NASCAR Pocono 2021 Betting Picks

NASCAR Pocono 2021 Betting Picks

If you’re looking for NASCAR Pocono 2021 betting picks, you’ve come to the right place! You see, the Pocono Raceway is the site of not one, but two different Cup Series events this final weekend of June. Therefore, the opportunities to rack up money whilst betting are there for the taking!

First thing is first, let’s see how online bookies are handicapping the upcoming race. Below you’ll find the drivers with the best chances at winning the first Pocono race (odds for the second event on Sunday are still TBD):

Kyle Larson3.303.30
William Byron8.008.00
Chase Elliott9.009.00
Kyle Busch9.009.00
Denny Hamlin9.509.50
Martin Truex Jr.11.0011.00
Kevin Harvick11.0011.00

There’s a lot of ground to cover so let’s get right into it. We have three different bets we’re eyeing for Saturday’s competition:

Betting Pick: Kyle Larson To Finish Top Three

To preface, we need to point out the Pocono Raceway isn’t just another track on the NASCAR circuit. No, no, in fact, it’s one of the more unique courses in the world of motorsports.  

The raceway has earned the moniker “Tricky Triangle” for both its difficulty and triangular layout. Unlike routine oval tracks, the three sides at Pocono throw a proverbial wrench in the driver’s path. That’s because none of the three sides are equal. Each differs in degrees of banking, straightaway length, turn radius, and other nuances.

For most drivers, the design throws them off their game. But for some, they seem to get a knack for the uniquely constructed triangle. The latter group often become repeat winners, which is a long-running trend at the Pocono Raceway, dating back to its first NASCAR event in 1974.

We say all of this because Larson has never won a single race at Pocono. He did finish runner-up in 2018, but it seems the “Tricky Triangle” has his number.

Yes, Larson is red-hot right now. He’s taken the checkered flag in four straight NASCAR races and has finished no worse than runner-up in the past seven races. Larson is definitely worth a bet — just not an outright winner one. Given his so-so history at Pocono, we’re playing it safer and wagering he finishes top-3.  

Kyle Larson

To finish Pocono in the top three


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Betting Pick: Kyle Busch To Win

We rained on Larson’s parade because of his lack of victories at Pocono. Therefore, it’s only right our next two picks are a pair of drivers that have routinely proven their mettle at the distinctive raceway. 

The first is Busch. Of the past seven Cup Series races at Pocono, Busch has claimed the checkered flag in three of those. Heck, even outside the Cup Series, he’s won another three events here (two in the truck series and once in the Xfinity). It’s safe to say Busch knows his way around the “Tricky Triangle.” Given his recent success at Pocono, Busch is a smart pick to make for a straight-up winner. 

Kyle Busch

To win the Pocono 325


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Betting Pick: Denny Hamlin To Win

Another proven commodity at Pocono in Hamlin. Honestly, he might have a better grasp of the track than Busch, if not right on par with him. Of every NASCAR Cup Series driver, Hamlin has won the most Cup Series events at the Pocono Raceway. His outright victories at the triangle are now at six. 

One more interesting thing to note about Hamlin at Pocono. He has a habit of winning consecutive races. Hamlin has done so on two different occasions already. And want to know something? The 2020 event at Pocono (there was only one, not two) was won by Hamlin. A two-peat doesn’t seem out of the question for Hamlin, hence why we’re betting alongside him.

Denny Hamlin

To win the Pocono 325


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