Canadian Politics Betting

      Canadian Politics Betting at CSB concentrates on all nationally held federal elections, provincial and territorial elections, as well as municipal elections.

      The campaign is now over and now we wait for the next scheduled Snap Election. Closing odds from Bet99 bookmakers were updated on June 16, 2022.

      Often referred to as a blood sport; politics have never been more fierce or controversial than they are today.

      From Donald Trump, and the ongoing circus in the United States, to the Brexit battle in the United Kingdom, politics are a hot button issue across the globe.

      Typically Canadian, battles for control of the government in Canada are usually somewhat more passive.

      That’s not to say the fights don’t get heated, as groups from all sides stand up in hopes of having their voices heard when election time rolls around.

      Political Betting Canada

      That is particularly true when Canadians head to the polls to elect a new federal government. Save for special circumstances, like a vote of no confidence, betting odds on the next Prime Minister generally appear on betting boards every four years.

      When it’s time to elect new leaders, top online bookmakers recommended here at Canada Sports Betting post a variety of politics odds to bet on. As it is with sports wagering - research is a key to cashing winning election wagers

      Register and fund an account, collect a Welcome Bonus, and then take a shot at Canadian politics betting. Below, we discuss how the True North government works and the associated options around political betting Canada style.

      Proudly boasting a free and democratic system of government, the first federal government in Canada was formed in 1867.

      Officially known as Her Majesty’s Government, Canada follows a UK Westminster-style parliamentary democracy.

      Taking office on July 1, 1867, Sir John A. Macdonald was the first Canadian Prime Minister. Since then, including current Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, 23 duly elected officials have held the highest office of government in the Great White North.

      Below the Federal Government, each Province and Territory have a government, which is elected separately from the Federal branch.

      From there, the third level of government is the Municipal branch that oversees the operation of cities and towns across Canada.

      Different Types of Canadian Elections

      Federal Elections

      Unlike US Election odds, that feature two main parties, there are many “fringe” groups like the Marijuana Party and the Alliance of the North in Canada. That said, most Canadian elections are a battle between the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrat and Green Party.

      Once a Federal election is called, Canadians head to polls on third Monday in October to vote for local Members of Parliament. The party that earns the most parliamentary seats forms the government and their leader becomes Prime Minister.

      Online bookmakers post a variety of odds on Canadian elections. The most popular betting options are Who Will be the Next Prime Minister, whether the election will result in a majority or minority government, plus how many seats the winning party will secure.

      According to the Elections Canada website, here is a list of Federal Political Parties:

      • Alliance of the North
      • Animal Protection Party of Canada
      • Bloc Québécois
      • Christian Heritage Party of Canada
      • Communist Party of Canada
      • Conservative Party of Canada
      • Green Party of Canada
      • Liberal Party of Canada
      • Libertarian Party of Canada
      • Marijuana Party
      • Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
      • National Citizens Alliance of Canada
      • New Democratic Party
      • Parti Rhinocéros Party
      • People’s Party of Canada
      • Progressive Canadian Party

      Provincial and Territorial Elections

      Held separately, from Federal Elections, Canadian Provincial and Territorial elections are held at least every four years.

      With the exception of Nova Scotia, each Province has their own fixed date for elections of the governing party, which is run by a Provincial Premier.

      Provincial and Territorial Elections

      Political parties in each provincial jurisdiction, which are associated with their federal counterparts; square off to earn seats in Legislature. The party that wins the most seats then forms either a majority or minority government.

      Unlike Federal votes, betting options aren’t as common for Provincial elections. That said politically focused bookmakers may post prices for major elections in larger provinces like Ontario, Quebec and Alberta.

      Municipal Elections

      Grass roots politics often begin at the Municipal level in cities and towns across Canada.

      Alberta is a good example of that as late great Ralph Klein went from being Mayor of Calgary to the Premier of Alberta.

      Municipal Elections

      Similar to other levels of government, Municipal elections are normally held every four years. Different from Federal and Provincial leaders, who claim their role if their party secures the most votes, voters cast direct ballots for Mayor and City Councillors during Municipal elections.

      When voting occurs in major cities, like New York in the USA, or London in the United Kingdom, online bookmakers offer Mayor betting odds. It is however rare to find handicapping lines on Canadian Civic elections.

      If Municipal election odds ever do appear, at top rated online sportsbooks,  we will post them here!