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CFL Week 19 Picks

Toronto Argonauts @ Montreal Alouettes
Saskatchewan Roughriders @ BC Lions
Ottawa RedBlacks @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Calgary Stampeders


CFL Weekly Predictions 2019 Archive

Our expert picks for every week of the CFL season 2019, with the latest predictions on top.

CFL Week 18 Picks

Ottawa Redblacks @ Toronto Argonauts
Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Calgary Stampeders
Montreal Alouettes @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
BC Lions @ Edmonton Eskimos

CFL Week 17 Picks

Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Saskatchewan Roughriders
Edmonton Eskimos @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats 
Calgary Stampeders @ Montreal Alouettes
Toronto Argonauts @ BC Lions

CFL Week 16 Picks

Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Edmonton Eskimos @ Ottawa Redblacks
Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Toronto Argonauts
Montreal Alouettes @ BC Lions

CFL Week 15 Picks

Calgary Stampeders @ Toronto Argonauts
Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Edmonton Eskimos
Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Montreal Alouettes
BC Lions @ Ottawa Redblacks

CFL Week 14 Picks

Ottawa Redblacks @ BC Lions
Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Calgary Stampeders
Montreal Alouettes @ Saskatchewan Roughriders

CFL Week 13 Picks

Toronto Argonauts @ Ottawa Redblacks
BC Lions @ Montreal Alouettes
Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Calgary Stampeders @ Edmonton Eskimos

CFL Week 12 Picks

Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Saskatchewan Roughriders
Toronto Argonauts @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Edmonton Eskimos @ Calgary Stampeders

CFL Week 11 Picks

Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Edmonton Eskimos
Ottawa Redblacks @ Saskatchewan Roughriders
Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ BC Lions
Montreal Alouettes @ Toronto Argonauts

CFL Week 10 Picks

BC Lions @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Edmonton Eskimos @ Toronto Argonauts
Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Ottawa Redblacks
Montreal Alouettes @ Calgary Stampeders

CFL Week 9 Picks

Calgary Stampeders @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Montreal Alouettes
Ottawa Redblacks @ Edmonton Eskimos
BC Lions @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats

CFL Week 8 Picks

Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Toronto Argonauts
Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Saskatchewan Roughriders
Ottawa Redblacks @ Montreal Alouettes
Edmonton Tiger-Cats @ Calgary Stampeders

CFL Week 7 Picks

Calgary Stampeders @ Ottawa Redblacks
Toronto Argonauts @ Edmonton Eskimos
Winnpeg Blue Bombers @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Saskatchewan Roughriders @ BC Lions

CFL Week 6 Picks

Toronto Argonauts @ Calgary Stampeders
Ottawa Redblacks @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Edmonton Eskimos @ Montreal Alouettes
BC Lions @ saskatchewan Roughriders 

CFL Week 5 picks

Edmonton Eskimos @ BC Lions
Toronto Argonauts @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Montreal Alouettes @ Ottawa Redblacks
Calgary Stampeders @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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Our team of experts also work hard during the CFL offseason, providing Canadians with free picks on CFL futures picks (with a focus on Grey Cup futures), that update throughout the offseason as teams make moves that affect the roster and coaching.

CFL Predictions Today

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CFL predictions today

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CFL Predictions 2019

CFL free picks are sometimes called match predictions

While the common name is CFL free picks or CFL free picks today, do not be surprised to see CFL match predictions pop up from time to time. The two terms are interchangeable, and both relate to CFL odds and predictions on games.

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