Top 10 Most Memorable NFL Touchdown Celebrations

Top 10 Most Memorable NFL Touchdown Celebrations

Throughout NFL history, we’ve seen stars record incredible touchdowns over the years. Even better, once those players have made it into the end zone, fans have been treated to some incredible touchdown celebrations

From Joe Horn celebrating by whipping out a cell phone, to Terrell Owens pulling out a sharpie from his sock and signing a football, the list goes on and on to creative ways studs out there have reacted after scoring. But, which best touchdown celebrations are at the top of the list? 

In this piece, we take a look at the 10 best, in no particular order, fans have ever seen. Good luck trying not to laugh or smile after seeing some of these epic NFL touchdown celebrations.

Also, is it possible to see any of these celebrations redone in future campaigns? Thanks to the new NFL touchdown celebration rules, we can’t rule anything awesome from happening. 

10. Joe Horn pulls out his cell phone

Back in 2003, Joe Horn stole our hearts. After a TD catch, Horn reached behind the goal post, grabbed a cell phone, and made a call. This cell phone touchdown celebration continues to make us laugh to this day. Horn ended up getting flagged for the celebration and the NFL fined him $30,000. It was worth it. 

9. Terrell Owens pulls out a sharpie from his sock

The NFC West rivalry between the Seattle Seahawks and 49ers is a great one. Even before they were in the same conference, Terrell Owens infuriated Seattle fans when he pulled out a sharpie from his sock after a touchdown, signed the ball and threw it into the stands.

To this day, Seahawks fans despite Owens for the move, but there’s no denying it’s one of the best NFL touchdown celebrations we’ve been treated to. 

8. Deion Sanders high steps his way into the end zone

Deion Sanders is known as ‘primetime’ and for good reason. Whenever Sanders was on the field, he was sure to make some incredible plays. What fans loved most about his game is that whenever the cornerback would score a touchdown, he’d ‘high step’ his way for six.

Yup, the famous Deion Sanders touchdown celebration will always be a tough one to match, and it’s inspired so many youngsters out there to try and do the same.

7. Aaron Rodgers delivers the discount double-check

For Packers fans, it’s been so incredibly special to see the Aaron Rodgers touchdown celebration in recent years. Rodgers has adopted the ‘discount double-check’ celebration, which has resulted in some hilarious commercials to be made with State Farm. 

Whenever Rodgers makes his way into the end zone, you can expect him to drop his brilliant celebration for everyone to enjoy. Other players have actually used it on Rodgers too, though. 

6. Cam Newton celebrates in style as Superman

It’s going to be weird seeing Cam Newton in a New England Patriots jersey, but we all can’t wait to see him find the end zone to deliver his brilliant Cam Newton touchdown celebration. Nicknamed ‘SuperCam’ since a young age, Newton celebrates his scores in Superman-style.

Now that he’s no longer with the Panthers, we’ll have to get used to seeing him doing it for Bill Belichick and the Patriots. 

5. Johnny Manziel’s ‘Money Sign’ celebration took over the internet

Even before he was in the NFL and was a superstar in college for Texas A&M, the Johnny Manziel touchdown celebration was one of a kind. Manziel would show off some serious swag and drop his ‘Money Sign’ move. It became an internet sensation.

While Manziel didn’t enjoy success in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns, his celebration won’t be forgotten any time soon. 

4. Marshawn Lynch grabs his crotch to score in style

We may have only witnessed it a handful of times, but the Marshawn Lynch touchdown celebration where he flies into the end zone and grabs his crotch in mid-air is also among the 10 best. Beast Mode first did it against the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs and then did it once again against the Arizona Cardinals. He’s a national treasure, who won a Super Bowl title with the Seattle Seahawks. 

3. LaDanian Tomlinson dances in the end zone 

The LaDanian Tomlinson touchdown celebration was so special because no one else had come up with it either. While a simple move, LT would let the football roll off his fingers and put his hand behind his helmet like a boss. Tomlinson will go down in NFL history as one of the more electric running backs fans have ever seen. 

2. Chad Johnson proposes to a cheerleader after a touchdown

Throughout his playing career, Chad Johnson’s touchdown celebrations were among the best. It’s tough to pick just one as his all-time best, but it’s tough to match when he got down on one knee and proposed to a cheerleader after scoring. In amazing fashion, the cheerleader nodded her head and said yes. Just a classic moment all around. 

1. Randy Moss fake moons Packers fans 

Thisย Randy Moss touchdown celebration may go down in history not only as one of the bestย but alsoย one of the most controversialย as well. After scoring against theย Green Bay Packersย at Lambeau Field while playing for the Minnesota Vikings, Moss turned around, bent over, and pretended like he pulled down his pants to moon fans.ย 

The Packers-Vikings rivalry is a massive one, and Moss knew this. That’s why his decision to fake moon the fans was pretty damn funny, but it also infuriated a ton of people out there. Those kinds of 2020 NFL touchdown celebrations wouldn’t be allowed and would result in both a flag and a pretty hefty fine. 

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