British Political Futures – Conservative Or Labour?

British Political Futures - Conservative Or Labour?

There is nothing like a good general election from England. If there is an early general election in 2022, which party would wind up with the most seats?

This is where it gets fun and no we are not going to get too much into the speculation of politics. However, there is a slight possibility that an early general election could be called in England as soon as next year. There are some reasons why this would make sense and a few others on why it would not. Here at Canada Sports Betting, we will give our thoughts on the subject along with some names to at least keep an eye on. 

Would the Conservative party risk such a move? Is the Labour party hoping for something that they should be careful for what they wish for? Again, this is where the fun lies. No one quite knows what could happen. 

International political betting odds can be a total crapshoot. One week this event may be a total certainty and the next it could be off the books completely. Please keep that in mind when wagering on what amounts to be mostly rumour at this juncture.

Again, there is no set here, an election can be called at any time in 2022 by Boris Johnson. That is snap politics at its finest.

British Poltical Futures: Numbers In The Majority?

That’s correct. Will the Conservative or Labour party wind up with the majority? That constitutes 326 seats overall. So, the numbers would have to make sense for the Conservative party to strike while it is hot so to speak. Going by the table below, maybe that is not a half-bad strategy. 

2022 UK Election Odds
Most Seats

Again, the British Political Futures are not dictated by what most in the United States call a conventional election. There are recalls in the United States and election windows in Canada but over in England and say Australia, elections can come out almost on a whim. There are all sorts of windows.

A special thanks has to go out to Bet99 Canada Online Sportsbook. Honestly, they came through with some extremely good numbers here and was immensely helpful. 

British Poltical Futures: When Could There Be An Election?

Now this is the juicy stuff. Sure, Boris Johnson could wait all the way until 2024 or so. However, what fun would that be when it comes to British Poltical Futures? The question is simple enough.

When could there be a general election? 

The key emphasis has to be pointed out constantly. This does not guarantee there will be an election. However, some opposition party members are hearing through the tea leaves that something is brewing. Now, there lies some sense in all of this. COVID has driven people crazy and before anything else occure, does Boris Johnson risk taking a shot and ensuring an even longer term along with a conservative majority?

The one party that seems to be clamoring for this the most is the one with the main opposition. That would be the Labour party of course. They have just 199 seats currently occupied. Meanwhile, conservatives account for 361 seats. There are 650 total seats overall. 

Now, speculation has been stoked heavily by the Labour party. This has been occurring so often that Labour leader Keir Starmer’s senior advisers have been talking for months and months. Now it seems to be intensifying. Is that a ploy? Realistically, it would have to be approved in March to set up a window around May of next year. 

Why Labour May Want To Be Careful What They Wish For?

Now, on the surface, could Labour or any kind of coalition to knock the conservatives out of a majority? This is why Labour may want to tread carefully. Even with Boris Johnson angering some of the Tories and everything else, that probably would not cause much ground to be lost. 

If anything, British poltical futures suggest that the conservatives might be able to even gain a few seats if a general election was held quickly enough. With raises in taxes and COVID concerns, if those do not get passed until after an election, that would actually benefit Johnson and the conservatives. It also appears that Johnson has a succession plan in place. He just has to figure out the when. 

The opposition cannot gather enough of a coalition to gain three dozen or so seats. Like we mentioned above, there does not seem to be any scenarios where an election window would help the Labour party that much. Even health care issues where if the pecentage increased was more than 1.25% would not seem to help at a dramatic level. 

Supply chain issues are expected to persist but not enough to worry Johnson and the conservatives either way. The conservatives are the ones in control here. Again, keep this in mind. Most tabloids err newspapers are playing down any thoughts of an early general election.

So, If An Election Happens, Who Wins Err Keeps The Majority?

Again, this may be an easier answer than the opposition party and any coalition will want to hear. The numbers here make this a rather simple pick. 

Conservative Party

To Keep Their Seat Majority


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There are few sportsbooks that have the numbers quite like this. Bluntly, there should have been a prop on whether an election even occurs. So, let’s list our observations err picks. 

If an election were to take place in 2022, the Conservative Party is our pick to maintain. Second, if there were futures on an election not happening in the Spring of 2022, I would pick that too.

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