Qatar Grand Prix 2021 Betting Preview

Get ready for the first running of the Qatar Grand Prix with our betting predictions on the race!

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and the rest of the F1 crew leave the Americas this week and head to Qatar for the third last race of the season. The Qatar Grand Prix – on November 21 – is a pivotal race between Hamilton and Verstappen as they battle for the 2021 World Drivers Championship. Get ready for the race with our Qatar Grand Prix 2021 betting preview.

Lewis Hamilton Favoured at Augural Qatar Grand Prix

To Win the 2021 Qatar Grand Prixbet99
Lewis Hamilton1.67
Max Verstappen2.60
Valterri Bottas13.00
Sergio Perez18.00
Charles Leclerc50.00
Lando Norris70.00
Carlos Sainz Jr.70.00

After 2020 caused many issues – not just for the F1 but many sports – the Qatar Grand Prix is ready to make its debut on the championship circuit. The race is taking place at the Losail International Circuit – host of the Qatar Moto Grand Prix since 2004.

Qatar expects to complete a new circuit for Formula 1 racing by 2023. For the augural race – the best 2021 Canadian Formula 1 betting sites and odds have Hamilton favoured over Verstappen.

Can Hamilton Close the Gap on Verstappen in Qatar?

Hamilton pulled out a surprise victory last weekend at the 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix. Hamilton was forced out of qualifications and poled at 20th at the start of the race. Yet some excellent driving – and some controversy – helped Hamilton pick up the win and an important 25 points to narrow the gap between him and Verstappen.

As this is the first race in Qatar – we do not have any historical data and results to look at for our betting predictions. Instead, we will focus on our feel for the race and results at other tracks in the Middle East.

The details we have on the track give Mercedes and Hamilton the edge over Verstappen and Red Bull. The track is flat with a long straightaway, which works well for Mercedes. The surface is difficult to predict – as the track is relatively unused the last year and sand and temperature can change it multiple times during the race.

Going off previous results in the Middle East – it is a toss-up between Hamilton’s wins as a driver versus Red Bulls’ wins as a constructor. Hamilton has six wins at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (the race started in 2009), while Red Bull has four wins at the track (three wins with Sebastian Vettel and Verstappen’s win in 2020).

Considering everything, we are betting on Lewis Hamilton to win the race. His car is better equipped for the conditions, while his experience could give him the edge when dealing with track conditions. Overall, it should be a tight race.

Lewis Hamilton

To Win the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix


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Best Underdog Bet at Losail – Sprinkle a Bit on Charles Leclerc

Of everyone outside the two favourites worth betting at Qatar, our pick is Charles Leclerc While Leclerc has not won this year, he is still sixth in the standings and had some decent showing – including at the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix (which was held in June in warmer conditions than normal). Leclerc managed to grab the pole position there and finished in fourth place.

Another reason Leclerc could have a solid showing in Qatar was his performance at the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Leclerc finished fourth in qualifying and moved up to third place for the race – finishing behind Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

While we are not saying to bet a full unit on Leclerc to win the race – at 50.00 to win the race he is definitely worth sprinkling some juice on – as who knows what will transpire between Verstappen and Hamilton.  

Charles Leclerc

To Win the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix


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2021 F1 Drivers World Championship Futures and Predictions Update

To Win the 2021 Drivers Championshipbet99
Max Verstappen1.87
Lewis Hamilton1.92

With three races left, the best Canadian betting sites in 2021 have moved the odds to about the same on Verstappen and Hamilton to win the 2021 F1 Drivers World Championship.

While Verstappen holds a 14-point lead heading into the Qatar Grand Prix – losing at Brazil hurts his chances of capturing the 2021 Drivers Championship. For one, the Mexico-Brazil higher attitude races were important for Red Bull and Verstappen to build a nearly unbeatable lead.

As we turn to the final three races of the year in the Middle East – Hamilton has the advantage in all three over Verstappen. If Hamilton wins all three races he will win the F1 Drivers Championship. However, we still like Verstappen for one wild possibility.

Wild Scenario – The Unlikely Event of a Tie

There is one scenario we would be remiss not to mention. What happens if the two drivers tie? There is one possible scenario they could happen. Since they are separated by 14 points – Hamilton winning twice and Verstappen finishing in second twice has them tied entering the final race of the season. If the two crash and fail to finish the race – they will each finish the season with 368.5 points.

If that happens, Verstappen wins the Championship. The tiebreaker in F1 is wins. Verstappen has nine (entering the Qatar Grand Prix) and Hamilton has six. It is a wild outcome and unlikely – but does give Verstappen a win if the two get after each other in a race and both crash.

Max Verstappen

To Win the 2021 Drivers World Championship


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