Political Betting

Though they are always prevalent, and in plentiful supply, sports are not the only options betting fans can take advantage of at the Canada Sports Betting recommended online sportsbooks. Entertainment and Political wagering options, when properly researched, can be a source of bankroll boosting cash. Today we look at the quagmire that has become a dicey political situation in the far from "United" States.

Political Betting Odds

Stealing a classic Bob Dylan line; Times, they are a changin’. That is clearly evident on the global political scene and in the wagering world. The days when Canadians had to deal with backroom bookies, or rely on government controlled Provincial Lottery betting schemes, are ancient history. From single line options, to parlays and props, online sportsbook are a rock solid alternative for Canucks looking to get their game on. Add in secure banking, simple signup, along with a variety of valuable player rewards, and bettors get the full meal deal with these top rated bookmakers.

Here at CSB, we have been researching, tracking and reporting on the online wagering scene for over a decade. Fence sitters, given that we respect bookmakers and players equally, we review and rate the best offshore sportsbooks available to handicappers in the True North. The linemakers above welcome Canadians from ocean to ocean and they have a strong focus on North American and International events. From politics, sports, and entertainment, to exciting LIVE Casino, Poker and Racebook action, bookmakers like SportsInteraction offer one-wallet wagering every day.

Way Too Early USA Presidential Wagering Lines

We say the political wagering lines below are "way too early" as it seems like yesterday when we were discussing the nuttier than squirrel sh*t 2016 US Presidential election. Splashed across every medium known to humankind, the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump fight was a brutal 16+ month battle that left a ton of scars on the US political landscape. Many of those wounds remain open as President Trump has had a tumultuous first 171 days in office. That said, as is the case with futures betting lines in sports like the CFL and the NFL, the cycle continues in the USA political arena.

Trump odds are still available as you read this: will he get a second term in office or will he be impeached? Who will run for president against him? Will he resign?

SportsInteraction is one of many bookmakers offering LIVE 2020 US President election odds, even though that fight won't be over until 1,212 days from today. The candidate list has many familiar names - including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who would love to topple Trump. As was the case with our Trump vs Clinton advice - bettors are cautioned that politics is a nasty game. Research and close scrutiny, that includes taking the pulse of the Nation, is required when investing in any election odds. Especially since 46 won't be determined for another 40 months.

 US Elections 2020 Odds

2020 US Presidential Election Odds at SportsInteraction

How Long Will 45 Survive?

Full of fury, since he announced his Presidential bid on June 16, 2015, the divide The Donald has created in America (around the World) is unlike any in USA political history. That turmoil spurred bookmakers like Bet365 to post "Donald Trump 1st Term Specials" betting options and they are not pretty folks. How long 45 will survive is as murky as the political landscape that Team Trump has been ploughing. Facts are facts and when the G20 morphs into the G19 with America being separated from the pack, as it did during their recent meeting, we all know what has hit the fan.

 Donald Trump 1st Term Specials

Donald Trump 1st Term Specials

Political Betting Tips

As we discuss the Trump political betting options, and offer some wagering advice, our #1 TIP is to take everything you source from "main stream media" with a huge grain of salt. That includes their "opinion polls" as the 2016 predictions were laughable and pathetic. Hillary Clinton topped the polls almost everyday, often by double-digits, which confirms the "dogs know best what to do with polls" quote from former Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. Remember, unlike the bookmakers "news" talk show networks have an agenda that needs to be taken into account.

US Elections 2020 Odds: One has to wonder when the American public will get totally sick of their non-stop election cycles. From Special elections, to Mid-Terms, Gubernatorial and of course the race for President, the public needs a scorecard to keep track of it all. Alas, we digress. Looking at the SportsInteraction 2020 US election odds - we are shocked to see Donald Trump on the top of the list and would caution against backing the favorite. Simply stated, it is never wise to back a man who is under investigation by a US Special Prosecutor. We doubt Trump will even be on the ballot.

This is a "fun money" bet at best - be careful when wagering on these odds. Bettors wanting to take a shot in the dark, as mentioned above, may want to consider Michael Bloomberg's (+3300) price at SIA. That dude is loaded with dough, he likes to wield political power, he despises Donald Trump, plus he has connections around the USA and the Planet. Women trying to break the "glass ceiling" are led by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) former FLOTUS Michelle Obama (D) and Clinton who we don't see ever running again. We will not be backing any of those three Lady candidates.

Donald Trump 1st Term Specials: Impeachment or resigning the Office of the President is rare. Andrew Johnson, became the first leader to be impeached in 1868 but he was acquitted. Richard Nixon, knowing a crushing NHL style body-check was coming, resigned from office on August 9, 1974.  Most recently, Bill Clinton (1998/99) came close but he survived being impeached as he was also acquitted of the charges against him by the Senate. Trump is at the beginning of his journey to “infamy” as the investigations surrounding him could lead to impeachment or his resignation.

Although the process would be very nasty and long, the odds on Trump resigning (-120) or being impeached (-125) at Bet365 make it seem like one or the other may happen. Given his stubborn nature – we would back "The Donald" being punted out of office before he voluntarily resigns. Invoking the 25th Amendment, which removes the President and pushes the Vice-President into power, needs to be voted on by the Republican controlled Congress and that is a long process as well. Our best advice is to bet very limited amounts on any of these political options >> if at all.