March Madness is the annual NCAA basketball tournament used to determine the National Champion. Hosted every year through the month of March, the tournament features 64 teams from all across the United States, competing for a chance to crowned National Champions. Through its grand format, exciting games and the ever-looming chance of an upset, March Madness is one of the most attractive and intriguing sporting events in the world. 

March Madness Schedule 2017

The dates and location for every game are well in advance, including the site of the Final Four, which the NCAA sets years before the event. Every year the tournament begins in the middle of March. At two and a half weeks in length, the battle runs through the remainder of March and finishes up on a Monday night early in April...

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March Madness Bracket Explained

The March Madness bracket is one of the sporting world’s biggest and most challenging betting events. The bracket is a pre-tournament prediction on every game. The idea is to pick each game right through every round of the tournament. With a near impossible chance of picking every game correct, most bracket fillers look to choose a correct Final Four and the eventual champion. There are many different approaches and statistical categories to consider when filling out a bracket.  

The three statistical areas to research before making a bracket are the strength of schedule, home/road splits and victories against ranked opponents. These categories show which teams are best under the bright lights and have a roster that is at its best against the highest level of competition. These stats are important for determining upsets. One of the most exciting and challenging parts of March Madness is trying to predict the inevitable upsets. Picking these upsets is the greatest challenge for anyone making a bracket and missing on any upset can destroy anyone’s bracket. Look for the lower seeded teams that played the toughest schedules and managed the most wins against top-10/top-25 opponents to pull early round upsets.

One last thing to consider is the pre-tournament polls. Many bettors and fans may look to the AP Polls before starting their bracket. While this can be telling of a team’s talent, the best team during the regular season rarely wins. From 1996 to 2016, only twice has the top ranked team won the National Champion – Duke in 2001 and Kentucky in 2012. 

Today's March Madness Schedule

While making and following a bracket may be one of the most exciting parts of the tournament, bettors can wager on every game throughout the tournament. Check the page after every game and round to see updated lines for upcoming games and get helpful betting tips so you can continue to enjoy March Madness – even if your bracket is already busted.  

March Madness TV Schedule

Canadians looking to watch March Madness will find a variety of games available on the TSN networks and the TSN Go application. Other games will broadcast on CBS and Turner Network channels. The Final Four and Championship will air exclusively on TSN and CBS. The last option is to go directly to the NCAA website to stream games, which for anyone without a TV package or subscription service would be their best option.