The Top 10 Worst Kickers In NFL History

After NFL kickers set the record for most missed extra points in Week 11 of the 2016 season, we thought it was best to take a look back at some of the worst kickers the league has ever had.

Now, the 2018-19 NFL season is about to end. On February 3, the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots clash for the Super Bowl title. While the game doesn't start, we might want to have a look at the worst NFL kickers of all time.

These guys missed an absurd amount of field goals during their playing days, and it is surprising that some of them lasted as long as they did in the NFL. Today's NFL would never see kickers with career FG percentages that the men on this list have last longer than a year or two.

All-Time Worst Kickers in the NFL

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Worst NFL Kickers To Ever Play

Kicking field goals and extra points wasn't always the specialty science that it is in today's NFL and the 10 former kickers on this list prove that. Granted, nearly all of these guys kicked in much worse conditions in terms of the field during their playing careers, but it goes to show you just how much the NFL game has changed in the span of a few decades. For many of these guys like Summerall, Davis, and Walker to play professional football for eight-plus seasons and not even make 50% of their field goal attempts is unfathomable in this day and age. 

Beating sportsbooks on NFL Lines is already very tough and kickers have a big part in that, especially for those who prefer to bet totals. With double-digit extra points missed on a single Sunday like we saw in Week 11 of the 2016 season, bettors taking 'overs' that day got taken to the cleaners.

Handicapping how accurate and successful a team's kicker is can definitely be a valuable tool in breaking down your bets on a weekly basis and thankfully the percentages are much better than the 40-60% range the majority of the former kickers on this list made. Kicking extra points and makeable FG's are things the majority of NFL bettors often take for granted, until they get burned one too many times by misses.

A good NFL kicker can be decisive and even become a hero in Super Bowl 53, while a kicker who misses his shot can be blamed as a vilain.

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