Canadian Bettor Won $60.000 With $1 Bet At SIA

Canadian bettor won $60.000 with $1 bet at SIA reader has managed to get a hold of a crystal ball which he promptly used to win the title of the Best Sports Gambler of the Month with his 60.000 to 1 parlay coming in – that’s sixty thousand to one. Oh boy!

60.000 to 1 – What we know about the bet

His 10 bet parlay, made at Sports Interaction, combined bets from CFL, NFL, NCAA and NBA – 6 bets were for ‘winning margin’.

The highest odds in his combo were 6.50 (for Bombers to win by 7 – 12) and 5.00 (Oakland Raiders to win by 6 – 10 points). See the full bet slip below:

10 bet winning slip – a lucky winner turned $1 into $60.000 when all of his bets came in

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Comments from the lucky winner

How would you feel if you won $60K with one buck? Our lucky winner, who wished to remain anonymous (apparently his friends would ask for too many betting tips) said this:

I was shocked and surprised as well. I’m not a big time gambler but I’m truly blessed. I bet just for fun and to make (watching) the games more interesting to watch. I honestly never would have thought $1 would turn into over 60k but I’m not complaining.”

I wouldn’t complain either.

What is a parlay bet?

parlay bet is a type of a wager which combines the odds from many events in one lump, where each bet has to be a winning one for the whole parlay to pay off. The smallest number of bets in a parlay is two, whereas the highest number of bets that you can combine differs between sportsbooks.

The more bets you combine, the harder it is to hit a winning parlay; on the other hand, the more bets you combine, the higher the returns get too.

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