How To Bet On Sports

Similar to the wheel, gambling has been a thread in the fabric of society since the stone ages. While the wheel is still round, the sports wagering landscape has changed very dramatically over the years. From the days of back room bookies and the advent of sports lottery schemes, to the introduction of safe and secure online betting websites, how people bet on sports and entertainment continues to evolve on a near daily basis.

Betting Strategies

In order to achieve a perfect balance, which is a mix of ticket cashing success - while enjoying the process, we have created this extensive Learn to Earn video series. Designed to help bettors, of any and all skill levels, our sole goal is to help handicapper's cash winning wagers. Enjoy and Prosper!

  • Advanced Hockey Betting Tips

    The Essentials Hardened punters and hungry rookies should follow these essential tips and strategies when betting on sports. Everyone benefits from implementing solid fundamentals into their wagering routine. Don’t Splash Cash – Follow A Plan Throwing [...]

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  • Bracket Predictions Explained

    Feeling some withdrawal following the fantastic NFL playoff and Super Bowl action? Then get ready for some madness eh? NCAA Basketball March Madness that is! One of the busiest and best online sports betting periods of the year rolls [...]

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  • How Do Parlay Bets Work

    Offering diverse opportunities, to cash large winning wagers and as a hedge option, parlay betting can also lead to some serious bankroll building. Due to Provincial Lottery restrictions, Canadian bettors are more familiar with parlay wagers than they would [...]

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  • How To Bet on Hockey

    Bridging the gap, from winter to spring, National Hockey League action heats up as thermometers plummet in the Great White North. Game day lines and LIVE in-play wagering, plus futures and prop betting options, are offered throughout [...]

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  • How to Bet on NFL

    How to Bet on NFL

    Paraphrasing Elizabeth Barrett Browning, "How to bet on the NFL - Let me count the ways". With options running in the thousands, a ton of wagering excitement oozes out of the National Football League every year. From preseason prop, futures and [...]

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  • How to Bet on NFL Season Win Totals

    How to Bet on NFL Season Win Totals

    As part of a well-balanced preseason portfolio, NFL handicappers should take advantage of proposition betting options that flow freely at top ranked online sportsbooks. While Super Bowl, Conference and Division Championships odds have an extended shelf life, [...]

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  • Live NFL Betting: Gambling Wave of the Future

    Live NFL Betting: Gambling Wave of the Future

    Sports cave situated, with a giant high-definition plasma TV mounted on the wall and a trusted electronic device at their finger tips, has become a way of life for handicappers. Part of the reason for that is LIVE NFL betting which [...]

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  • NFL Betting Against the Public

    NFL Betting Against the Public

    Common across all sports, betting against the public is a wagering strategy that, when used sparingly, can help bettors build their bankroll. This system is largely predicated on the fact that the majority of public [...]

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  • NFL Betting Databases

    NFL Betting Databases

    Powerful tools, across all walks of life, databases make life easier for everyone. That’s true in the sports wagering world, as handicappers should always have access to a stable of trusted NFL betting databases. Being [...]

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  • NFL Betting Home Underdogs

    NFL Betting Home Underdogs

    Handicapping strategies, across all sports, come in a variety of forms. As they pertain to National Football League wagering, betting home underdogs is a format that many NFL bettors love to jump on. However, like all strategies, backing [...]

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  • NFL Halftime Betting Strategies and Tips

    Though similar across most sports, in the way odds are presented at top ranked sportsbooks, halftime betting strategies and tips vary by the league bettors are investing in. If you know what to look for, pregame and LIVE [...]

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  • NFL Moneyline vs Point Spread Betting

    NFL Moneyline vs Point Spread Betting

    Readily available, since the dawn of sports betting, moneyline and point spread odds remain as the most popular handicapping lines. Vastly different in pricing, plus when it’s right to wager on them, SU and ATS options are [...]

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  • NFL Sandwich Game Theory

    NFL Sandwich Game Theory

    As varied as the menu board at a Deli shop, there are numerous strategies when it comes to betting on the National Football League. Included on the list is the “Sandwich Game Theory” that many [...]

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  • NHL Futures Betting Explained

    NHL Futures Betting Examples NHL futures betting focuses on events determined over a long period of time, such as the eventual Stanley Cup winner, player awards, or the number of victories a team collects in the regular season. [...]

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  • NHL Moneyline Betting

    Betting On Hockey Moneylines For our moneyline betting example, we’ll examine a playoff matchup between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins: Under the moneyline column, you’ll note [...]

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  • NHL Prop Betting Explained

    Since oddsmakers publish dozens of prop betting opportunities for most NHL matches, we’ll focus on the more common and profitable options. The types of prop bets available depend entirely on the sportsbook’s willingness to accept various [...]

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  • NHL Puckline Betting

    Why Should I Pick NHL Pucklines? Betting on the straight up winner of a hockey game restricts the amount of money you win from lopsided matchups. The best reason to bet on NHL pucklines revolves around boosting profit [...]

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  • Strategy for Betting OVER/UNDER Options

    Strategy for Betting OVER/UNDER Options

    Offered in a variety of forms, including game totals, as futures options, plus various prop wagers, strategy for betting Over/Under varies by sport and the options being handicapped. Part of the “Big Three” standard wagering lines, along [...]

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  • Super Bowl Prop Bets

    Recognized as the Godfathers of Props, legendary Las Vegas bookmakers Julius Reizner, Art Manteris and Jimmy Vaccaro are the men most responsible for Super Bowl Prop frenzy we enjoy wagering on today. Reizner gets thanks for his Nevada LV Gaming [...]

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  • Understanding The Odds

    Depending on where in the world you are, betting lines differ from Nation to Nation. Europeans love decimal odds, punters in the United Kingdom dig fractional odds and North Americans bet on money line and decimal prices. Boiling down [...]

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  • Why NFL Prop Betting Can Be Profitable

    Why NFL Prop Betting Can Be Profitable

    With the King of North American sports betting making a triumphant return to the Throne, annually in August, here we move past the standard National Football League options to discuss proposition handicapping. While prop betting has been [...]

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How To Make Money Betting On Sports

Being as death and taxes are the only true guarantees in life - no one can promise winning sports wagering advice 100% of the time. Those that do offer "guaranteed picks" should be looked at with a degree of skepticism as they often write checks bettors can't cash. The cold hard truth is that betting, whether on sports, politics or entertainment, always requires a leap of faith. That said, there are ways to minimize your risk and that's where our How to Bet on Sports series comes into play. Understanding the intricacies of betting is just as important as picking the teams to bet on.

How people bet on sports and entertainment continues to evolve on a near daily basis.

From standard wagering that includes spreads, money lines and game totals, to parlay, proposition and teaser betting, the number one key to cashing winning tickets is organizing a proper research path. Knowledge is King and the more information handicapper’s harvest - the better off they will be. Following injury reports, knowing how a team is currently performing, how they play in certain dynamics like at home or on the road, are just a few of many factors for consideration. Bettors also need a stable of reputable sportsbooks like the ones reviewed and ranked in the table below.

As Canadians know from experience, after dealing with the Provincial Sports Lottery schemes, not all betting tips or platforms are created equally. Furthermore, not all gambling shops offer the same options, prices or volume of wagering options. Well beyond variety being the spice of life, having a few different “go to” bookmakers affords bettors an opportunity to search out the best odds and the most valuable prices on the events they invest on. Here at CSB, we have compiled a list of the best bookmakers on the planet. Check them out and then build a personal sports betting hub.

About: Sports betting is more than picking a team and laying your money down. In this series, we’ll show you what your options are and how to take advantage of them so you can have more fun and make more money. You need to learn in order to earn.