Brooklyn Nets' Odds

      This is the latest game for the Brooklyn Nets along with the betting lines. Confirm the Brooklyn Nets Vegasodds with your favourite betting site and check for last-minute updates before placing a wager. 

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      The Nets returned to the city of New York after spending most of their tenure in New Jersey from 1977 to 2012. The franchise was originally founded as an ABA team in 1967. In their long history, they have won two conference titles and four division titles all in the 2000s. After moving to Brooklyn, the team won 49 games, their most since the 2005-2006 season but their three NBA playoffs stints were all fruitless and they have once again returned to rebuilding. Fans and prospective gamblers alike will have to be patient and keep their eye on Brooklyn Nets odds. 

      Brooklyn Nets' Standings

      Here is a look at how the Brooklyn Nets stack up in the NBA. The standings are divided by conference and division to see how the Nets match fare in particular match-ups.


      Bet On Brooklyn Nets' Games

      The simplest way to get in on some Nets’ action is by playing the money line. You wager on the Nets or their opponent straight up. The prices for either team shows as either a minus to indicate the favourite or a plus to show the underdog. A number like -200 means a bet of $200 returns $100 while +170 means a return of $170 comes from a $100 bet. Minus shows how much you need to bet and plus shows how much you win on a standard $100.

      Talking about playoffs: in their first 23 seasons since becoming an NBA franchise, the Nets’ futility was matched only by the Los Angeles Clippers. The franchise only had one playoff series win from ten playoffs and sandwiched between those playoff spurts were abysmal seasons. It wasn’t until the 2001-2002 season when the Nets broke through and made two consecutive NBA Finals appearances and six straight playoffs that they started to gain some prominence. The Brooklyn Nets' odds to make the playoffs had never been better. 

      Brooklyn Billionaire Club: known as being mostly a mid-tier franchise in terms of value, the Nets blew up when Russian billionaire, Mikhail Prokhorov acquired the team in 2010. Since then, he funded a 700 million arena and moved the team to Brooklyn where they rebranded into their current form. 

      Spread the Nets: The Brooklyn Nets championship odds being so low means betting on the Nets to win straight up can be intimidating. This is especially true if they are rebuilding but the alternative is to bet them on the point spread. This system allows a set amount of points for the team to “cover”. A minus spread of -3.5, for instance, means the Nets have to win by over three points while a plus spread of +9.5 means the Nets have up to nine points to lose.