Election Betting Futures and Predictions 2022

Election Betting Futures and Predictions 2022

Who will win the upcoming elections for the Governor of Virginia and New Jersey? Is Manny Pacquaio the best bet to win the Philippines presidency? All that and more in our election betting predictions.

For our politics betting futures and predictions this week, we are focusing on some international elections – with one upcoming Canadian election rounding out our betting picks.

Democrats Small Favourites to Win Virginia Gubernatorial Election

To Win the Virginia Gubrenatorial ElectionBetway
Glenn Youngkin3.00

The election everyone in the United States will watch the closest in November is the Gubernatorial Election in the state of Virginia. Much has been discussed in leading into this election – as the results could be predictive of the larger races for the House and the Senate in 2022.

Polls for the Virginia Governor in late October have Democrat Terry McAuliffe about 1.5 points ahead of Republican Glenn Youngkin. That lead is down from as high as 6.6 points in late August. The political odds from the best sites still like the Democrat to win the election. 

Early voting results are in favour of McAuliffe. However, that does not mean that Republicans are out of the race. They likely come out in support on election day – which will cut the lead and make it a close race. We still think the Democrats get enough support to win the election. Although, anything too close will likely lead to re-counts and accusations of voter fraud.

Terry McAuliffe Next Virginia Governor

Democrats Expect Big Victory in New Jersey Gubernatorial Election

To Win the New Jersey Gubernatorial ElectionBetway
Phil Murphy1.05
Jack Ciattarelli8.50

The race in New Jersey for Governor is not nearly as close or interesting as the race in Virginia. Phil Murphy holds a double-digit lead over Jack Ciattarelli – although the lead has dropped from 16 points to 11 points for the Democrats with less than a week to campaign.

Unlike the Presidential Election – in which New Jersey has voted for a Democrat every time since 1992 – the Governor Election is much more back and forth. However, there does not seem to be enough appeal or momentum behind Ciattarelli to have any chance at closing the gap.

Phil Murphy Next New Jersey Governor

Will Manny Pacquiao Win the Philippines Presidency?

To win 2022 Philippines Presidental Election
Bongbong Marcos
Manny Pacquiao
Isko Moreno
Sara Duterte
Leni Robredo

The Philippines are set for a Presidential Election in 2022 – and since the Philippines only allow for presidents to serve one term, they will soon have a new president. One potential candidate for the role is boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao has experience in politics. He was a member of the Philippine House of Representatives from 2010 to 2016. He followed it with a spot in the Senate, which he still holds (although he is noted for having the worst attendance of any member).

The most significant thing to consider for Manny Pacquiao and his chances of winning is his deteriorating relationship with current president Roberto Duterte. Once allies, Pacquaio has been a vocal opponent of Duterte and his handling of China and its claims to the South China Sea.

Duterte – while ineligible to run again has expressed interest in the Vice-Presidency. While a controversial figure worldwide, he remains popular in the Philippines and whomever he backs could gain a significant advantage in the upcoming election.

There remains plenty of time for them to mend their ties and if they manage to, there is no bigger pairing possible heading into the election. The political betting odds on the race are great right now on Pacquaio – and will likely move in his favour closer to the election, so we recommend you bet Pacquaio soon.

Manny Pacquiao Next President of the Philippines

Doug Ford and Progressive Conservatives Hold Slight Lead in 2022 Ontario Election

To Win the Next Ontario Election
Preogressive Conservative

The next major election scheduled in Canada is the Provincial Election in Ontario – scheduled for June 2022. Early polls have the Progressive Conservatives winning the election again, although there is a reasonable probability, they lose their majority.

The PC regaining power depends on how the public’s opinion of Doug Ford moves over the next few months. Ford’s had some wide swings in approval rating – dropping as low as 26% and rising as high as 62%. He faces two challenges if he wants to stay in power – the state of Ontario and Pandemic by next Spring and how the Liberals fare with Steven Del Duca.

The Liberals posted their worst results ever in the last election – winning only seven seats and failing to hold the leadership or opposition for the first time in 45 years. People were mad at the Liberals for multiple reasons and wanted a change.

The party has done an overhaul the last few years – but it does not feel like they have enough behind them heading into 2022. Most gains in their popularity are from regions the NDP won. If both parties are fighting over the same seats – while the PC holds strong appeal in rural regions (and a few parts of the GTA), the PC will repeat as the leaders.

Progressive Conservative To Win the Next Ontario Election

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