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      The San Antonio Spurs were first established as the Dallas Chaparrals of the ABA in 1967 and eventually became the Spurs in 1973 then moved to the NBA in 1976. They are one of the most successful franchises in major professional sports leagues having won five NBA championships, six conference titles and a staggering 21 division titles. The Spurs have only missed the playoffs four times in their 43-year NBA history, and due to their winning consistency are one of sports betting’s most reliable teams to bet on.

      San Antonio Spurs' Standings

      This is where the Spurs stand in the league. Conference and division standings are listed here. “GB” stands for games behind, first-place and “L10” is their last ten games’ record.


      Bet On San Antonio Spurs' Games

      Betting the Spurs takes place in many ways, depending on what your book offers. A common type is a straight bet on the money line. Here, you bet which team you think wins. The numbers present to indicate the favourite (minus) and the underdog (plus). The minus number shows how much you need to bet to win $100, and the plus shows how much you win when betting $100. For instance, -135 means $135 is needed to win $100, but +120 means $120 is won when betting $100.

      All they do is win: there isn’t a lot of negative things to say about the Spurs. They have accomplished everything a successful franchise is except winning consecutive titles. Between 1999 and 2016, the Spurs won five NBA titles from six NBA Finals appearances. Behind their success is a three-time Coach of the Year, Gregg Popovich, who manages to keep the franchise at elite levels despite the constantly changing times.

      The other dynasty: the Spurs’ dynasty was matched only by another: the Lakers’ dynasty in the 2000s. Between 1999 to 2013, the Spurs and Lakers clashed seven times in the playoffs with the Spurs winning four of those meetings. Between 1999 and 2008, all but one NBA Finals had at least the Lakers or Spurs in it.

      Calling the shot early: making offseason predictions on how the NBA season plays out is pure gambling as the length of the season, and the unpredictability will make it near impossible to nail an accurate prediction. But the Spurs may be an antithesis to that as their consistency makes them all but a lock to make the playoffs. Many prop bets under NBA Futures can be played including predicting if the Spurs can beat the given win total, if they win the division or if they win the NBA title. But don’t expect a massive profit because the Spurs are consistently a top-four title favorite.