Bet365 Licensed To Ontario

Bet365 Licensed to Ontario

Life for sports betting fans has completely changed over in the province of Ontario, as more and more opportunities have opened up. When it was announced that online sports betting was coming on April 4, things were only made better with the news of Bet365 licensed to Ontario for people to enjoy. Everyone knows about Bet365, as its success in the betting world is no secret.

From the moment it was announced that Bet365 was going to make its way to the Ontario sports betting venture, people quite literally could not have been happier. Bet365 has an incredible reputation among the sports betting community and that’s only going to continue with things now being taken place over in Ontario. More specifically, things in Toronto are expected to blow up.

The betting app is of course live in Canada, with people in Ontario taking charge and placing bets left and right. Bet365 has well over 60 million users across the globe, with things now growing thanks to the latest update from Canada. In Ontario, the excitement for sports betting has been rocking from start to finish this month. Things are only going to keep growing.

According to reports, there’s been an impressive amount of bets already coming in on the local sports teams. This is going to be the case with the Blue Jays, Raptors and more in the middle of the action (more below). On top of that, more betting is expected thanks to so much popularity for the NFL too, with the season right around the corner.

Blue Jays bets in Toronto have been soaring

As you might have been able to guess, Blue Jays’ bets in Toronto have been soaring since the start of the regular season. The timing truly was key here for Bet365, Ontario and the Blue Jays, as the April 4 launch of online betting came three days prior to Opening Day arriving. Since then, the Blue Jays have impressed, with the long ball stealing the show time and time again.

As we’ve mentioned here before on CanadaSportsBetting, the expectations sure are high for the Blue Jays this season, as they currently hold the second-best MLB World Series odds out there. The team is only behind the LA Dodgers in terms of who the oddsmakers think will be able to win it all. Moving forward, the Blue Jays will look to keep making noise in the MLB as a whole, plus the AL East.

The Blue Jays hold the top odds to win the AL East and that’s expected to be the case well into the summer and fall. Right now, the only team that figures to give Toronto a run for its money would be the New York Yankees. However, the Yankees aren’t off to the start people thought they’d be, as the inconsistency is once again haunting them at the plate. No one thought that would happen.

The Yankees have guys like Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, Josh Donaldson and more in the lineup. Yet, they aren’t producing the way people thought they would. This has been great to see for Toronto Blue Jays fans, as they’re feeling good about their pick for the team to win the division. At this point, it’d be a stunner if Toronto didn’t come out on top. This will surely be something to watch.

The NFL season will be huge for Toronto betting and Bet365

One thing to keep in mind here is that the NFL season will be huge for Toronto betting and Bet365 moving forward. Things will really get spicy once the NFL Draft arrives, as we’re already seeing bets come in for that event. The draft is always one of the biggest showcases of the year. Right now, Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson holds the No. 1 NFL odds to be taken with the first pick.

A lot of people are betting big on that. On top of the draft, people will be placing futures bets and moneyline picks for the different games as soon as the odds are released. Looking ahead to the Super Bowl next winter, the Buffalo Bills are No. 1 in terms of odds, but teams like the Chiefs, Bucs, Rams and more will do everything possible to try and take them down.

Buffalo has had a busy offseason, highlighted by the addition of future Hall of Famer Von Miller. That addition for the defence is one of a kind. However, don’t forget about the Green Bay Packers either. While they traded Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders, this team will always be a threat with Aaron Rodgers leading the offence for each game. AR12 is simply that good of a player.

Later this year, some exciting NFL bets will be made in Ontario through Bet365. People love the services thus far, and that has to be exciting news for the company as a whole. This partnership is already looking great. Kudos to everyone making this happen, as it’s a win-win for all.