NorthStar Bets NHL Schedule Preview: Week of Dec. 11-17

It’s time for another week in the National Hockey League season, and you know what that means – another look at the schedule ahead! Paired with Canada Sports Betting’s written and video coverage of the NHL, and some of our handy features like the strength of schedule tool and the NHL projected standings, you’ll be able to take on this week’s action with ease. Below is every NHL game on the weekly docket, its broadcast time, and a look at what rest-based advantages that teams have. Let’s dive in!

NHL Games on Monday, Dec. 11

RestAway TeamTimeHome TeamRest
1Arizona Coyotes7:00 PM (ET)Buffalo Sabres1
1Toronto Maple Leafs7:00 PMNew York Islanders1
1Detroit Red Wings8:00 PMDallas Stars1
1Calgary Flames9:30 PMColorado Avalanche1
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Rest Notes: Everyone is playing even here, at least from a rest perspective. Each team’s last game was on Saturday, with a day off in between. If one team has a disadvantage based on workload it would be the Dallas Stars, who are playing their fourth game in six nights.

NHL Games on Tuesday, Dec. 12

RestAway TeamTimeHome TeamRest
0Toronto Maple Leafs7:00 PMNew York Rangers1
2Carolina Hurricanes7:00 PMOttawa Senators2
0Arizona Coyotes7:00 PMPittsburgh Penguins3
2Philadelphia Flyers8:00 PMNashville Predators1
0Detroit Red Wings8:00 PMSt. Louis Blues2
1Florida Panthers10:00 PMSeattle Kraken1
2Tampa Bay Lightning10:00 PMVancouver Canucks2
0Calgary Flames10:00 PMVegas Golden Knights1
1Chicago Blackhawks10:00 PMEdmonton Oilers1
1Winnipeg Jets10:30 PMSan Jose Sharks1
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Rest Notes: Quite a few mismatches here. Toronto, Arizona, Detroit, and Calgary are all playing their second game in as many nights, with the Coyotes having the biggest disadvantage of the field. Pittsburgh has three rest days on them – maybe that’s enough to lead to a power-play goal, finally? The Blackhawks are playing their third game in four nights, as are Vegas, Seattle, Nashville, and the Rangers.

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NHL Games on Wednesday, Dec. 13

RestAway TeamTimeHome TeamRest
0Pittsburgh Penguins7:00 PMMontreal Canadiens2
3Boston Bruins7:30 PMNew Jersey Devils2
2Anaheim Ducks7:30 PMNew York Islanders1
1Buffalo Sabres10:00 PMColorado Avalanche1
0Winnipeg Jets10:30 PMLos Angeles Kings2
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Rest Notes: The hunters become the hunted as Pittsburgh now has one of the bigger disadvantages, being on a second half of a back-to-back. Winnipeg is also without a day off as it faces the rested Kings, who have been great even without the help this year. Boston has a slight advantage over New Jersey, as does Anaheim over the Islanders.

NHL Games on Thursday, Dec. 14

RestAway TeamTimeHome TeamRest
1Carolina Hurricanes7:00 PMDetroit Red Wings1
3Washington Capitals7:00 PMPhiladelphia Flyers1
3Columbus Blue Jackets7:00 PMToronto Maple Leafs1
1Calgary Flames8:00 PMMinnesota Wild3
1Ottawa Senators8:00 PMSt. Louis Blues1
1Tampa Bay Lightning9:00 PMEdmonton Oilers1
1Chicago Blackhawks10:00 PMSeattle Kraken1
1Florida Panthers10:00 PMVancouver Canucks1
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Rest Notes: A couple of mismatches here, and both Toronto and Calgary’s are made worse by playing their third game in four nights. Detroit is also on a three-in-four but has the same one-day gap as Carolina. Chicago and Seattle face each other having both played four in their last six.

NHL Games on Friday, Dec. 15

RestAway TeamTimeHome TeamRest
2Nashville Predators7:00 PMCarolina Hurricanes0
1Anaheim Ducks7:00 PMNew York Rangers2
1Boston Bruins7:30 PMNew York Islanders1
0Ottawa Senators8:00 PMDallas Stars3
2San Jose Sharks9:00 PMArizona Coyotes2
0Buffalo Sabres10:00 PMVegas Golden Knights2
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Rest Notes: The Stars have the biggest advantage here, with three days of rest and the Sens on the second half of the back-to-back. The Predators and Golden Knights have similar advantages over the Hurricanes and Sabres, respectively, but the gap is only two games. The Rangers have a slight edge over Anaheim as well.

NHL Games on Saturday, Dec. 16

RestAway TeamTimeHome TeamRest
1Vancouver Canucks2:00 PMMinnesota Wild1
2Colorado Avalanche7:00 PMWinnipeg Jets2
0New York Rangers7:00 PMBoston Bruins0
2New Jersey Devils7:00 PMColumbus Blue Jackets1
0New York Islanders7:00 PMMontreal Canadiens2
1Detroit Red Wings7:00 PMPhiladelphia Flyers1
2Pittsburgh Penguins7:00 PMToronto Maple Leafs1
1Washington Capitals8:00 PMNashville Predators0
0Dallas Stars8:00 PMSt. Louis Blues1
0Buffalo Sabres9:00 PMArizona Coyotes0
2Los Angeles Kings10:00 PMSeattle Kraken1
1Tampa Bay Lightning10:00 PMCalgary Flames1
1Florida Panthers10:00 PMEdmonton Oilers1
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Rest Notes: With a lot of games come a lot of quirks, and we have four rest mismatches and a whopping seven teams on the second half of back-to-backs. Detroit, Toronto, and Calgary are all playing their fourth game in six nights.

NHL Games on Sunday, Dec. 17

RestAway TeamTimeHome TeamRest
0Vancouver Canucks3:00 PMChicago Blackhawks2
0Washington Capitals6:00 PMCarolina Hurricanes1
1Anaheim Ducks7:00 PMNew Jersey Devils0
1Ottawa Senators8:00 PMVegas Golden Knights1
1San Jose Sharks8:00 PMColorado Avalanche0
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Rest Notes: Every game here has a quirk of some sort. Four of the 10 teams are playing the second half of a back-to-back, Chicago has a two-day advantage over Vancouver, and even in the lone game where the rest days are equal, the Senators are playing their third game in four nights.

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