UK Politics: Should You Bet Against Boris Johnson?

The tumultuous turn of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Great Britain continues to be the top story in UK politics. His casual relationship with telling the truth and his general disdain for playing by the rules has caused Johnson’s approval rating to plummet into negative numbers. At the same time, his finalizing of the Brexit deal and overwhelming election victory make betting against Johnson a difficult wager to play.

Betting Against Borish Johnson Picks

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party are 1.72 favourites to win the next general election
  • No party gaining enough seats to form a majority is the 2.20 chalk in terms of the outcome of the election
  • 2024 or later is the 1.50 betting choice as to when the next UK general election will be held

If some British citizens were asked to choose between Prime Minister Boris Johnson serving another term in office or COVID-19 continuing to be prevalent across the country, the outcome might be a toss-up. A significant portion of the general public has made it clear that Johnson is not their cup of tea.

Johnson is viewed as someone who plays fast and loose with the truth. He appears to be of the belief that the rules don’t apply to him. His approval rating in UK politics has cratered. A majority of the British public see Johnson as being dishonest, inconsistent and disorganized.

And yet, the bottom line is that everyone – the people, the pundits, even the oddsmakers – are solid of the opinion that even with Johnson at the helm, the Tories will win the next UK general election.

Liberal Democrats101.00151.0081.00
Reform UKOFFOFF151.00

The Conservatives are the 1.72 betting choice to win the next election. Only the Labour Party (2.00) are being offered with a chance of giving Johnson and the Tories a run for their money.

Will There Be Majority Rule?

In the last UK general election in December of 2019, Johnson and the Conservative Party won a massive mandate. The Conservatives captured 43.6 percent of the vote: The Tories now hold 365 seats in Parliament, compared to Labour’s 203 seats and 32.2 percent of the vote.

Oddsmakers don’t see a repeat performance in the offing the next time that Brits go to the polls. The Conservatives are given a 2.25 chance of forming another majority government. Labour is listed as a 5.00 betting choice to do likewise. However, it is no overall majority that is the betting favourite at a line of 2.20.

Conservative Party

To win majority


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When Will Brits Go To The Polls?

Another UK politics prop wager is asking when the next general election will be held in the country. Under the rules and regulations of the country’s Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, the next nationwide ballot to elect a ruling government must be held no later than Thursday, May 2, 2024.

However, a government going to the distance to the finish line of the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act has only happened once since 2015. In fact, the 2019 ballot was the fourth national election in five years.

With a majority in place, there’s no need for the Tories to be in a hurry to call an election. That would explain why 2024 or later remains the 1.50 favourite in this prop bet.

However, should they see a sudden spike in the polls to where their popularity has risen to such an extent that another majority seems possible, an earlier election call could prove a wise decision.

Next UK general election

In 2024 or later


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Who Will Lead The Conservatives?

Over his two years as Prime Minister, Johnson has illegally prorogued Parliament. He’s butted heads with his MPs, kicking 21 of them out of the party. His shady financial dealings within his private life have also got him into hot water.

At the same time, he won a resounding majority and got Brexit done as promised during that election. Is the latter enough to keep Johnson in power over the party?

Oddsmakers aren’t that certain. There’s already a prop wager out listing the candidates to replace Johnson as Tory leader. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is the 2.75 betting choice. Michael Gove (7.50) and Jeremy Hunt (8.00), two of who challenged Johnson for leadership, are other top contenders.

Bettors can choose from among 30 different candidates, from the unlikely (Jacob Rees-Mogg at 34.00) to the completely off the wall (Nigel Farage at 51.00).

Rishi Sunak

To be Conservative leader


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