday, July 1Highlight Show9pmTSN
Sunday, July 1Match Of The Day9:30pmTSN
Monday, July 21E vs. 2F9:30amTSN
Monday, July 21G vs. 2H1:30pmTSN
Monday, July 2Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Monday, July 2Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Tuesday, July 31F vs. 2E9:30amTSN
Tuesday, July 31H vs. 2G1:30pmTSN
Tuesday, July 3Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Tuesday, July 3Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Wednesday, July 4Match Of The Day3pmTSN
Wednesday, July 4Match Of The Day10pmTSN
Thursday, July 5Match Of The Day8pmTSN2
Friday, July 6Quarterfinal 19:30amTSN
Friday, July 6Quarterfinal #21:30pmTSN
Friday, July 6Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Friday, July 6Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Saturday, July 7Quarterfinal 39:30amTSN/CTV
Saturday, July 7Quarterfinal 41:30pmTSN/CTV
Saturday, July 7Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Saturday, July 7Match Of The Day5pmTSN2
Sunday, July 8 Match Of The Day4pmTSN
Sunday, July 8 Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Monday, July 9Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Tuesday, July 10Semifinal 11pmTSN/CTV
Tuesday, July 10Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Tuesday, July 10Match Of The Day8pmTSN
Wednesday, July 11Semifinal 21pmTSN/CTV
Wednesday, July 11Highlight Show4:30pmTSN
Wednesday, July 11Match Of The Day9:30pmTSN
Thursday, July 12Match Of The Day3pmTSN
Friday, July 13Match Of The Day3pmTSN
Saturday, July 143rd Place Match9:30amTSN/CTV
Saturday, July 14Highlight Show12:30pmTSN
Saturday, July 14Match Of The Day4pmTSN
Sunday, July 15Final10amTSN/CTV
Sunday, July 15Highlight Show2pmTSN
Sunday, July 15Match Of The Day7:30pmTSN
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