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      With a long history of several relocations and name changes, the Washington Wizards have managed to stay very relevant in the NBA. First established as the Chicago Packers in 1961, the franchise moved to Washington in 1973 and became an instant powerhouse winning six division titles and making four NBA Finals appearances, winning one NBA title. The franchise has yet to recapture the dominance from these years but has at least the young talent to build from as both fans and gamblers await.

      Washington Wizards' Standings

      This is how the Washington Wizards stack up with the rest of the league. Stats like points for (+) and points against (-) are listed. Conference and division are indicated here.


      Bet On Washington Wizards' Games

      You can bet on the NBA and the Wizards game in many ways but you need to learn the money line. This is where you bet a team to win straight up. You will notice two types of numbers: a minus number like -210 designating the favourite where a bet of $210 returns $100; and a plus number like +175 meaning the underdog where $175 is returned on a $100 bet. Alternatively, you can divide your bet by the minus and multiply it by the plus number.

      Weedy Washington: since their dynasty years in the seventies, the franchise has struggled and hasn’t won more than 49 games as of 2021. They haven’t made it past the second round and sandwiched between brief playoff stints are long periods of losing seasons including over a dozen seasons where the franchise won under 30 games. A return to the NBA playoffs is likely for the current incarnation but the fans won’t be expecting much as they continue to await a true contender.

      Division champions, finally? The Wizards hold the NBA’s longest division title drought at 41 seasons as of 2021. Their history of mediocrity and being part of the Southeast Division, which also had the powerhouse Florida teams are both to blame for this phenomenon. But with how wide-open the division can be especially in recent years, throwing a small prop bet on the Wizards to finally win the title may be a profitable investment.

      High scoring expectations: the Wizards have one of the best offensive backcourts and plenty of young talent and scoring punch but be weary in playing the team totals or over/unders. This type of bet lets you predict if the total score between the Wizards and their opponent goes over or under the projected score.