All Time Super Bowl Winners
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All Time Super Bowl Winners

Watched and wagered on by millions, in Canada, the United States and around the World, the National Football League Super Bowl is the biggest one-day sporting event on the Planet. From past Super Bowl winners, to the most recent NFL Champions, here we review this sports betting phenomenon and list the best football-focused online sportsbooks to bet on the NFL title match.

Founded in 1920, the American Professional Football Association name was changed to the National Football League in 1922. From humble beginnings, with legendary athlete Jim Thorpe as the first league president, the APFA was formed with 14 teams in cities in the eastern United States. Consisting mainly of clubs from New York, Ohio, Cleveland and Illinois, the Akron Pros claimed the first championship with an 8-0-3 record though no title match was played.

Teams in the early days sported some unique names, such as the Muncie Flyers and Hammond Pros from Indiana, the Columbus Panhandles from Ohio, the Buffalo All-Americans and Rochester Jeffersons from New York, plus the Rock Island Independents, Decatur Staleys, and Racine Cardinals from Illinois. The latter two teams are the only squads still playing today as the Staleys are the Chicago Bears and the Racine club now plays in Arizona as the Cardinals.


The First American Football Champion

While the NFL faced challenges from many leagues in the early days, including a group of Canadian Football clubs, which morphed into the CFL in 1958, their biggest rival was the American Football League that first hit the gridiron in 1960. While many of the competitors would not keep up the NFL and most folded, the AFL gained steam as they arranged big television deals and went head-to-head with the NFL for fan support and in bidding battles for top players of the day.

Realizing that the fourth incarnation of the AFL wasn’t going away, the NFL negotiated a merger with the AFL that was announced on June 8, 1966.

Over the next four years, the two leagues played separate schedules but drafted from the same player pool and met in a Championship game. Then, in 1970, teams from the NFL joined National Football Conference while AFL teams were placed in the American Football Conference to form the modern-day NFL.

Initially labelled as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game, the first American Football Champion was crowned on January 15, 1967. Viewed as the far superior squad, the NFL Green Bay Packers defeated the AFL Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in a match played at the LA Coliseum in California. Though wildly popular, CBS and NBC both televised the game, $12 Super Bowl I tickets didn’t sell out making the first match the only contest that was not completely sold out.

The Team with the Most Super Bowl Wins

Feeling the AFL-NFL World Championship Game name was clunky and didn't justify the magnitude of the event; Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt proposed the match moniker being changed to Super Bowl. At the time of publishing, 52 battles have played out and Pittsburgh owns the most Super Bowl rings at six. The Steelers won the back-to-back title twice in the 1970s (1974-75 and 1978-79) before adding two more championships in 2005 and 2008.

Up until 2010, Pittsburgh and Dallas shared the Super Bowl appearance record as those clubs had played in eight NFL Championship contests. The Steelers won six and lost two while the Cowboys went 5-3 on Super Bowl Sunday. Denver, who owns a 3-5 big game record after coming up short in their first four tries, joined those two perennial contenders with eight appearances when they defeated Carolina in Super Bowl 50 to close out the 2015 NFL season.

New England is looking to tie Pittsburgh as six-time Super Bowl Champions when they face the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53 on February 3, 2019. That will be a record-extending eleventh title game appearance for the Patriots who are 5-5 on football's brightest stage. Losing 46-10 to Chicago in Super Bowl 20 and 35-21 to Green Bay during Super Bowl 31, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Crew broke through with a 20-17 win vs the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl 36.

Super Bowl Winners' List

Long and illustrious, the Super Bowl winners list is made up of NFL legends and a smattering of one and done squads. The latter list includes the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets who are all 1-0 during their lone NFL Championship matches. Beyond those squads, San Francisco owns the best winning percentage, as the 49ers are 5-1 during six NFL title fights. Led by scorching offences, guided by pivots Joe Montana and Steve Young, the 49ers were 5-0 until they lost 34-31 in Super Bowl 47 to the Baltimore Ravens.


Today, the Super Bowl is two weeks after a pair of Conference Championship contests. While some bemoan the wait, like those eager to cash winning NFL futures bets, it gives bettors lots of time to research the vast amount of wagering options offered on the big game. That includes standard point spread, money line and game total odds, plus a plethora of player, team, pre-game, halftime and post-game props. Not available at Canadian sports lottery kiosks, the best way to enjoy the full Super Bowl betting experience is by registering a personal betting account at CSB top-rated sportsbooks listed below.

ATS Results: Shaded Green: Super Bowl Winner F/D: Point Spread Winner 

SB ATS Favorite FAV DOG Underdog F/D
54 -4 San Francisco
20 31 Chiefs DOG
53 -3 New England 13 3 LA Rams DOG
52 -4.5 New England 33 44 Philadelphia DOG
51 -3 New England 34 28 Atlanta FAV
50 -5 Carolina 10 24 Denver DOG
49 EVEN New England 28 24 Seattle N/A
48 -2.5 Denver 8 43 Seattle DOG
47 -4.5 San Francisco 31 34 Baltimore DOG
46 -2.5 New England 17 21 NY Giants DOG
45 -3 Green Bay 31 25 Pittsburgh FAV
44 -5 Indianapolis 17 31 New Orleans DOG
43 -7 Pittsburgh 27 23 Arizona DOG
42 -12 New England 14 17 NY Giants DOG
41 -7 Indianapolis 29 17 Chicago FAV
40 -4 Pittsburgh 21 10 Seattle FAV
39 -7 New England 24 21 Philadelphia DOG
38 -7 New England 32 29 Carolina DOG
37 -4 Oakland 21 48 Tampa Bay DOG
36 -14 St. Louis 17 20 New England DOG
35 -3 Baltimore 34 7 NY Giants FAV
34 -7 St. Louis 23 16 Tennessee PUSH
33 -7.5 Denver 34 19 Atlanta FAV
32 -11 Green Bay 21 31 Denver DOG
31 -14 Green Bay 35 21 New England PUSH
30 -13.5 Dallas 27 17 Pittsburgh DOG
29 -18.5 San Francisco 49 26 San Diego FAV
28 -10.5 Dallas 30 13 Buffalo FAV
27 -6.5 Dallas 52 17 Buffalo FAV
26 -7 Washington 37 24 Buffalo FAV
25 -7 Buffalo 19 20 NY Giants DOG
24 -12 San Francisco 55 10 Denver FAV
23 -7 San Francisco 20 16 Cincinnati DOG
22 -3 Denver 10 42 Washington DOG
21 -9.5 NY Giants 39 20 Denver FAV
20 -10 Chicago 46 10 New England FAV
19 -3.5 San Francisco 38 16  Miami FAV
18 -3 Washington 9 38 LA Raiders DOG
17 -3 Miami 17 27 Washington DOG
16 -1 San Francisco 26 21 Cincinnati FAV
15 -3 Philadelphia 10 27 Oakland DOG
14 -10.5 Pittsburgh 31 19 LA Rams FAV
13 -3.5 Pittsburgh 35 31 Dallas FAV
12 -6 Dallas 27 10 Denver FAV
11 -4 Oakland 32 14 Minnesota FAV
10 -7 Pittsburgh 21 17 Dallas DOG
9 -3 Pittsburgh 16 6 Minnesota FAV
8 -6.5 Miami 24 7 Minnesota FAV
7 -1 Miami 14 7  Washington FAV
6 -6 Dallas 24 3 Miami FAV
5 -2.5 Baltimore 16 13  Dallas FAV
4 -12 Minnesota 7 23 Kansas City DOG
3 -18 Baltimore 7 16 NY Jets DOG
2 -13.5 Green Bay 33 14 Oakland FAV
1 -14 jGreen Bay 35 10 Kansas City FAV

Who will be next?

It may be a long way away but can already place a bet on the future Super Bowl winner. Most of the sportsbooks (see below our recommended ones, tried and tested) have published odds as early as the day after the Patriots win. You can also create your account now and wager later.