Politics Props Betting – Presidential Elections 2020

Politics Props Betting - Presidential Elections 2020

The 2020 US Presidential election between Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden is the most contentious vote in decades. With so many variables, it’s also offering an endless supply of prop wagers for bettors to play. Beyond who will win, there’s the issue of whether there will be a peaceful transition of power? Which party will win the popular vote? Will either candidate be dropping out of the race?

  • Betting on the US Presidential election is a popular pursuit
  • More than $130 million was wagered in the US on the 2016 election, an all-time record
  • Presidential election prop wagers drive much of this betting activity

Donald Trump’s upset victory in the 2016 US Presidential election was a boon to bettors who opted to board the Trump train. On the eve of the election, Trump was given just a 20 percent chance of winning the Presidency and when he did, several backers cashed in six-figure bets on the Republican and former reality TV star.


Joe Biden

1.57TBD (Draw)2.37Donald Trump

Joe Biden

To defeat Donald Trump


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Democrat challenger Joe Biden is a solid 1.57 favourite. If he loses, Trump would be the first Republican incumbent to fail to win a second term since George HW Bush in 1992.

Propping Up The Election

Political betting is huge. An estimated $130 million was wagered by Americans on the 2016 Presidential race, while British bookmakers took in more than $247 million in wagers from across Europe.

Much of this betting traffic is driven by the numerous Presidential elections betting props that grow even more prevalent as election day draws nearer.

Americans are slated to go to the polls on Nov. 3rd.

Who Will Win The Popularity Contest?

With its quirky Electoral College system, Americans often don’t send the top choice to the White House. The winner of the popular vote doesn’t always carry the election.

In fact, of the last three Republicans to win the White House, just one also won the popular vote. Over the past five Presidential elections, Democrats won the popular vote four times but won the election only twice.

Trump was one of these second-place finishers who ended up first. He garnered just 46.1 percent of the popular vote, compared to the 48.1 percent that cast their ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton. She received nearly three million more votes than Trump. However, Trump won the Electoral College battled 306-232.

No wonder then that the Democrats are the overwhelming odds-on 1.20 favourites in the political odds to again capture the popular vote edge. Bettors will get a 4.3 betting line if they opt for a play on the Republicans in this prop.


To defeat Republicans in popular vote


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Staking The States

The stakes are high in the Presidential election and the states are many. Each of the 50 US states is contested in what basically amounts to 50 separate elections. For every state each candidate carries, they also gain access to the Electoral College votes from that state.

For instance, Texas is worth 38 Electoral College votes. Pennsylvania garners its winner 20 Electoral College votes. The first candidate to tabulate 270 Electoral College votes is declared the winner of the election.

These races lead to some of the more intriguing Presidential props on the board. Wagers are offered on how the voters will cast their ballots in each of the 50 states.

Some aren’t really worth betting. For instance, the Republicans are 1.20 favourites to win both North Dakota and Oklahoma. Bettors are offered the same 1.20 odds that the Democrats will carry Hawaii, Maryland and Massachusetts.

It’s in the so-called swing states or battleground states where the shrewd bettor can turn a tidy profit. Arizona is traditionally a Republican stronghold but this year, Biden and the Democrats are listed as 1.60 favourites to carry the state.

Florida is another state that is a real toss-up. The Democrats are currently the 1.80 chalk to win the state but the Republicans aren’t far behind at 1.90.


To win Florida


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How Popular Is Trump?

Even in victory as noted above, Trump was only able to grab 46.1 percent of the popular vote in the 2016 Presidential election. One of the more popular Trump prop bets for the 2020 election is speculating on what percentage of the popular vote Trump will grab this time around.

Among the options available to bettors in this prop, they can play under 40 percent (9.00), 40-45 percent (2.00), 45-50 percent (2.62), 50-55 percent (7.00) and over 55 percent (10.00).

Recent national polling numbers show that Trump is hovering in the 42 percent range.

Donald Trump

To get 40-45 percent of popular vote


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Where To Bet On US Presidential Election

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