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Brexit Odds

Brexit – British Exit – which refers to the UK leaving the EU. On balance, it is a less than perfect idea, delivered with far from perfect execution, leading to total and complete turmoil.

David Cameron gambled away his country as he did in the good old days at the Bullingdon Club with his pal Boris. The situation went from bad to worse, when a number of different MPs’ stuck their oar in and exasperated the problem. Soon after, on June 23rd, 2016 the decision was made to leave the EU based on an advisory referendum.

However, soon after parliament, led by Theresa Maydecided to trigger article 50, essentially confirming the referendum was in fact absolute and not advisory. The decision was followed by months of rigorous debate which ended in no progress whatsoever.

Now in 2020, three and a half years on and we’ve been treading water this entire time. The sharks (the Trump Administration are likely to privatize the NHS) begin to circle with the General Election now concluded and Boris at the helm.

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Brexit will be Cancelled Odds

The various parties jostling for the public vote have different ideas about what should happen at the end of this long, arduous process. Some of those believe that we should remain and cancel the Brexit process outright. Though this isn’t the position of many, it is gaining momentum and even became a key policy of the Liberal Democrats Election campaign.

Although the UK has actually left the EU, who knows what might happen down the line?


Will be Cancelled Odds


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Odds of Brexit cancelled evaluate the likelihood of The United Kingdom arranging a new referendum on Brexit, which results in a ‘NO’ outcome and the whole thing will be forgotten as a bad dream. Brexit outcome odds are updated weekly.

Soon after the decision was made to succeed from the European Union, a number of key issues were brought to light as debate continued in the House of Commons. Key issues such as the Irish bordertrade deals and EU Law were all raised.

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Leaving the EU without any of those three things, became known as a “Hard Brexit”, while leaving those things still intact has been referred to as a “Soft Brexit”. So a combination of things contributes to the term Hard Brexit, but in any case, it’ll take years to organize any kind of permanent trade deals with other countries.

Next Country to Leave the EU Odds

Although it’s Brexit that’s drawing the attention of European officials, there are a number of other leaders and politicians who look at what the United Kingdom is doing in admiration.

The bookies’ favourite to be the next country to leave the EU is Italy. Recently led by a right-wing government, Italy has been increasingly resistant to immigration policy and aiding refugees over the past few years. Though things are constantly changing in the political sphere, it does seem the global, populist right-wing movement will begin to have a greater influence on European Union member states. The odds were last updated on May 23, 2022:

Next Country To Leave The EU Oddsbetway
Czech Republic6.006.006.00

Odds on the Next Country to leave the EU look at the possibility of another country following the United Kingdom and exiting the European Union. The odds on Italy are excellent at the moment, given the issues the country faces. Next Country to Leave the EU Odds are updated weekly.

The Brexit Saga So far

For years leading up to the 2016 referendum, a number of individuals were trying to manufacture a way out of the European Union. On June 23rd, 2016, the UK voted to leave the EUan economic community they had been a part of since 1973with 51.9% of the vote in favour.

Now in 2020, the country is the worst it’s been for decades. The division within communities brought about by years of austerity under the Tory-led government has left the British public feeling let down and isolated. This, coupled with a number of public scandals, cases of corruption and political malpractice has split the country in two.

Jean Claude Juncker and the other EU representatives seem to be getting tired of the media and political circus surrounding Brexit. Now that Brexit has gone through, they’ll do their best to wash their hands of this whole mess as soon as possible.

Why do we Have Brexit?

Well, under the current government, but under a different leader, David Cameron, the Tories decided to call a referendum to decide whether to leave the European Union. The decision was met with a lot of criticism and has caused unprecedented political unrest for the years that followed.

The referendum took place om 2016. It concluded that the United Kingdom would depart from Europe. Since that day, the UK and European representatives have been trying to reach an accord regarding the future for both parties.

Campaigning Period

The campaign for Brexit was led by Nigel Farage but masterminded by Dominic CummingsBoris Johnson and a number of others. Though the referendum was called for by David Cameron, he actually opposed leaving the EU (part of the “Remain” campaign) and subsequently stood down after the result was declared.

The campaigning period leading up to and then after June 23rd gave rise to a number of right-wing parties, which are present in British politics today. UKIP and the Brexit Party, now led by Nigel Farage, are the key parties involved.

Boris Johnson and the Bus

One symbolic part of the campaign, led by Boris Johnson, was the infamous “Battle Bus” which was a large red double-decker London bus. The bus was plastered in a text reading “We send the EU £350 million per week to the European Union. Let’s fund our NHS instead”. Incidentally, it is speculated that the government intends to sell the NHS to the current US government via trade contracts.

The claim was entirely untrue and caused a huge amount of controversy. Johnson is constantly reminded of the fact he lied in order to gain political sway during the referendum. Especially of late, as we trudge closer to the General Election the heat has been turned up on Johnson and the Tory party.

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The Referendum

The Brexit Referendum itself has been a huge point of contention for a long time now, as there seemed to be clear foul-play on the part of the Leave campaign. Though there are a number of points of a dispute regarding the voting system itself, it was the percentage by which it was won that was the main issue.

The Referendum resulted in 51.9% of votes being in favour of leaving the EU. The fact it was won by such a small margin, and that many of the voters who took part back in 2016 were old-age pensioners, angered a large portion of the public. They went on to claim the result was a sham and wasn’t significant enough to decide such an important decision, yet the government promised to implement the result.

The Political farce after the UK voted to leave the EU

Due to the fact that the result of the referendum was so unexpected, the fallout has been pandemonium. The two major parties in the UKLabour and the Tory have been tussling for the vote of the electoral. However, over the years the situation has been so diluted that currently, both parties are vying for the “Leave” campaign.

It’s only the centrist party known as the Liberal Democrats, who are campaigning to remain. This alone is a testament to the chaos that has ensued. It’s clear that whatever happens in 2020 and beyond, this will not be the final chapter of Britain’s democracy.