Football Squares Odds

Football Squares Odds

With the 2019 National Football League season right around the corner, with plenty of available NFL Odds, fans everywhere are sitting on pins and needles to get the new year underway. While the New England Patriots are once again expected to be Super Bowl contenders, you can never count out some of the other powerhouses in the NFL. 

This of course includes the Kansas City Chiefs, L.A. Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears. How about the Cleveland Browns? With the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. and Baker Mayfield entering his second season in the league, the AFC North team could be ready to make plenty of noise. 

With all of that in mind, all you bettors out there are likely lining up your best odds to put some money on the table.

However, one fun and up-and-coming betting style that's taking over are 'Football Squares odds', which is usually played at a Super Bowl Party, but can be played for single games as well. If you're not familiar with how it works, allow us to break it down for you.

Football Squares odds

How do Football Squares Work

First off, let's get you informed with the football betting squares rules. You start off with an empty 10-by-10 grid, giving you 100 squares. With 10 rows and 10 columns, you then assign one team for all of the rows and then another team for all of the columns to play football squares. This is the go-to football betting squares template. 

You randomly assign numbers 0-9 to each box and have your Super Bowl Squares (or regular game) participants pick their boxes, with everyone having differnet football squares odds depending on the number of boxes they own.

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Once your boxes are filled out, winners are named at the end of first, second and third quarters, plus after the final score is set. Your winner is determined by the last number in each team's score.

An example would be if the Patriots were up 13-10 on the Rams in a game next year. The last number for the Pats is 3, and 0 for L.A.

You'd then go to your board and see the No. 3 for the Pats and where it intersects with the No. 0 for the Rams. Whoever has their name in that box is the winner. It might seem a bit complicated, but it's quite simple and a ton of fun. This is how to play in a squares football pool. Why not give it a shot? 

Are Football Squares Legal

While there are few things more fun than participating in a Super Bowl Squares event with your co-workers or large group of friends, that doesn't mean you're obeying the law. That's right, technically, football squares are considered illegal. Why?

With football squares, you typically have an entry fee, a payout and probabilities of winning. According to, these three elements would constitute a "private lottery."

Because of this, it's considered illegal to participate. While most groups may give out prizes instead of cash, that's also considered illegal. 

As a whole, all Super Bowl prize pools are considered illegal. That hasn't stopped millions and millions of football fans from participating in different events each year, though. 

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Which are the Football Squares probability

Your probabilities of winning in football squares certainly depends on the number of boxes you purchase. Obviously, the more boxes you buy, the better your odds will be at winning either at the end of a quarter or with the final score. 

At the same time, the less amount of boxes you buy, the less likely you'll be to leave your Super Bowl party either with some extra cash in your pocket or with a fun prize. There are different strategies for picking your boxes, but it's always important to remember looking at scoring trends. 


For example, say next year's Super Bowl is between the Patriots and Eagles. If New England scored 10 points in the first quarter in their previous three games leading up to the Super Bowl, it'd be wise to grab a 0 in their column. How about the other side?

If the Eagles scored 14 points in the first quarter in their previous three games, you'd be wise to grab the No. 4 for Philly, with the No. 0 for the Pats. It all depends on the different odds and trends you might find leading up to the opening whistle. 

Where to buy Football Squares

Football squares have become increasingly popular in the workplace. Come Super Bowl time, co-workers are taking it upon themselves to set up the big event and collect a small fee from each participant for each box. 

At the same time, many different websites also put together different Super Bowl squares events right before the big game. Keep in mind, however, that this isn't considered legal. However, there are plenty of options out there for NFL fans to participate in.

Normally, though, you'd buy your squares either at your office, or in a private contest with a group of friends at home. 

super bowl square odds

Your Super Bowl squares odds really depend on the amount of participants you have, combined with the amount of boxes you purchase. Since your probabilties depend on the more boxes you have to your name, it'd be wise to buy more than less.

However, you can also improve your odds by being smart with how you pick inside the Super Bowl betting squares template. As we've mentioned above, there are 10 rows and 10 columns filled with boxes.

Rather than just randomly dropping your name in boxes, take a look at the scoring trends for both teams and which studs will be ready to make game-changing plays for you. 


Also keep in mind how the offenses and defenses are playing leading up to the Super Bowl, or single game to pick. If the Eagles defense has kept teams scoreless in the first quarter throughout the playoffs, use that knowledge to your advantage when making your selections. 

Say the Patriots advance and their defense has kept teams to seven points in the first half in their previous set of games, you keep that in mind as well when going down your rows and columns. The more you know, the better prepared you'll be to make the right call and improve your chances on Super Bowl futures