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The Toronto Raptors are the only non-American franchise in the NBA and were established in 1995 in the NBA’s foray to Canada. In just over two decades as an NBA franchise they have won five division titles. Last season they set their franchise wins record at 59 and earned the 1-seed in the Eastern Conference for the first time ever. However after being swept out of the playoffs for the second consecutive season by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Toronto Raptors shook things up in a major way this summer firing NBA Coach of the year Dwane Casey, the longest tenured and most winningest coach in the history of the franchise. Shortly after that they traded the franchise's all time leading scorer, 4-time all star Demar DeRozan for former NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard marking a new era in the history of this organization. With a ton of depth, new head coach Nick Nurse hopes to have Raptor fans chanting "We The North" all the way to a deep playoff run this season.

They first rose to fame in the early 2000s when Vince Carter, won the slam dunk competition, and took them to their first playoff trips. The Raptors remain popular around the league as sharp gamblers hope they may still consistently profit on their odds this season. Over the last 3 seasons, under Casey, they ranked in the top 5 of all NBA teams against the spread.

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Sunday, Mar 24 18:00 EDT
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Toronto Raptors

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This is where the Raptors stand in today’s NBA season. Conference and division standings are separated here. Winning streaks, points for (+) and points against (-) are posted as well.

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The TORONTO RAPTORS are +1400 to win the NBA Championship this upcoming season 

You can bet the Toronto Raptors in many ways but you will have to master the art of the money line. This is where you bet for a team to win straight up. You will notice two types of numbers here: a minus number (favorite) and plus number (underdog). For example, -160 means you need to spend $160 to earn $100 while +135 means a profit of $135 is profited when spending $100. Likelier winners profit less and unlikelier winners, more.

Raptors rule the Regular Season: Coming into the 2013-14 season the Raptors hired Masai Ujiri as the GM and he has led them on an upward trajectory ever since. Over the past 3 regular seasons the Raptors have an overall combined record of 166-80. In the Atlantic Division they have gone 40-8 and in the Eastern Confernce have gone 131-65. Against the spread they have gone 132-111-3

This looks as though it will maintain this season as Nick Nurse, an assistant under Dwane Casey will probably not look to reinevent the wheel. With arguably the deepest bench in the NBA, if Kawhi Leonard can be the player he was pre injury the Raptors will have the best player in the history of their franchise. Furthermore the Eastern Conference got weaker with the departure of Lebron James for the West Coast.

However can the Raptors translate this into postseason success? The Raptors have underperformed in the playoffs to put it mildly. For all their amazing regular season winning percentages, over the past three seasons they have gone 18-22 in the playoffs and 15-24-1 against the spread, and their biggest stars have crumbled under the lights deeming the personnel changes necessary.

The TORONTO RAPTORS are +350 to win the Eastern Conference this upcoming season via BET365

Built for the new NBA: With an overall franchise philosophy of building from withing and developing players, the Raptors have a great blend of peremiter players who can in the paint, as well as big men who can stretch the floor as well as protect the rim. There is youth and athleticism all throughout this roster.

Raptors spread: outside of betting the Raptors straight, you can also try playing them on the point spread. This system evens out odds between the favorite and underdog by assigning points for them to “cover”. A minus spread like -6.5 indicates the Raptors are favored to win by over six points. A plus spread of +4.5 means the Raptors are expected to lose by fewer than five points. This is like a handicap and you take the team’s final score and either subtract the minus line or add the plus hoping it results in a Raptors’ win. Over the past three seasons the Raptors are covering just under 54% of their spreads, one of the best marks in the NBA.