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Donald Trump is a controversial figure in the political world. In terms of betting, there are several ways by a bettor can earn some money with the US President. Indeed there are plenty of Trump Odds 2020 available! If you think we are kidding, you should read this article on the Clinton vs Trump election.

2020 US President Election odds updated on October 28, 2019:

Presidential Election Odds Bet365 BetWay 888 Sport
Donald Trump (R) 2.30 2.20 2.30
Elizabeth Warren (D) 3.75 3.75 4.25
Joe Biden (D) 7.00 8.00 8.50
Bernie Sanders (I) 15.00 13.00 11.00
Peter Buttigieg (D) 15.00 15.00 18.00

"Bet365 odds are subject to change"

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The 2020 United States presidential election will take place on November 3, 2020. It will be America's 59th U.S. Presidential election. Citizens vote on candidates to select a new president (and vice-president) or re-elect the incumbents. The candidates are usually from the two major parties: the Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue). 

Despite all the hysteria, there is a solid chance Trump wins again. We'll cover Trump's re-election odds all the way up to the vote on November 3, 2020.

Trump Impeachment Odds

It's hard not to find "Donald Trump" and "Impeachment" in the same sentence. As a prop, this might be wishful thinking but Donald Trump impeachment odds are getting plenty of action.

With an impeachment inquiry now in progress, 888sport is displaying "Trump will be considered impeached when the House of representatives passes a vote for impeachment" odds.

YES is the favorite with a 1.33 price while NO is the dog with a 3.00 line.

Donald Trump
Considered Impeached By House Vote
YES 1.33

It's one thing to wish for Trump to be impeached, but it's another for him to actually get forced out of Office early.

There was talk that the Mueller report would do in Trump. But the latest findings have ruled in favour of Trump being exonerated. For the Trump haters, keep your money and just wait until the 2020 election in hopes that the Democrats can nominate a strong candidate to replace him in the White House.

Donald Trump Odds

Trump Resignation Odds

Bookmakers at 888sport offer odds on Trump serving a full first term in office. With an impeachment inquiry underway, YES favorite odds have jumped some (1.05 to 1.20) while the underdog odds (7.50 to 4.00) lost almost half their value.

Tied to the Trump impeachment are the Trump resignation odds, which are less likely to happen and by that we mean close to nil. 

Not packing the punch Dems hoped it would, the Mueller report doesn't fully back Trump being forced to resign. However, a huge ego, along with Trump being able to dodge all scandals thrown at him, make it highly unlikely that he will step down willingly. Strap in though, as this saga will be long running.

Donald Trump
Serves Full First Term Odds
YES 1.20

Odds of the Democratic Candidate to Run for President

As of September 30, 2019, with Kirsten Gilibrand now out of the race, there are 19 Democrat Presidential candidates remaining in the primary.

Unlike the Democratic race four years ago, which was pretty much between Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders, the 2020 race is much closer with no clear-cut favorite

There are a handful of candidates with a realistic chance of emerging as the Democrat Presidential nominee. Below, we discuss some of the top contenders.

Bernie Sanders (9.00)

The man everyone thought should have represented the Democrats in 2016 ,and thus should have beaten Donald Trump, is back at it again. And he's the favourite for obvious reasons. Sanders has come under scrutiny and several scandals - including sexual harassment from his campaign staffers - may have taken some wind off his sails. But his supporters are still rabid but has fallen behind Joe Biden in this group.

Sanders' platform focused on the For the 99.8% Act, which would essentially penalize the super rich to benefit the everyday American, still holds plenty of appeals. Although many are still burned by his failure in 2016, he should still be the favourite. 

Bernie Sanders
Democrat Candidate Nomination Odds
9.00 Odds

Beto O'Rourke (51.00)

If it weren't for Sanders' name value, O'Rourke would be the frontrunner for the Democrats. The 46-year-old shot into political stardom when he almost beat the much-reviled Senator Ted Cruz during the 2018 Senate election in Texas.

His main policy is a reform on immigration and he will undoubtedly have a strong pull among liberals and naturalized Americans (those who have freshly immigrated). 

Beto O'Rourke
Democrat Candidate Nomiation Odds
51.00 Odds

Kamala Harris (26.00)

Harris is the dark horse to emerge from this group if she can even still be considered one. The Californian is a rockstar-in-the-making has the full package: charisma, intelligence, and the proposed policies - LIFT Act, taking money from Trump's corporate giveaways to help low-income households, to make her the choice to run against Trump.

Being a down-to-earth black woman also helps her more easily appeal to voters who were off-put by Clinton before her.

Kamala Harris
Democrat Candidate Nomination Odds
26.00 Odds

Andrew Yang (17.00)

Yang has come from out of nowhere to establish himself as an outside contender in this race. The founder of Venture for America, a nonprofit organization that trains entrepreneurs, Yang could be the millennial's ultimate candidate. His main platform is centred on Universal Basic Income and his background as an entrepreneur with a strong online following make him one to keep a track of.

His odds have just jumped recently and you can expect it to keep trending up given how unique his profile is in comparison to the frontrunners.

Top Democratic candidate nomination odds on October 28, 2019:

Democratic Candidate Odds BetWay Bet365 888 Sport
Elizabeth Warren 2.10 2.10 2.00
Joe Biden 4.33 5.00 4.00
Peter Buttigieg 7.00 8.00 8.00
Bernie Sanders (I) 8.00 9.00 9.00
Andrew Yang 15.00 17.00 17.00

"Bet365 odds are subject to change"

Winning Party Odds

Even though the odds still indicate Trump as the sizable favourite to win the 2020 election, the winning party is another matter. In the table below, Democrats are short favourites to win and Republicans are mild underdogs. 

Democrat Party Odds
Win 2020 US Presidential Election

Democrats are favourites to win simply by virtue of numbers. Whether it's Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, or Mayor Pete, bookmakers forecast a Dem to emerge. Backing anyone but Trump, some bettors are banking on the USA public voting on whichever candidate emerges from the Democratic party.

Never Trumpers and MAGA's remain bitterly divided on who should lead the United States. The Anti-Trump crowd is adamant that Trump needs to go at any cost. Therefore, they may be inclined to vote for whichever Democrat emerges from the crowded field. Campaigning will get nasty.

Depending on the party winning candidate, the odds for this bet will change. If Sanders, Harris or another heavy hitter is the candidate - the odds may go up. But if an outlier emerges, the odds may drop closer to even odds. If you like the Democrats, wait and see how the Dems nomination process shapes up.

For Trump and Republicans supporters, with odds now at 2.05, their price gained value since our last update. If you dare, big money can won on an Independant like Bernie Sanders. Winning party lines on October 28, 2019:

Winning Party Odds BetWay Spin Palace Sports Bodog
Democratic Party 1.75 1.80 1.80
Republican Party 2.05 2.00 1.952
Independent Party 101.00 51.00 OTB

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