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      Golden State overturned a long history of mediocrity by rewriting the rules of basketball, utilizing the three-point shot to create the newest NBA dynasty. This club started as the Philadelphia Warriors in 1946 before moving to San Francisco in 1962, winning their first west coast championship in 1975. A drought ensued, finally broken in 2015 when Steph Curry and crew blitzed the association, promising to dominate NBA futures betting for a half-decade. If you wonder how the team is performing, click on our NBA Power Rankings page.

      Golden State Warriors' Standings

      Follow the Golden State Warriors scores and standings as they change during an arduous, 82-game schedule. You will see the Golden State Warriors' odds of winning the championship change along with them. Compare the Warriors stats with upcoming opponents, including offensive and defensive production. This table allows you to sort through the home and away results, giving you a solid picture of how a team performs in common scenarios.


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      Golden State Warriors Regular Season Trends

      The Warriors wallowed in mediocrity for decades, among the most consistently disappointing franchises. In the mid-70s, Golden State mounted a par of outstanding seasons, finishing first overall for the first time since the club transferred from Philadelphia to the Bay Area. This team wouldn’t win another division title until the 2014-15 season when they broke out with a 67-win season.

      Golden State rewrote record books with a 73-win season the next year, following up with a 67-victory campaign in 2016-17, earning the best record in three consecutive seasons. The Warriors have been such a dominant presence in the association that they fought boredom and injuries to win only 58 games in 2017-18 – a great season for some clubs, but not for the dynasty. More recently, the Golden State hasn't been performing as well. But, they start out the 2021/22 season as one of the favorites to win the championship. 

      During the regular season, the Golden State Warriors have dominated the New Orleans Pelicans and the Toronto Raptors, winning more than 65% of their matchups against these clubs. In the west, the Lakers and the Spurs tend to play well against Golden State, while the Bucks and Celtics have provided a strong challenge from the east. These teams have beaten the Warriors in 60% or more of head-to-head meetings.

      Golden State Warriors Playoff Betting

      Prior to the arrival of Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors could be considered the New York Knicks of the western conference. Similar to New York, Golden State won a championship in the mid-70s before falling out of relevance for the rest of the century. Seemingly overnight, the Warriors rewrote the narrative of a losing franchise into a vanguard of modern championship basketball.

      Seemingly overnight, the Warriors rewrote the narrative of a losing franchise into a vanguard of modern championship basketball.

      Golden State won its first championship in four decades in 2014-15, defeating LeBron James and the Cavaliers in six. After LeBron orchestrated the greatest comeback in NBA history the next season, the Warriors picked up Durant and lost only a single game during the 2017 playoffs. Durant would collect his second consecutive finals MVP in a sweep of Cleveland the next season, triggering LeBron’s migration to the Los Angeles Lakers. Since then Durant has left the Warriors in favor of the Brooklyn Nets.

      The Warriors avoided the playoffs for many years before the Curry era, so they didn’t form many rivalries. The Los Angeles Lakers have won six of seven postseason matchups against Golden State and LeBron orchestrated the comeback, which makes for an interesting historical dynamic considering James now resides in the west coast.

      Golden State Warriors Futures

      If the Golden State Warriors remain healthy, there’s little that the opposition can do to defeat this juggernaut. Put simply, the core of Curry, Thompson and Green, along with Durant, Iguodala and Livingston, create one of the best rotations in the history of the association. Occasionally, the club endures internal bickering or overblown arguments, but nothing which will threaten their ability to capture two or three additional titles over the upcoming years.

      Certainly, Kevin Durant may decide to play elsewhere and the cost of retaining Klay Thompson and Draymond Green will escalate. But the front office consistently finds valuable talent to supplement the elite shooting combo of Curry and Thompson. Perhaps Cousins signs long-term if Durant moves to another team.

      The future of the Golden State Warriors will remain bright as long as Steph and Klay keep on shooting the lights out. After three championships in four years, the Warriors already joined the pantheon of elite Lakers, Celtics, Spurs and LeBronian dynasties. The futures section of the sportsbooks is where you will find the odds of the Golden State Warriors winning the championship.

      Golden State might find themselves with enough rings for four fingers and a thumb when all’s said and done.

      Golden State Warriors Award Winners

      Wilt Chamberlain was the first mega-star in franchise history, winning multiple scoring titles and an MVP nod during his time with the Warriors. Rick Berry was the next great Warrior, winning rookie of the year, a scoring title and an NBA finals MVP during his illustrious career. Mitch Richmond and Chris Webber also won rookie of the year, while Don Nelson and Steve Kerr picked up coach of the year honours.

      Steph Curry has two MVPs and a scoring title, Durant earned two finals MVP while Green has a DPOY. Iguodala earned his own finals MVP in 2015. Expect more individual awards to be handed out to Warriors players over the upcoming seasons, especially now Curry is back from injury. 

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