bet365 Women’s World Cup Game Day: USA Looking To Secure Top Spot In Group E (August 1)

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is underway! Hosted in Australia and New Zealand, the tournament features 32 of the best footballing nations in the world seeking glory. For every match day, Canada Sports Betting will break down the matches ahead, providing the key odds and storylines you need to make a play, courtesy of our friends at bet365.

Due to the unique schedule of the tournament, we’ll be looking one day forward at a time. Today we’ll be covering August 1st‘s fixtures. These include:

  • Portugal vs. United States, 3:00 a.m. ET
  • Vietnam vs. Netherlands, 3:00 a.m. ET
  • China vs. England, 6:00 a.m. ET
  • Haiti vs. Denmark, 6:00 a.m. ET

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3:00 a.m. Headliner: Portugal vs. United States

Portugal Win in Full Time+900
United States Win in Full Time-350
Draw After Full Time+450
Over/Under2.5 goals (over -118, under -106)
Time/DateTuesday, August 1, 3:00 a.m. ET
TVBroadcast: TSN
Stream: TSN GO App
Odds courtesy of bet365.

The three-peat favourites have an opportunity to close out the group stage on top, though a draw in their last match against the Netherlands will make it a little more difficult. That match saw the Americans heavily outshoot their Dutch opponents, attempting 18 shots to their five and landing four on target to their one, but Jill Roord’s 17th-minute strike was the only shot the Netherlands, who controlled the possession game, needed to split the points.

As such, both sides have four points going into Tuesday morning, with the USA having the +2 advantage in goal differential but a tougher opponent in Portugal. That isn’t to say that the Portuguese have lit up the tournament, as they sit third in the group and sit 20 spots back of the top-seeded Americans in the FIFA World Rankings, but with the Netherlands having yet to face bottom-seeded Vietnam, the U.S. won’t be able to sit back and coast in this one if they want ownership of the group and not just advancement.

A specific result that bet365 is offering and boosting is a 3-1 result for the United States – perhaps seeing the chance of an opened-up game – and they’re boosting it by a pretty healthy margin, going from +1200 to +1400. A boosted same-game parlay that features Lindsay Horan and Alex Morgan with multiple shots on target in a USA win is also interesting at +600 over +550. For individual goals, Morgan has the shortest odds despite still lacking a goal in this tournament, with +300 odds for first and last goals of the game, respectively, and -110 for an anytime goal.

On the Portuguese side, Ana Capeta and Jessica Silva are the favourites to score with +1800 odds to score the first or last goal, and +650 odds to score anytime. Both are yet to score in the group stage.

United States to Win in Full Time


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3:00 a.m. Match: Vietnam vs. Netherlands

Vietnam Win in Full Time+5000
Netherlands Win in Full Time-5000
Draw After Full Time+1800
Over/Under2.5 goals (over -600, under +400)
Time/DateTuesday, August 1, 3:00 a.m. ET
TVBroadcast: TSN2
Stream: TSN GO App
Odds courtesy of bet365.

Over on the other side of Group E, expect a lopsided, high-scoring affair as the Netherlands look to make one last push for the top seed. As mentioned above, the United States have a two-goal advantage in the goal differential tiebreaker, along with the goals for tiebreaker. With a win against Portugal likely for the Americans, a significant gap is their most straightforward pathway to the top. Bet365 is offering the shortest odds for 3-0 (+500, boosted to +550), 4-0 (+450), and 5-0 (+550) results, but even the high end of that might not be enough.

The Netherlands come in feeling pretty confident after a 1-0 win against Portugal in their opening match, and a draw against the USA last Wednesday, in a 2019 World Cup Final rematch. Vietnam have already been eliminated from the tournament, but haven’t been blown out yet despite near-bottomed-out expectations entering the tournament. They’ll continue to play for pride and are likely not going to sit back and let the Netherlands rack goals up.

Nevertheless, it’ll be difficult to hold them back completely, especially if the Dutch take a run at that Group E title. Lieke Martens and Lineth Beerensteyn are the favourites to find the back of the net, both having first to score and last to score odds set at +333, and anytime goal odds set at -200. Jill Roord, who was the goalscorer against the United States, is one of three players with first and last odds at +400 and anytime odds at -163. Vietnam doesn’t have anyone in the main mix, with the entirety of the Dutch roster ahead of them probability wise by a significant margin. Five players share the shortest odds for Vietnamese scorers, which begin at +5000 for individual first/last goals and +1100 anytime. Vietnam are still looking for their first goal of the tournament.

Netherlands to Win 3-0 in Full Time (Exact, Boosted)


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7:00 a.m. Match: China vs. England

China Win in Full Time+650
England Win in Full Time-225
Draw After Full Time+333
Over/Under2.5 goals (over +107, under -138)
Time/DateTuesday, Aug. 1, 7:00 a.m. ET
TVBroadcast: TSN
Stream: TSN GO App
Odds courtesy of bet365.

England find themselves in a pretty comfortable spot going into this game, not needing much beyond a result to lock in not just advancement, but ownership of Group D. A pair of 1-0 wins against Denmark and Haiti did not provide the explosive finishing that the Lionesses will like to have in their back pockets by the start of the knockout stages, but both games saw them control over 70% of the possession and attempt a double digit amount of shots, showing the depth of the team’s talent.

In China, they get another low-event opponent, who dropped their first game to Denmark in a 1-0 result but responded with a similar score in their own favour against Haiti on Friday, even after a 29th-minute red card to Zhang Rui. China haven’t controlled the flow of games, but they’ve kept them to a pace they’re comfortable with. What they could really use is a win in this game, but it’s difficult to see them being that assertive against a top nation like England.

If they are to cause a stir, they’ll likely need a goal from their top forward Shanshan Wang (+1200 to score first or last, +400 anytime), or Friday’s goal scorer Shuang Wang (+1600 first or last, +600 anytime). England have a bevy of options that are overdue to tilt the turf – Alessia Russo and Rachel Daly are yet to score their first of the tournament yet, but have the shortest odds available for goalscorers in this game (+550 first or last, +187 anytime – Russo boosted to +600 to score first).

If you believe that England will make this another 1-0 result, playing it safe to bring the group home, you can also find that boosted at +500, up from +450.

England to Win in Full Time


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7:00 a.m. Match: Haiti vs. Denmark

Haiti Win in Full Time+900
Denmark Win in Full Time-334
Draw After Full Time+400
Over/Under2.5 goals (over -125, under +100)
Time/DateTuesday, August 1, 7:00 a.m. ET
TVBroadcast: TSN2
Stream: TSN GO App
Odds courtesy of bet365.

Last on our plate is another Group D matchup, and one that Denmark is eager to make count. Heading into this final match day, they have the exact same statline as China – a win over them, a loss against England, a goal for and a goal against. This puts them in a very good position should the results pivot to a tiebreaker scenario.

If both Denmark and China tie their games, they’ll land equal on goal differential and likely land equal on total goals, giving Denmark the head-to-head advantage. If Denmark gets an expected multi-goal win, China will need a multi-goal win of their own to survive, which is far from likely (2-0 China, for example, carries +4000 odds). It should be of no surprise that even with identical results, Denmark sit at -900 odds to advance to knockouts to China’s +550. Realistically, a win or draw for Denmark is all they’ll need, without a ton of focus on an aggressive total.

With that in mind, bet365 is boosting a 2-0 result, moving it up from +500 to +550. If you think this will be a higher-event game, a boosted single-game parlay that features Pernille Mosegaard-Harder scoring, a Denmark Win, and over three goals sits at +350. Mosegaard-Harder has the second-shortest odds of scoring at +375 first/last and +110 anytime, trailing Signe Bruun, also of Denmark (+375 first/last, +110). Haiti have just three shots on target thus far and it’s unlikely we will see them contribute to the scoresheet the rest of the way, but if they do, look to Roselord Borgella (+1200 first/last, +400 anytime) and Melchie Dumornay (+1400 first/last, +450 anytime) as their lead options.

Denmark to Win in Full Time


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