UFC Betting Odds

The UFC has become more popular than the sport: mixed martial arts. More people know of the UFC than what MMA stands for. With global stars like Georges St-Pierre and Conor McGregor, the UFC broadcasts to over 129 countries and held events in 30. Canada loves the UFC and hosts 3-4 events a year. UFC betting has become mainstream thanks to great online betting sites accessible to Canadians everywhere.

UFC Odds Explained

For the octagon enthusiast or someone new to the world of UFC, there are plenty of great options out there for everyone. We have compiled a list of the best sites out there for your UFC betting needs. Check them out, pick the right fighters, rounds and method of victory and start winning!

Picking the straight-up winner of a fight is still the most popular way to bet the UFC. American odds indicate how much needs to be bet to cash $100 for favourites i.e. Georges St-Pierre (-150) or how much $100 wins for an underdog i.e. Michael Bisping (+120). These lines reflect how the oddsmaker believes the public estimates a fighter’s probability of winning.

UFC Props

Short for “proposition”, these include other ways to bet winners like Method of Victory like technical knockout or knockout (T/KO), submission, or decision and Round of Victory, what round a fighter wins. To find this option, look for a drop down icon in sportsbooks that reveal more betting options. The payouts are usually better than a straight-up bet.

UFC Total Rounds

You can also bet on how quickly a fight ends. Oddsmakers will release an estimated total number of rounds like 2.5. The two betting options will be “Under” meaning the fight ends before the halfway mark of the third or “Over” meaning the fight ends after the halfway mark or goes to decision. One will be a betting favourite over the other instead of a 50/50 split.

UFC Draw These are when there is no decisive victor in a fight Because of their low chances of happening, draws can have massive payouts. Draws happen when two of the three judges’ scorecards are a tie either when a fighter scores a 10-8 round but loses more rounds or a point deduction is given to a winning fighter. These are under Method of Victory in some books.

How To Bet On UFC Fights?

The UFC has come a long way from when it was first conceived in 1993. At its beginning, the UFC was a contest that pitted martial artists of different styles against each other. There were no official rules and it got so grotesque it even got banned in several US states. Today, UFC fighters are professionally-trained athletes who have made it one of the most recognized sporting brands. 

With the rise in popularity, fans have made UFC betting a mainstream thing and Canadians get to access online betting sites like SportsInteraction, which offer dozens of betting types, at the tip of their fingertips. While it is fun and simple, there is plenty of research and strategy to help you profit over the long term. Here are some traits to look out for before betting on UFC fights:

Style Matchup

How fighters matchup is key to a fight. A specialized striker tends to have a weak ground game especially if they are inexperienced. Their chances of success are significantly higher if they fight a fighter who isn’t an expert grappler/wrestler or an inferior striker. A “striker versus grappler” matchup has been commonly used in the UFC and it’s a question of which fighter gets the fight to their expertise.

Fighter Conditions

Where a fighter is in their fighter lifespan is telling. An up-and-coming young buck will fight differently to his older past-his-prime self. Several fighters like GSP started off as aggressive and big risk takers but eventually mature to more disciplined and calculated craftsmen. Health is notable. Missing weight is a red flag that a fighter had a tough training camp and may not perform up to their abilities.

Weight Class This is most important to note when betting round totals and methods of victory. Statistics have shown that heavier weight classes lead to more knockouts while lighter weight classes have more decisions. Some fighters fight at multiple weight classes. Some are also big for the weight class or small. A fighter’s size matters in most fights as wrestlers can use their extra weight and strikers can use their extra reach.