Sports Betting Ads Are On The Rise And People Are Worried

Sports betting continues to be blowing up all over the United States. Matter of fact, the sports betting rage has been going on all over the world. This, however, means that more and more companies are trying to find the best way possible to get the word out on different promotions and more. With that, Sports betting ads are on the rise and people are worried about its popularity.

That’s right, according to a report, the number of ads for sports betting has skyrocketed in the past year. With this, it has of course meant that the number of sign-ups and people getting in wagers has also increased. Yup, it’s easy to see why the increased number of bets have come in with so many different companies getting the word out.

With that, though, it also means that plenty of people are worried about the rise in things. According to an article from NPR, there are countless people out there who are concerned with the high number of ads that are being presented. As we mentioned, this is resulting in more and more people signing up for sportsbooks and betting consistently. Will that come with a price?

Right now in the USA, more than 30 states have legalized sports betting. More states are going to move forward with sports betting by next year too, with California hoping to make things official in November, as multiple initiatives are set to be put on the ballot. With ads everywhere, and more people betting, there’s concern that the numbers for a gambling addiction will also be going up too.

Sports betting addiction will always be a concern for lawmakers

It goes without saying, but sports betting addiction will always be a concern for lawmakers. Matter of fact, it’s a big reason why several states out there are so hesitant in moving forward with making things legal. In Alabama, things reached the senate for sports betting to potentially go through. However, things died on the table there and it’s no secret that addiction was a concern in the capital.

The same can be said for Texas, as people are concerned about how things could be impacted there. Texas would love to add sports betting, as teams like the Cowboys, Mavericks and Astros are ready to try and get things moving for its fans in terms of making wagers. However, no one knows what will happen because of the worries about addiction. Those concerns won’t go away.

“Spectators now wager tens of billions of dollars each year on games they once watched with little or no financial interest,” NPR wrote in its latest piece. “The boom in sports betting comes as there has been an increase in inquiries to the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network, which received 270,000 calls, texts and chats last year — a 45% jump over the prior year.”

As you can see from that part of NPR’s post, the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network has received a massive increase in calls. What does that tell you? It tells us all that addiction is a growing problem and that’s going to be the case when more bets are being made and more ads are being put in front of people. This is all hand in hand, which is why people aren’t too excited about the ads.

The NFL season will only bring more ads and wagers

On top of all this, the NFL season will only bring more ads and wagers once early September rolls around. Everyone knows that the NFL campaign is the biggest and busiest for sports fans, as they’re always checking out the NFL odds to see how their time might be looking. On top of that, people always have interest in the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft.

Last season, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams met in the title game and the bets that poured in were out of this world. In late April, we also saw a ton of bets going on for the NFL Draft. For a while there, people were checking out the odds, looking at the different projections and then submitting all of their wagers. This is only going to keep being the case moving forward.

What’s interesting here too is that the Week 1 odds are already out, which includes the Opening Night showdown between the Rams and Bills. There are plenty of intrigues there, as Bobby Wagner is now suiting up for Los Angeles and Von Miller, who helped the Rams win the Super Bowl last season, is now suiting up for Buffalo.

With all of this said, the high amount of bets that will be coming in will be matched by the high number of sports betting ads. With that, you can expect sign-ups to grow as well, as we previously mentioned. This is always going to be a battle for people who are concerned about gambling addiction issues. This will be something to keep monitoring.