October Democratic Debate Odds & Props: The Who’s Who Of The Democratic Candidates

October Democratic Debate Odds & Props: The Who's Who of the Democratic Candidates

Will it be Biden or Warren to take the lead?

The Democractic party will hold the fourth Democractic primary debate for the 2020 presidential election. October’s debate is set to be a big one, literally, as 12 candidates will take to the podium to hold the largest presidential debate in recorded American history.

Biden and Warren seem to be battling it out going into the fourth debate. Who will take the top spot in the polls?

Where will it be held and how can I watch it?

Candidates will travel to Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, for the debate on the 15th of October. The debate will be aired live at 8pm and co-hosted by CNN and The New York Times.

So who made the cut?

We’ll see the same 10 candidates from the September primary debate, including frontrunners Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

They will be joined on stage by two candidates, who didn’t make the previous debate, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer.

Each candidate will be jostling for the vote of American people as they layout their intentions for the country over the next 4 years.

The debate comes during unprecedented times.

The House of Representatives impeachment enquiry looms overhead and candidates must attempt to cast light over the gloomy happenings in the current administration.

The Republicans can watch on with a sense of confidence, as the Trump odds for the 2020 campaign are rather favourable.

Who’s in with a chance of winning?

The last time these candidates met was back in September, the topic of healthcare dominated the conversation, with a two-on-one tussle between Warren and Sanders on one side and Biden on the other.

The political betting odds have the following candidates as most likely to win the nomination, so we’ll give you a brief breakdown of who’s who and what’s being said.

Elizabeth Warren

It’s Elizabeth Warren’s moment. She has risen in the polls and now sits alongside Joe Biden, atop of the Red Clear Politics average. And with her allie Bernie Sanders facing health issues, she’ll only go from strength to strength.

In the last debate Warren delivered an absolute zinger, regarding gay marriage, which left the audience in collective applause.

Though some forecasters have brought to light the fact that jabs about gay marriage aimed at a predominantly Christian audience may end up backfiring.

Joe Biden

The 76 year-old candidate has unparalleled name recognition, given his 8 years as vice-president to Barack Obama and his 36 years in the US Senate. He was the candidate to speak the longest in the last debate, closely followed by Elizabeth Warren.

Despite being fired upon by his Democratic rivals in both debates, he’s still top of the polls according to the current US election odds and being perceived to be the most likely to beat Trump in Insider polling.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has been a prominent figure within the Democratic Party for a long time now. He recently stated he’d “change the nature” of his campaign, to account for his recent health scare.

He’s stated that he intends to continue with the campaign. But there is no doubt that his condition will cast a shadow of doubt over his nomination and will likely hasten his polling decline.

Andrew Yang

Despite the low name recognition that accompanies running for a president with no notable political history, Andrew Yang is actually doing pretty well.

He isn’t a favourite by any stretch of the imagination, however he ́s steadily rising in the polls due to his frank style of speaking and some creative techniques to win over the public vote.

Known as the Yang Gang, his supporters have helped him sustain a presence in the campaign. A certain lucky few were rewarded with a universal basic income giveaway of $12,000 a year for 10 families – a smart move.

He also saw a surge in his fundraising haul for October, which only bolsters his confidence.

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