Best Dota 2 Betting Sites 2024

Dota2 Betting Odds

Dota2 has a broad market of leagues and cups to wager on and right now we have odds from matches in the Dota2 Champions League. The odds are subject to change and were last updated on June 16, 2022: 

Fantastic Five3.45VS1.29Nemiga Gaming

Fantastic Five

To beat Nemiga Gaming


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One of the fastest rising phenomena in the world of wagering has been the massive growth of eSports betting, especially for DotA, one of the most popular competitive video games in the world.

Betting on DotA is very similar to wagering on traditional athletic pursuits, so much so that major online sportsbooks now consider eSports to be a major part of their day-to-day services, including a wide variety of betting types and odds.

Defence of the Ancients, more commonly referred to as DotA, has grown into one of the most popular eSports in the world. Sportsbooks that usually accept bets only for traditional sports have recently added a whole slew of eSports to their wagering services, reflecting the incredible growth of the genre.

dota 2

Fans looking for DotA 2 betting site information will find this article as a great place to start when looking for sportsbooks that accept eSports wagers. Gambling on eSports and DotA has grown in Canada at a comparable rate to worldwide eSports betting habits, with some Canadian teams performing well at major tournaments.

Canada Sports Betting provides a primer that begins with different betting odds, before discussing available betting sites, DotA betting types, and details to consider when picking a sportsbook for eSports wagering – including details on gambling with skins and items.

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DotA eSports Betting Odds

Every DotA betting site will have a different set of betting odds and lines available for eSports betting fans. Similar to traditional sports, standard DotA 2 bet types include predicting the straight-up winner, wagering on a spread or handicap, and choosing between different over/under bets.

Prop bets and futures bets for DotA 2 are available, especially for the most important tournaments and events throughout the season. One of the newer types of bets includes wagering skins and items that have an actual cash value.

Check out individual sportsbooks to determine which betting odds have been made available, and the different types of promos provided.

DotA Betting Site

Betting Sites DotA 2 – Where can I bet on DotA?

Most major sportsbooks now have a dedicated DotA 2 bet website that features a variety of single match odds and futures for multiple DotA leagues. eSports betting has exploded over the past few years, including games like Overwatch, CS:Go and League of Legends.

Sites that haven’t implemented eSports wagering are now few and far between. If anything, eSports represents a new type of sporting event that will only continue to grow as games become more popular and the competitive structure becomes sturdier and more mature.

Individual teams and players already take home multi-million dollar paychecks for winning and performing well in tournaments. Big events continue to draw sponsorship from large corporations, who want to market themselves to a growing base of eSports fans.

DotA happens to be one of the biggest and most successful competitive games in the world, drawing some of the best gaming talents from North America, Europe, Japan, Korea and China.

This includes local DotA leagues that groom local talent for the international stage. The following sportsbooks have already adopted DotA and other eSports as a regular part of their services:

DotA 2 Betting Sites 2020

  • Sports Interaction (SIA)
  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • Bet365

What are the Types of DotA Bets?

If you’re familiar with regular sports betting, it won’t be a massive leap to understand how eSports odds work. Sportsbooks listed above will feature a different number of available markets for DotA 2, and you should see which company offers the best variety of wagers.

This gives you an excellent range of options for betting on DotA, improving the odds of profiting from your knowledge of this popular eSport.

Just like analog sports, digital sports have specific end goals that determine the winner of an individual matchup. In DotA, teams achieve victory by fulfilling different win condition strategies that the entire team must move towards in an efficient manner. By carrying out their strategy, the team increases the odds of destroying their enemy’s Ancient, which is an important, central structure within each team’s base.

A team wins the map when the Ancient is destroyed, or when the opposing team decides to forfeit the map. Matches often involve a first to two out of three maps.

DotA 2 Betting Site Real Money

Outright Match Winner

Similar to moneylines in sports, the most popular type of DotA betting revolves around picking the outright winner of a match. There aren’t any ties, which increases the odds of picking the right team compared to sports like soccer, which frequently end in draws.

Favourites tend to have expensive odds due to the difficulty of an underdog team carving out a victory. The best teams in eSports betting don’t falter very often, so if you can predict underdog victories, you’ll be able to cash in nicely.

Spread Betting or Handicaps

A more profitable type of DotA 2 wagering involves handicaps, which function similarly to spreads in major North American sports.

For DotA, the spread tends to stay at plus or minus 1.5 games per match. If the favourite wins both maps, they beat the spread, but if the underdog wins a map, then the dog covers the spread, winning the handicap bet.


The over/under for DotA 2 can refer to the number of maps played, the number of kills performed, or other in-game measurables. If the over/under is 2.5 for maps played, the over bet will win if three maps are contested, while the under bet will win if a team sweeps two maps in a row.

DotA 2 Props

Prop bets may involve a wide variety of different propositions for a single DotA 2 match. These props fall outside of the typical standard betting types, which include outright winners, spreads or handicaps, and over/unders.

Predicting the exact score of a match is one common type of prop bet. Betting on whether the number of kills will amount to an odd number or an even number is another type of prop bet offered.

DotA 2 Futures

Predicting the outright winner of a big tournament is the most popular type of futures bet for DotA2. However, a futures bet may consist of any wager that takes place at a distant point in time, other than standard wagers and prop bets.

Perhaps the most popular type of futures bet consists of predicting the winner of The International, which serves as DotA 2’s big, annual championship.

DotA 2 Item Betting Sites 2020

Another DotA betting type that’s growing in popularity consists of wagering skins and items of various value. Skins and items are mostly cosmetic additions that can be used to give heroes a special in-game appearance.

Since these skins have real-world value, you’ll find that some sites feature games like slots while others allow you to leverage skins as a type of wagering currency.

DotA 2 Skin Betting Site

Best DotA Betting Sites

Finding the best DotA 2 betting site for your purposes involves a direct comparison of available sportsbooks, including the ones on our betting websites Canada list. Many companies will offer similar odds based mostly on Vegas trends, but some may provide a wider range of betting options or betting types compared to competitors.

Sometimes, you’ll find that a particular tournament or event will feature special promotional odds that are discounted, or a greater range of options because of the popularity of the event.

Checking out the bonuses of different sites will give you a chance to determine your preferred promos. If you’re comparing DotA 2 item betting sites, instead of promos for discounted odds, you might prefer a DotA 2 betting site with free items instead.

It’s also important to compare the functional aspects of sportsbooks too. A service with an excellent interface, especially for live betting, is worth considering over a site that doesn’t feature a great user experience. Some players strongly prefer apps for iOS or Android instead of a mobile website, or vice versa.

Deposit and withdrawal methods should also be considered, ensuring a secure, simple method of funding your bankroll and collecting on winning bets.

Can I Bet on DotA Online with Bitcoin or Paypal?

After finding a sportsbook you like from a DotA 2 betting site list, you should check to see how payments work. Visit the payment method part of the site to learn more about the types of deposits accepted by the DotA betting website, and how withdrawals work. If you have difficulty finding a page that outlines deposits and withdrawals, try searching in the FAQ of the DotA bet website.

Paypal tends to be accepted more frequently across a greater variety of sites, including DotA item betting site pages.

However, considering the rise of cryptocurrency, it’s not a surprise that more DotA 2 betting site items are wagered through Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

If you prefer an alternate payment method, you’ll find that many DotA 2 skin betting site regulations allow for more common methods.

Major credit cards, Interac transfers, regular bank transfers and various e-wallets will most likely work for your typical DotA 2 bet item website, similar to most DotA 2 betting site real money sites.

It’s important to remember that some deposit methods may not be supported for the purposes of withdrawing your funds, so double-check to make sure that the payment options work for you.

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