NBA Scores And Standings

Streaks and trends over an 82-game schedule reflect the rise and fall of teams during the regular season. Monitor NBA scores and standings, including offensive and defensive stats, to remain updated on the entire association.


Bet On NBA Games

Basketball fans bet on NBA games through online sportsbooks, accessing a variety of wagering types for every single matchup. Learn more about available betting options that arise throughout the season.

NBA Picks And Futures

Once the regular season commences, the schedule doesn’t feature many breaks, providing daily NBA picks and potential changes in futures odds. Moneylines, point spreads and over/under wagers tend to be the most popular bets for most games. Prop bets add extra depth to wagering on individual games by predicting specific events within the match.

NBA futures betting odds change often, responding to the latest trends and news from around the association. Futures involve bets settled over a longer period of time, including division winners, over/unders for win totals, conference winners and players awards like MVP and rookie of the year.

NBA Playoff Betting

After the regular season narrows the competition to worthy post season competitors, sportsbooks focus on a range of NBA playoff betting options. In addition to wagering on single games, betting on series results become available, including the number of games required to clinch a series win.

Since the post season pits two teams against each other in seven-game series, playoff betting tends to focus heavily on specific player matchups instead of seeding. Home advantage always provides a significant advantage in a series, but lower seeds who match up well against higher seeds will outperform expectations.

Betting On The NBA Finals

Once the eastern conference and western conference championships have been decided, the winners meet in the NBA finals to compete for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Winning an NBA title is one of the more difficult accomplishments in pro sports. Only 18 of 30 franchises have ever won a championship. The Warriors, Spurs, Bulls, Lakers and Celtics are the only franchises with more than a trio of championships. 

The Lakers and Celtics are the only clubs with dynasties in multiple decades, serving as the central rivalry that drives the history of the NBA. NBA finals betting include wagering on single games, the series and the winner of the NBA finals MVP. Strong favorites tend to win most finals, with notable exceptions like the 2016 Cavaliers and the 2014 Pistons, who overcame long odds to unexpectedly defeat the Warriors and the Lakers.

NBA Fantasy Betting

NBA fantasy games continue to grow in popularity, especially DFS formats which give basketball fans a daily opportunity to predict winning lineups from games around the NBA. DFS sites emphasize stats according to different standards, requiring a shift in strategy. Keeping track of players on hot or cold streaks is key, along with analysis of specific player versus team matchups.

Another popular format for NBA fantasy consists of pools which run the entire season. Head-to-head pools involve weekly battles between a pair of GMs, with the best head-to-head record winning the pool. Rotisserie pools rank general managers according to how they perform in individual stat categories, including points-based and cumulative leagues. Trades and waiver wire pickups add to the depth of rotisserie pool competitions, rewarding crafty, shrewd GMs who measure player value and streaks efficiently.

When the regular season finishes, NBA fantasy games continue throughout the playoffs. DFS games become more matchup intensive, while rotisserie-style pools combine playoff series predictions with individual player performance forecasts.

NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA All-Star weekend brings all the superstars together for a fun weekend of basketball entertainment. Recent changes to the all-star game format have shuffled eastern and western stars together through a playground-style selection process. Defense is completely optional for the NBA All-Star game, which usually ends with scores inflated by dozens of dunks. Wagering on the all-star MVP and over/unders are two of the more popular bets.

Skills competition are popular during the all-star weekend, including the three-point competition, an obstacle course, and the always anticipated dunk competition. Recently, the young stars game has grown in status with incredible young rookies and sophomores making an indelible impression as the future of basketball.