How to watch the Super Bowl in Canada?
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How to watch the Super Bowl in Canada?

This Super Bowl Sunday, on the 7th of February, Canadians will have a variety of ways to catch all the action on the day - including a choice as to whether they want to see Canadian or U.S. advertising.

In order to catch every play of the spectacular Super Bowl 2021, it’s worth checking all the possible options to find the perfect way to watch the Super Bowl in Canada. The two teams who will make it to the Raymond James Stadium are still undecided. But, as bettors begin to assess where to bet money on the Super Bowl, we await the conference title winners as fans focus on the ultimate NFL prize.

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  • Watching on TV

    For Canadians there are two main options; those that have cable TV will be able to access the Super Bowl via CTV and Fox. CTV is the main channel to access the game with Canadian advertisements, which is simulcast on three English-speaking channels: CTV, CTV Two, and TSN.

    For those that are looking to view the CTV broadcast, be aware that they will see the usual Canadian commercial spots changed out for big-budget American Super Bowl specific ads. There have been some rumblings in Canada, regarding the move to allow the U.S. to influence Canada’s main telecom organization.

    The kick-off is at 6:30 pm (EST), so the pre-game coverage will begin much earlier at 11:00 am (EST). We haven’t forgotten our French-language Canadian viewers, who will be able to catch the Super Bowl LV at 5:30 pm (EST) on RDS.

    While a lot of bettors will be focused on how to bet on the Super Bowl 2021, they must ensure they are able to access the full coverage if they want to make the most of Super Bowl Sunday.


    Watching online

    For all those Super Bowl fans who would prefer to catch the action online, they should go to In order to get connected, CTV users can download the CTV GO app on to mobile phone or tablet.

    Alternatively, through the other premium streaming channel Fox, football fans can get the game online at, though this only works for Canadians using a VPN for the U.S. - or with the ability to reroute their internet access through the U.S.

    Where is best to watch the Super Bowl 2021?

    CTV is the obvious choice for Canadians, it has the full coverage and the sports pundits and commentators that they’re used to listening to during the NFL regular season.

    While this is true, the Fox coverage is certainly unique, as they have the kind of commercial power to produce the most exciting ads and bring in the top names in the sport to give their opinion. It’s really down to individual preference - what matters most on the day?

    We have covered the official ways to access the games through the proper TV channels and online streaming services. However, there are also many other online sites that will promote the game and even show full coverage, but these are mostly unregistered and best avoiding.

    Betting on the Super Bowl 55

    Watching the Super Bowl live is a great way to follow all the action of the two best teams of the 2020-21 NFL season. It is also the perfect way to go if you enjoy live betting. If you have a mobile app installed on your phone or if you simply go to one of the reliable sportsbooks below, you will keep track of all the betting action, the changes of the odds and you will be able to make wiser decisions with your money.

    Some of the best sportsbooks are listed below:

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