How Does DraftDay Work?

Not to be confused with the Kevin Costner 2014 NFL Draft movie bearing the same name, DraftDay is a fairly long-term player on the fantasy sports scene. Established in 2012, after FanDuel and along with DraftKings, DraftDay was conceived in Chicago by poker innovators Andrew Wiggins and Taylor Caby. DraftDay works well for everyone looking for quality DFS action on the North American “Big Four” and pro Golf.

DraftDay Login

Though still rarely mentioned in the same conversation as the two “merging giants” DraftDay has strategically worked their way into becoming a full-fledged DFS supplier. From offering their own daily and weekly contests, to allowing members to set up “private” leagues, to building fantasy “startup” websites for other entrepreneurs, the DraftDay group has steadily become a respected name in the fantasy sports industry. From a players perspective DraftDay login couldn’t be simpler.

Registering an account requires a full “real” name, an email address, plus an eligibility button click. Shortly after, in mere minutes basically, a confirmation email arrives that includes DraftDay website information plus a link to Rookie Player reward tickets. Those are a valuable welcome bonus. From there, login is simple as all that’s required is a username and password. A “Remember Me” feature is also available - that's always helpful for bettors who run with a “stable” of fantasy betting sites.

    DraftDay App

    Once logged in, an ADD FUNDS button directs new customers to the banking area of the DraftDay App. As with online sportsbook account funding, clients must update their personal information including their physical address. First deposits, from $10 to $5,000 in USA currency, are accepted via MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, plus PayPal – everyday 24 hours a day. Depending on the amount deposited, players receive Tournament Credit tickets with each initial bankroll boost.

    After accounts are set up and bankrolls are funded, players are directed to the Game Lobby, which is packed with current season daily games. While researching our review, NFL Super Bowl LI had just ended but NHL and NBA action were both in full swing. To get our feet wet, we jumped in a FREE entry contest on a light two-game puck betting night. Our team budget was $100K and the squad consisted of nine NHL players. The selection process was quick and simple – just the way we like it.

    DraftDay Tips

    As is the case with all online betting, participating at seasoned and reputable betting houses should always be the number one priority over everything else. The fantasy sports industry is fast paced and always evolving - knowing who you are giving hard earned cash to is a top tip. Comparing contests and player prices is also one of our top DraftDay tips since different sites offer varying action. Just as online sportsbooks offer various prices on same match wagering lines – the same can be said for player costs in the fantasy business. Shop around for the best contests – that are paying top prizes.

    When it comes to daily fantasy action – knowledge has no substitute. Sharp cappers do not blindly bet on sports at Bet99 and neither should fantasy players at DraftDay. Proper homework takes a little time but - it helps ensure a clearer path to the winner’s circle. Once we complete our overall review of the Daily Fantasy Sports business, we will begin posting picks and advice here at Canada Sports Betting and on our Facebook page. In the meantime, we continue to offer FREE picks on a variety of sports, including valuable Championship futures wagering tips, so please stick with us.

    DraftDay Bottom Line: With midrange participant levels - all skill levels can compete at DraftDay.