How Much Money to Bet on Super Bowl
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How Much Money to Bet on Super Bowl

The NFL is the biggest league among the major North American leagues, as such, it garners more bets than any other. This means that the Super Bowl is one of the most bet on sporting events in the world - and it all takes place within 4 hours!

The amount of money bet on the Super Bowl is outrageous. With so many bettors playing the odds there was over $154 million spent at the Super Bowl LIV, making it the second-most all-time amount wagered.

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  • A brief history of how much money is bet on Super Bowl

    The vast majority of bets are going through Vegas, where the Nevada State Gaming Control Board collects data from the various sportsbooks across the state. We have some of the figures from previous years, to give you an idea of the amount that passes through Nevada bookmakers.

    Recent figures for the amount legally wagered in the Super Bowl in recent years are as follows:

    • 2020 LIV - Amount Wagered: $154,679,241 - Profit: $18,774,148
    • 2019 LIII - Amount Wagered: $145,939,025 - Profit: $10,780,319
    • 2018 LII - Amount Wagered: $158,586,934 - Profit: $1,170,432
    • 2017 LI - Amount Wagered: $138,480,136 - Profit: $10,937,826
    • 2016 50 - Amount Wagered: $132,545,587 - Profit: $13,314,539
    • 2015 XLIX - Amount Wagered: $115,986,086 - Profit: $3,261,066
    • 2014 XLVIII - Amount Wagered: $119,400,822 - Profit: $19,673,960
    • 2013 XLVII - Amount Wagered: $98,936,798 - Profit: $7,206,460
    • 2012 XLVI - Amount Wagered: $93,899,840 - Profit: $5,064,470
    • 2011 XLV - Amount Wagered: $87,491,098 - Profit: $724,176
    • 2010 XLIV - Amount Wagered: $82,726,098 - Profit: $6,857,101

    There’s no doubt that the Super Bowl is a great time for bookmakers. Not only because it’s such an important sporting event, but it’s a real global spectacle with people tuning in and wagering just once a year.

    This unique circumstance means bettors are wagering on all kinds of betting markets, from prop bets to playing the moneyline. With so much wagering on fun props and exotic bets, the house is always going to make a lot of money.

    The last time bookmakers made a loss over the February weekend was during 2008, when the Giants tipped the Patriots to claim victory. The Patriots were clear favourites, but out of character for a Super Bowl betting audience, the public bet overwhelmingly on the underdogs - the Giants. The Giants won the game 21-17, meaning they covered the spread and really put the sportsbooks to the sword, as they had to payout at exceptionally high odds.

    Another occasion was back in 1995 when the San Francisco 49ers had the highest favourites odds in Super Bowl betting history. The 49ers played the game of their lives and took the game 49-26, which worked very well for the over. San Francisco covered and the total went over the 53.5 mark.

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    How much will be spent at the Super Bowl LV?

    Everyone wants to be right about how much will be spent, with articles and studies predicting the final figure, which varies depending on the difference between the two Super Bowl attendees.

    The four remaining teams are very strong, so it is difficult to predict how things will turn out on the day. But there is no way to know for sure, as some of the matchups could be skew in one direction in the oddsmakers eyes.

    There is no way to know anything for sure. However, given that roughly 97% of all Super Bowl bets are placed illegally in one way or another, the amount of money that will be spent this year will be much larger than the figures recorded by the Nevada State Gaming Control Board. The actual figure for money bet on the Super Bowl is probably closer to a billion.

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