Best MMA Betting Sites in Canada

      Best MMA Betting Sites in Canada

      There are hundreds of MMA betting websites and our partners are the best among them. These best MMA betting sites in Canada have the latest Las Vegas odds in MMA. They offer tremendous sign-up offers and competitive betting odds.

      As a fast-growing sport, MMA odds are now easy to find and even easier to bet on. We might be a bit biased, but MMA is the perfect sport to wager. It is fast, easy-to-watch, and unpredictable in an exciting way.

      There is an MMA event happening almost every week from the top promotions UFC and Bellator. 

      Let’s look at the top MMA betting sites. 

        MMA betting Sites Canada

        With all of these MMA betting sites it can be overwhelming to find the best MMA betting site. So we narrowed it down. All of our partners are accessible from Canada and this includes Bet99, one of the best MMA betting sites in Canada. 

        Bet99 is the first to market to open MMA lines and they offer extensive markets complete with prop bets, futures, and live betting. To top it off, they have a generous sign-up offer. 

        best mma betting sites canada

        But Bet99 isn’t the only hot sportsbook in town. There are plenty more available to Canadians and they all offer something competitive when it comes to MMA betting.

        Top 8 MMA Betting Sites

        Making a list of the top MMA betting websites is about as tough as ranking the pound-for-pound best MMA fighters. There are just so many great sportsbooks and each have their own appeal. But we’re here to look at the best MMA betting sites in Canada. We’ve gathered the top eight.

        We’re judging these books based on four criteria:

        • Markets selection: the book offers plenty of different types of MMA markets to bet on; the more they offer, the better. Having an exclusive selection also gets extra points.
        • Odds prices: the book offers competitive MMA betting odds; the better their odds, and this includes pre-fight odds, live betting, and props, the higher the book scored.
        • Timeliness: the earlier the book opens odds, the better it scored; these books also tend to be a market leader for MMA betting and their odds prices determine the rest
        • Promotions: the more lucrative and more active their promotions, the better; this also includes sign-up bonuses and MMA-exclusive promotions

        best mma betting site

        An additional criteria is the design and ease-of-navigation for the sportsbook. The highest-scoring ones were easy to use, not cluttered (overwhelming for first-time players), and had both efficient desktop and mobile platforms. 

        Here are the eight best MMA betting sites with a link to each sportsbook review:

        1. Betway
        2. Sports Interaction
        3. Bet99
        4. Spin Palace Sports
        5. Bet 365
        6. Powerplay
        7. Leo Vegas
        8. William Hill

        How to find the best site to bet on MMA

        You can compare the best MMA betting sites by going to our page. Of course, you can also peruse other sources like the best MMA betting site reddit platforms. But here at Canada Sports Betting, we have everything at your disposal.

        The MMA odds page highlights the top online sportsbooks and gives betting principles you can heed as you begin or continue your MMA betting journey. Several of these principles include how to select the right sportsbook for you. It all begins here. 

        Then you need to outline a betting strategy based on the MMA betting odds. We can also help with this by providing tables and widgets that highlight the different MMA betting sites and what odds they offer. 

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        Our sportsbook page also has extensive reviews of the online sportsbooks, grading them by their sign-up offers and promotions, customer service, and navigation of their websites. You can compare books by opening them one by one (we link to them) or you can read our reviews. 

        Most notably, the MMA odds page answers all your most asked questions like when the next MMA events are, how betting odds work, and the best MMA fighters. We constantly update the MMA odds page so you’ll be up-to-speed with this crazy fast sport.