NorthStar Bets Weekly NHL Betting Insights (Jan. 9)

This NHL season has been a blast, so it’s no wonder that we’ve almost reached the halfway point. Time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s been a dream to build Canada Sports Betting’s hockey podcast, The Puck Portfolio, from the ground up. If you haven’t checked out the show already, it’s not too late to get NHL projections, picks, and betting advice for free. All you have to do is subscribe to the Canada Sports Betting YouTube channel, and you’ll get notified when I go live on weekdays at 11:30 a.m. ET. The show is fun, informative, and, profitable!

If you’re looking to up your game as a sports bettor, the best (and simplest) advice I can offer is to start compiling odds. Just grab a spreadsheet – Google Sheets is a handy free option – and make it a daily habit to log information like odds and results.

The only cost is your time, but soon enough, you’ll have your very own database for in-depth study and valuable betting insights. Granted, we’re cruising towards the midway point of the season, so catching up might seem like a tall order. But don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered with the latest year-to-date betting trends from across the NHL in the table below.

You can also track how profitable NHL teams have been while you’re at it by calculating how much you’d have won or lost betting an amount of your choosing (I used $1) and finding the sum of those numbers for all 32 teams.

Most Profitable NHL Teams

This is a great exercise for novice hockey bettors because there are always some surprises, which might make you reconsider how you evaluate certain things when it comes to betting. I mean, nobody is going to argue that teams like the St. Louis Blues and Montreal Canadiens are bad, yet they are among the most profitable teams. And, most hockey fans would agree that the Carolina Hurricanes and New Jersey Devils are good clubs, but they are among the least profitable teams in hockey right now.

TeamAway Money WonHome Money WonTotal Money Won
Vancouver Canucks$2.92$6.11$9.02
Winnipeg Jets$5.60$2.64$8.25
St. Louis Blues-$0.36$7.25$6.89
Washington Capitals$6.27$0.43$6.70
New York Rangers$4.05$1.73$5.78
Nashville Predators$3.46-$0.03$3.44
Philadelphia Flyers$4.98-$2.37$2.61
Florida Panthers-$1.37$3.54$2.17
Montreal Canadiens$3.31-$2.29$1.02
Arizona Coyotes-$2.59$3.50$0.92
Colorado Avalanche-$3.18$3.85$0.67
Detroit Red Wings$0.67-$0.07$0.60
Boston Bruins-$0.20$0.53$0.33
Edmonton Oilers-$2.22$1.01-$1.21
Vegas Golden Knights-$3.86$2.60-$1.26
Dallas Stars$1.63-$2.99-$1.36
Pittsburgh Penguins-$1.75$0.11-$1.64
Buffalo Sabres$0.13-$2.11-$1.98
Los Angeles Kings$5.88-$8.07-$2.19
Toronto Maple Leafs$0.29-$2.86-$2.57
Anaheim Ducks$4.37-$7.19-$2.82
New York Islanders-$1.19-$1.84-$3.02
New Jersey Devils$3.22-$6.28-$3.07
Chicago Blackhawks-$8.00$4.13-$3.87
Carolina Hurricanes-$2.79-$2.12-$4.90
Tampa Bay Lightning-$6.32$1.28-$5.04
Columbus Blue Jackets-$3.53-$2.57-$6.10
Seattle Kraken-$3.24-$3.11-$6.35
Calgary Flames-$7.58$0.36-$7.22
Minnesota Wild-$4.89-$2.40-$7.29
Ottawa Senators-$5.84-$1.72-$7.56
San Jose Sharks-$8.25-$1.05-$9.30

Of course, the profitability of NHL teams is always changing, so keeping this database updated is a must, but it’s worth the upkeep if you want to know how teams are performing relative to the betting odds at any given time. The more profitable a team is, the more likely it is that they have outperformed expectations, and vice versa.

Florida Panthers To Win Atlantic Division

NHL schedule makers went easy on the Bruins in the first half, but now they’re left with the toughest remaining schedule. That should give the Panthers a chance to pounce on them down the stretch. Florida was eight points behind the Boston Bruins two months ago, but the Panthers have gone 18-8-1 since Nov. 10, while the Bruins are 13-13 straight-up during that stretch. Unfortunately for the Panthers, six of Boston’s losses have come in overtime, which means they’ve collected the same number of (loser) points. However, with more than half a season still to go, CSB’s NHL Projection Model suggests that the Panthers have the best chance to win the Atlantic Division.

Florida has a much easier remaining schedule than Boston. If it weren’t for poor shooting luck, the Panthers would be in first place. According to Evolving Hockey, the Panthers rank fifth in expected goals percentage at 5-on-5, yet they rank 23rd in 5-on-5 scoring. They’ve been great defensively, and sometimes teams sacrifice offence to make that happen, but that’s the case here. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Florida revert to being one of the top offensive teams in the league. The Panthers could be a good bet at +185 (FanDuel) or +175 (DraftKings), but they’re a great bet at NorthStar Bets.

Florida Panthers To Win Atlantic Division


Don’t forget to tune into The Puck Portfolio on Wednesday if you want to get picks ahead of the crowd. I’ll be handicapping Thursday’s NHL games on Wednesday’s show. In the meantime, check out Jeff Veillette’s breakdown of the NHL schedule. It includes rest days and tired spots for the week ahead that will help inform your handicapping.