Three-Point Contest Betting Lines

Now that the NBA has completed a major shift in scoring, with three-pointers becoming a central part of the most productive offensive strategies, the three-point contest has grown into one of the more prestigious events of the NBA All-Star weekend. The three-point contest betting lines were made available since the first names of the players were announced by the NBA.

Odds On the 2021 Three-Point Contest

The odds for the 2021 3-point Contest aren't released yet. Though as soon as they are we will ensure to update this page so you can see who's in the running in 2021. The odds are subject to change, so ensure to keep checking back to see how the market moves. This page was last updated on February 18, 2020.

2020 All-Star Three-Point Contest Winner

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Contestants from the Slam Dunk Contest 2020

These are the contestants from the 2020 3-point Contest:

  • Trae Young, G, Atlanta Hawks. 
  • Damien Lillard, PG, Portland Trail Blazers. 
  • Duncan Robinson, F, Miami Heat.
  • Joe Harris, SG, Brooklyn Nets.
  • Davis Bertans, F, Washington Wizards.
  • Buddy Hield, SG, Sacramento Kings - 2020 Winner.
  • Devonte' Graham, PG, Charlotte Hornets.
  • Zach LaVine, SG, Chicago Bulls.

Winner of the Three-Point Contest: Most people bet on who they believe will win the three-point contest, and for the most part, they will wager on the top two favourites. However, when you look at the depth of the three-point contest, pretty much any of the shooters are capable of putting together an insane run just like they would on the practice court.

Buddy Hield won the 2020 Three-Point Contest. Congratulations to all the bettors who believed in him!

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    Three-Point Contest Betting Trends

    Reputable sportsbooks have developed their services to provide safe gaming on a wide variety of popular sports, including events like the three-point contest. In addition to fantastic customer service, these sportsbooks also offer bonuses, which can help you profit more from three-point contest betting trends and other wagers on sports.

    Bet On the Three-Point Contest

    When you bet on the three-point contest, you’ll want to consider any piece of information that adds insight before you select your wager. While the competition may seem like a relatively straightforward game, stats and other trends may come into play, changing the complexion of this skills game.

    • Over/Under Bets

      Another type of bet that you might find on your sportsbook is an over/under line for total three-pointers. This wager could refer to the over/under for the winning total of the competition, or an over/under total for an individual player. Essentially, you’ll be picking whether the number listed will be above or below the amount of made shots.

    • Progress Past the First Round

      No player is guaranteed to make it past the first round of the competition, especially if they happen to have a bad round to start. With this type of wager, you’re predicting whether or not a player will be eliminated quickly.

    • Shooting Percentage

      The most obvious statistic to keep an eye on is the shooting percentage of the competitors. Clearly, the higher the three-point shooting percentage, the better the chances that the player will win the contest. However, you can dive deeper into the stats to discover information such as contested and uncontested shooting percentage. Some players will have a lower three-point percentage simply because they have less space to shoot. They may end up having a lower overall shooting percentage, even if they make the same rate of uncontested shots as a player with a higher overall percentage.

    • Streaks and Injuries

      If a participant of the three-point contest was on fire in the previous week or two before the All-Star weekend, you might want to take an extra look, as the streak may spill over into the skills competition. In terms of injuries, the NBA All-Star isn’t considered to be a mandatory event for professional players, especially if they’re recovering from an ailment. However, a player might still decide to participate in a skills competition despite a small injury, which could affect his performance.