Toronto Argonauts Odds

In the biggest city in Canada, bettors can find the oldest and most successful Canadian Football League franchise – the Toronto Argonauts. Playing in Canada’s biggest market is a blessing and a curse for the Argos – the common name most people call them.

They certainly get much of the CFL spotlight, but also get more than their share of criticism in down years. Either way the season goes bettors will be able to find Toronto Argonauts odds and plenty of news for you to place the right bets on the team.

Toronto Argonauts Next Game

No matter what week of the season it is, a bettor can find the best odds for the Toronto Argonauts next game right here – linked to the greatest sites for CFL wagering. 

Saturday, Sep 28 19:00 EDT
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Toronto Argonauts

At 18 games in length, the CFL season is the longest in professional football. Check the Toronto Argonauts schedule below to take advantage of the lengthy schedule and enjoy the season even more.

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competitions Away Score Home Money Line
June 2019 (1)
Sat 22 Reg. MD2 Ticats 64 - 14 Argos 1.58 2.60
July 2019 (5)
Mon 1 Reg. MD3 Argos 7 - 32 Riders 5.00 1.20
Sat 6 Reg. MD4 Lions 18 - 17 Argos 1.30 3.75
Fri 12 Reg. MD5 Argos 21 - 48 Bombers 7.75 1.10
Thu 18 Reg. MD6 Argos 16 - 26 Stamps 5.80 1.15
Thu 25 Reg. MD7 Argos 0 - 26 Edmonton Eskimos 4.80 1.21
August 2019 (3)
Thu 1 Reg. MD8 Bombers 27 - 28 Argos 1.09 8.00
Fri 16 Reg. MD10 Edmonton Eskimos 41 - 26 Argos 1.32 3.60
Sun 25 Reg. MD11 Alouettes 28 - 22 Argos 1.37 3.30
September 2019 (4)
Mon 2 Reg. MD12 Argos 27 - 38 Ticats 5.15 1.19
Sat 7 Reg. MD13 Argos 46 - 17 Ottawa RedBlacks 2.80 1.46
Fri 20 Reg. MD15 Stamps 19:00 Argos 1.37 3.30
Sat 28 Reg. MD16 Riders 19:00 Argos
October 2019 (4)
Sat 5 Reg. MD17 Argos 22:00 Lions
Fri 11 Reg. MD18 Ottawa RedBlacks 19:00 Argos
Fri 18 Reg. MD19 Argos 19:00 Alouettes
Sat 26 Reg. MD20 Ottawa RedBlacks 16:00 Argos
November 2019 (1)
Sat 2 Argos 19:00 Ticats

Toronto Argonauts Scores And Standings

Playing in the big city does not always translate to success. Check the Toronto Argonauts standings below to see where the team sits in the Eastern Division after every game. 

StandingsToronto Argonauts

Bet On Toronto Argonauts Games

The oldest Canadian Football League team, the Toronto Argonauts actually predate the Grey Cup with the team beginning operations in 1873. Since the Grey Cup started in 1909, no team has captured more titles than the sixteen Toronto has won. The Argos are an impressive 16-6 in the big game and while 22 is not the record for appearances, it shows the Boatmen know how to handle themselves on the big stage.

The stage in Toronto is not as big as it used to be. As of 2016, the Argos have moved out of their long-time home to BMO Field. BMO Field is a smaller venue than the Rogers Centre – by about 15,000 fans, give or take – but the Argos had difficulties over the past filling up the Rogers Centre.

The half-filled stadium created a poor atmosphere for football and the move to a smaller, outdoors stadium should help the Argos capture a better home field advantage.

Home field advantage is not everything, though, especially when the team’s biggest rival is within an hour’s drive. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are Toronto's biggest rival and opponent on Labour Day – a weekend that showcases the CFL biggest rivalry games. The Argos have the all-time advantage, but over the past half-decade, the Ti-Cats have been the more success team.

Watch the stadium – either in Toronto or Hamilton – be filled with a mixture of both teams fans. Toronto and Montreal share a common hatred for each other as they are frequent foes in the CFL playoffs. Most teams do not like the Argonauts as they come from Toronto and are the most successful team in league history, making just about every Argos game entertaining to watch and worth wagering on.

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