What’s Going On Now In Sports?

What’s Going on Now In Sports?

Sports fans worldwide have been without their favourite sports and teams for almost a month now, with all the major leagues shut and the players in quarantine. But a combination of sportsbooks’ creativity and a few sports leagues enduring the current crisis begs the question, what’s going on now in sport?

Available Sports Betting Lines

While the rest of the world is cooped up indoors, there are a number of countries that aren’t adhering to the same rules as the rest of us. One of those countries is Russia, which is continuing to play football and hockey.

Hockey Betting Lines in Belarus and Russia

One of the main teams in the Russian Liga Pro is Chetyre Ronina (2.61) is in action against Boevye Lisy (2.04).

Boevye Lisy

To beat Chetyre Ronina


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Football available in Belarus and Nicaragua

In the Belarussian Vysshaya Liga BATE (1.35) take on Neman (8.80) and the former Champions’ League side is the favourite to get the three points.


To beat Neman


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In the rest of the world, there’s still some football matches being played in the Central American country of Nicaragua, as one of the top teams Masaya (2.58) take on Jalapa (3.30) in the national league.


To beat Jalapa


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Basketball and Darts Betting Lines

Moving back East, we look to the basketball, in the absence of the NBA, to Taiwan, as the Taiwan Beer (1.65) takes on Yulon Luxgen Dinos (2.11) in the SBL Play-offs. The last market available is the arrows, with darts players Evans D. (1.41) taking on Adams M. (2.77) in “A Night of Darts” tournament. 

Taiwan Beer

To beat Yulon Luxgen Dinos


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Evans D.

To beat Adams M.


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For even more basketball action, we head to Nicaragua and the Torneo Carlos Ulloa, which has been a great competition so far. Leones de Managua (1.33) will tip-off against Tipitapa (3.10) in the latest installment of the competition, with the capital’s representatives the favourites. 

Leones de Managua

To beat Tipitapa


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Plenty of Betting Opportunities in the Setka Cup

The last of our recommendations takes us to Ukraine for the Setka Cup, which involves Europe’s finest table tennis talents. We kick things off with Vladyslav Mishchenko (1.44) against Oleg Varlamov (2.62) with Mishchenko expected to overwhelm Varlamov – he’s been the favourite in nearly every match he’s played.

Finally, and our second table tennis game of the weekend, Yaroslav Kerusenko (2.62) faces Ivan Efimenko (1.44) in what is set to be a close matchup, with Kerusenko the favourite in the oddsmakers eyes. Follow the action through one of our recommended partners – good luck!

Vladyslav Mishchenko

To beat Oleg Varlamov


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Ivan Efimenko

To beat Yaroslav Kerusenko


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Russia hosts Tennis Matches

One of the other interesting lines, which has cropped up recently, it the Tennis. There are Men’s and Women’s tennis matches being hosted in Russia. The pick of the weekend is Koepfer D. (1.44) against Popko D. (2.58). The oddsmakers have young Koepfer to take the tie, though it will be a close one. 

Finally, and our second tennis game of the weekend, Cid Subervi R. (1.35) faces Ridlicki Mi. (2.93) in what is set to be a close matchup, with Subervi the favourite in the oddsmakers’ eyes. Follow the action through one of our recommended partners – good luck!

Koepfer D.

To beat Popko D.


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Marbula E. 2020 Betting Lines

Another great betting line, which is gaining a lot of traction, is the Marbula E. which is Marble Racing! While it may sound whacky, there are a number of sportsbooks offering lines right now. 

The next Marbula Event will host a number of the top-tier runners, including Mercedes-Benz EQ (6.10), the BMW Andretti Motorsport (6.20) and Geox Dragon (8.10). Who will take the glory in the next big event?

Mercedes-Benz EQ

To win the next Marbula E.Event


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