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NBA Playoff Odds 2024

Find the best NBA Playoffs odds and all other NBA Playoffs resources like predictions, power rankings and statistics here.

2024 NBA Championship Outright Winners Odds

The 2023/24 NBA Championship outright winners’ odds are live, but will constantly change throughout the season. The 2024 NBA Championship outright winners odds were last updated on Jun 13, 2024:

NBA Playoff Betting Canada

NBA Playoff Brackets

The fastest-growing sport in Canada is basketball. Consider this – the first Toronto-born player chosen in the 2019 NBA Draft went third overall. The first Toronto-born player selected in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft went 24th overall.

Canada’s passion for basketball is increasing by leaps and bounds and so is the desire to wager on NBA games. Lucky for you, we’ve got everything you’ll need to become an NBA playoff prediction machine right here at your fingertips.

Ranking the best NBA Betting Sites in Canada

Ranking the best NBA Betting Sites in Ontario

Want to bet on the NBA playoffs? The opportunities and options are endless. You can play a straight moneyline on a game. Perhaps you’d prefer to wager on a point spread. Or maybe, you’re a fan of betting on whether the total will go over or stay under.

But that’s merely scratching the surface of the wagering opportunities available on a single game. Live betting means that the action never stops. Player and team props provide you with the chance to narrow your focus down to wagering on one aspect of an NBA playoff game. It could be a player’s total rebounds for the night or a head-to-head wager on which player will score more points in the game.

Prior to making a wager on the NBA playoffs odds, you’ll want to do your homework. Peruse the game previews available at your favourite sportsbook to see exactly what’s happening in that particular series. Is there a player carrying the hot hand?

Is someone limping and questionable for the game, or maybe an injured player is on the brink of returning to action? In sports betting, information is king. The more you know, the more astute and successful your wagering will be.

As soon as one NBA season concludes, the leading sportsboooks will be quick to issue the next season’s championship odds via a futures wager. These odds will tend to move around dramatically in the futures book during the offseason as player personnel moves continually reshape the rosters of teams. 

Prior to each NBA playoff series, the sportsbooks will also issue odds predicting the outcome of each series. These NBA playoff series odds will fluctuate from game to game as results and other factors impact the way each series is progressing.

Via a key injury or the loss of home-court advantage, a team can quickly go from heavy favourite to underdog depending upon the circumstances unfolding in a series.

The NBA power rankings are issued at the beginning of each week and can draw you a picture of where the league stands at that particular juncture in time. 

Are teams climbing the rankings? Are other teams trending downward? What are the reasons causing these alterations? It’s all there in black and white and can certainly influence how you’ll wager on upcoming games.

Once you’ve decided that betting on the NBA is something that interests you, the next step is to determine how and where to place your wagers. Comfort is essential when dealing with an online sportsbook. You’ll want one that’s trustworthy, reliable and informative. 

The partner sportsbooks at Canada Sports Betting are the best in the business, the industry leaders. Choose any one of them and you won’t go wrong. 

With 30 teams, the NBA certainly presents you with a plethora of wagering opportunities on a daily basis. Knowing the ins and outs of each team will prove vital if successful NBA playoff predictions are what you have in mind. 

Which teams are dominant at home? Which teams are road warriors, capable of winning at home or away? Matchups are also essential to assess. Does one team’s style present a unique problem that their opponent struggles to solve? Is there a team with a long winning streak against its opposite number?

They are all key elements when deciphering the NBA playoff odds. 

NBA Basketball Playoff Odds

NBA Playoff bracket predictions for 2019

During the postseason, there is no shortage of NBA Playoffs betting lines that will present wagering opportunities. You can play pre-match odds on individual games.

Live NBA betting playoff odds are also available on each game, as are player and team proposition bets on outcomes that will impact each game. Team bets can include various bracket predictions for the NBA playoffs.

Long-range, there are also several wagering opportunities you can zero in on to cash in larger payouts. The futures market offers opportunities to place bets on who will be the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Coach of the Year and Rookie of the Year.

There are also future book opportunities to play on which team will win the NBA Championship.

To prepare for the playoffs, follow the league every day by tracking the NBA regular season odds. No matter what time of year, there’s always betting markets open on where you can make your NBA playoffs best bets.

NBA Playoffs Moneyline

When it comes time to place your wager and play the NBA playoff odds, you’ll have to make a choice as to where you’re going to take your betting business.

You will find that comfort zone with any of the best Canadian betting sites. But like any partnership, you’ll want to find the one that’s the best fit for your needs.

There are other elements to consider as well. How easy to use is the sportsbook’s web page? Do they offer a mobile betting option? Is their website mobile-friendly, or will you be required to download an app to your smartphone?

And finally, which sportsbook has the best odds?

You’ll want to compare the bonus packages and promotional offers presented by each sportsbook. 

All sportsbooks will offer you the chance at a perk upon signing up for their site. Some will entice you with no-risk first bet options, while others will dangle matching bet money, often up to 100 percent of your first deposit upon signing up.

Choose the package that best suits your needs, and remember to read the fine print.

What are the terms and conditions of these bonus offers? Is there a rollover requirement before you cash in a winner? Are there any restrictions on the type of bets you can make with these promotions.

For instance, could you wager on an NBA playoff series betting line with your free bet?

And remember, while perusing the various sportsbook, you’re not limited to one. You can join up at as many as you like and take advantage of the bonus and promotional offers presented by every one of these sportsbooks.

Another factor will be to know what sorts of NBA markets are offered by each of the books.

Some will be more traditional, offering straight moneyline, total and spread wagers. Others will delve deeply into live betting and props. It all comes down to what type of wagers interest you as a bettor.

Bet365 and Sports Interaction are sportsbooks known for their variety of prop wagers. Bet99, on the other hand, tends to focus on straight wagers and limits the number of props on offer.

Your best bet is to contrast and compare a number of different sportsbooks to see where the odds are most in your favour, and to determine which of the many sportsbooks offers the type of wagers you want to play.

The odds tend to differ slightly from sportsbook to sportsbook, so that’s always a factor because you’ll want to get the best bang for your betting buck. And some sportsbooks are quick to post their NBA basketball playoff odds, while others wait until the last moment. 

Again, your wisest move is to invest some time and study into reviewing several sportsbooks to see which one is best suited for your needs.

If you’re looking for quick odds, 888Sport is known to post their lines rather quickly on game day.

Bet99 tends to be more diligent in doing their research before posting game lines but as the standard-bearer for the industry in Canada, you know they will always do right by you. 

The more we advance technologically, the more we utilize our smartphones. And that’s no different when betting on the NBA playoffs. Suppose you’ve got to run some errands but you’re waiting to hear if an injured player is going to be good to go as you wait to play your next NBA Playoff Series betting line.

As you’re traversing the produce aisle at the grocery store, you get an alert that this player is out for the next game. You’ll want to get your bet down quickly before the lines have time to adjust accordingly. This is where your smartphone will save the day.

At Bet99, their mobile app enables you to wager via iPhone, Android, Blackberry or tablet. You’ll get the same NBA Playoffs odds as you would at their website, and have access to all of the same wagering opportunities.

SportsInteraction has continually improved its mobile app to the point where it now rates among the best of any Canadian online betting site. It’s accessible by iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices. 

With the world going mobile, you’ll find that all of our partner sportsbooks listed below are very mobile friendly and offer betting apps for Android phones

Who Will Win the 2024 NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals are set! The Boston Celtics representing the East will face off against the Dallas Mavericks in the West.

Let’s breakdown the paths both teams took to get here, starting with Boston.

The Boston Celtics

For sports bettors, the Boston Celtics’ season was a tale of consistent wins and favorable odds. With team president Brad Stevens enhancing Boston’s already strong lineup (featuring All-NBA wings Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, Derrick White, and Al Horford), by trading for Kristaps Porziņģis and Jrue Holiday, the Celtics boasted the NBA’s most formidable top six. This powerhouse unit began the season with an impressive 11-2 record, setting a strong tone for bettors who backed them early.

The Celtics concluded the season with the league’s top-ranked offense and the third-best defense, outscoring opponents by 11.3 points per 100 possessions. Boston dominated the Eastern Conference, finishing 14 games ahead of the second-place Knicks and becoming one of only 26 teams in NBA history to secure 64 or more wins. Historically, 15 of the previous 25 teams to reach this milestone went on to win the title, a statistic that savvy bettors are sure to find intriguing.

Securing the top seed provided the Celtics with a lucrative postseason path. Bettors took note as injuries to key players on opposing teams further brightened Boston’s odds: the Heat missed Jimmy Butler and Terry Rozier in Round 1; the Cavaliers were without Jarrett Allen and had limited contributions from Donovan Mitchell in Round 2; and the Pacers had only two games from Tyrese Haliburton in the conference finals. The Celtics capitalized on these opportunities, losing just two games across three series, even when Porziņģis was sidelined with a calf strain in Game 4 against Miami.

Despite some skepticism about how rigorously tested the Celtics were due to their relatively smooth path through a weakened conference, their consistent performance provided ample betting opportunities. Now, just four wins away from a championship against the surging Mavericks, Tatum and the Celtics are poised to deliver an impressive finish, solidifying their season as a goldmine for bettors.

The Dallas Mavericks

For those placing bets on NBA games, the evolving dynamics of the Dallas Mavericks are crucial to consider. On February 4th, despite Luka Dončić playing at an MVP level all season long, the Mavericks were only three games over .500, sitting in eighth place in the West and seeming destined for a second straight season of teetering in the play-in picture.

Four days later, at the 2024 NBA trade deadline, the Mavericks made strategic moves, acquiring power forward P.J. Washington and center Daniel Gafford. About three weeks after those trades, following a seven-game winning streak and then a slump where they lost five of six, head coach Jason Kidd made yet another adjustment. He inserted Gafford, Washington, and defensive specialist Derrick Jones Jr. into the starting lineup alongside Dončić and Kyrie Irving.

The effect was immediate and profound.

The Mavericks surged, finishing the season on a 16-4 run, boasting the NBA’s second-best defense during that period, and climbing to the No. 5 seed. They outclassed the fourth-seeded Clippers, neutralizing Kawhi Leonard, then went on to handle the top-seeded Thunder with defensive tenacity, and stifle the Timberwolves in the conference finals.

Since trading for Gafford and Washington, the Mavericks are 34-14, a 58-win pace over an 82-game season. Since Kidd’s lineup shakeup, they’ve gone 28-9, a 62-win pace. If you exclude the two season-ending losses where Dončić and Irving sat out, their record improves to 28-7 — a blistering 66-win pace.

They have dethroned the West’s No. 1 seed and the NBA’s top defense, forming a clear identity centered on Luka and Kyrie’s offensive prowess and the team’s size and athleticism on defense. In crunch time, they possess two of the best half-court operators capable of dissecting any coverage.

As the Mavericks face the Celtics, who are justifiably favored, this Dallas team, forged by strategic trades and tactical adjustments, presents a formidable underdog. Bettors should take note: Dončić, Irving, and this revamped defense could yield significant returns for those willing to bet on the Mavericks.

NBA Playoffs FAQ

When do the 2024 NBA Playoffs start?

The 2024 NBA Playoffs began on April 20th. The NBA Playoffs will last until June 23rd, if the NBA Finals goes to a game seven.

How do the NBA Playoffs work?

The NBA playoffs are a four-round, best-of-seven elimination tournament with the last team remaining crowned as the NBA Champion.

How long are the Playoffs?

The NBA Playoffs last around two months, running from April to June. The longest the NBA Playoffs can last is 64 days and a maximum of 28 games if either team in the Finals plays each playoff series to seven games.

Who makes the NBA Playoffs?

The top eight teams in each Conference make the NBA playoffs.

Where can I bet NBA Playoffs odds?

You can bet on NBA Playoffs odds through any of our top-rated online sportsbooks. They offer great NBA betting odds on every playoff game and NBA futures until the end of the NBA Finals.

What NBA Playoffs odds are available in Canada?

There are plenty of NBA Playoffs odds available for betting in Canada. Canadians can bet on NBA futures on who will win the NBA Finals, as well as on every game. The most popular NBA playoffs odds on games are point spreads, game totals and moneylines.

Where can I watch the Playoffs in Canada?

You can watch the NBA Playoffs in Canada on TSN and Sportsnet. A few games in the first round may only be available on NBA TV Canada.

Do the NBA Playoffs reseed?

The NBA Playoffs do not reseed. The rule applies only to the second round of the playoffs. The winner of the 1-8 series will play the winner of the 4-5 series, while the winner of the 2-7 will play the winner of the 3-6 series. This means the winner of the 1-seed could play the highest remaining seed in the bracket if the 6 and 7 seed win their first-round series.

Where are the NBA Playoffs?

The NBA Playoffs take place in multiple cities over the four rounds. The NBA Playoffs are held in the two cities where the teams play, with the team with the higher seed (better record overall in the NBA Finals) hosting four of the seven games.

Are NBA Playoffs a best-of-5?

No, since 2003, every round in the NBA Playoffs is a best-of-7 series.

Are NBA Playoffs a bracket?

The NBA playoffs are divided into two brackets – Eastern and Western Conference – with eight teams each. The winner of the Eastern and Western Conference brackets meeting in the NBA Finals.

Is it possible to bet on the NBA Playoffs?

The NBA is a growing business, as the owners continue to push the boundaries of the league. The NBA has now reached a global audience and stands to be one of the high-earning franchises in the U.S.
With so much attention being paid to the league, there is a great opportunity for bettors to take advantage of the many markets on offer. The Playoffs are one of the most exciting times during the full NBA season, as such this is one of the best times to play the markets.

Which are the best sportsbooks for betting on NBA Playoffs?

Sportsbooks are always competing with one another and vying for the customer’s attention. As such, there are a number of great offers available from the top-tier providers. However, if you’re unsure where to find them, take a glance at our recommended sportsbook guide for the best available today.

Do the bookies offer any promotions during the NBA Playoffs?

Absolutely yes. Throughout the NBA Playoffs, all the major bookies will be posting daily updates to their props page. The Playoffs host the best teams in the NBA that year, with so much talent on display the oddsmakers are spoilt for choice.

Do any of the bookies offer live streaming of the NBA Playoffs?

NoStreaming of NBA games, especially the NBA Playoffs, is a very expensive right to pay for and online sportsbooks wouldn’t benefit too much from streaming the games, as major networks such as ESPN cover it.

What types of markets are usually available?

Bettors can expect to see similar markets to what they’d expect during the NBA regular season. A range of great betting options, covering all the major markets, including:
Futures betting
Match betting
Over/Under betting
Handicap betting
Prop betting (total points scored, the first basket, player total points, quarter winners, etc..)

Are there any prop bets?

Throughout the NBA regular season, there are a variety of great prop bets available for users to get stuck into. However, the NBA Playoffs is an even more exciting time, as such the markets are even better. Make sure to check back with our NBA Play-offs page for the latest props and odds!