Despite being a relatively young franchise, the Miami Heat have already taken the National Basketball Association by storm with a rich history filled with winning. Established in 1988 as an expansion team, the Heat have won three NBA championships on top of five conference titles and 12 division crowns. Since the new millennium, the Miami Heat have only had four losing seasons and boasted superstar-laden teams. They are usually a trendy team to bet on for both novice and longtime gamblers.

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All the Miami Heat’s games are below, both previous and upcoming. All info including results and odds are listed to provide you all the information you need.  

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Miami Heat Scores And Standings

Here are the Heat’s standings in both conference and division. “GB” stands for “games behind” meaning how many games they need to make first place.

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Bet On Miami Heat Games

Betting on NBA games takes form in many ways but the straight bet on the money line will be the most common. In this scenario, you pick the winner of the NBA game. If the Heat are listed as a minus number like -170 that means they are favored to win. A $170 bet will return $100. If they're a plus number like +145 it means they are underdogs and $145 will be returned on a $100 bet.

Division Giants: despite having plenty of roster turnover in years past, the Heat somehow find a way to not only make the NBA playoffs but contend for the division crown. Sandwiched between division titles are some losing seasons but when the Heat are good, they’re really good. Since the establishment of the Southeast division in 2004, the Heat have won the division a total of eight out of 12 seasons until the end of 2016.

It all starts from the top: a big reason why the Heat have managed a model of excellence is because of the legendary Pat Riley, who is both the franchise’s President and general manager. Riley is shrewd in how he handles the team being able to keep the team competitive despite star players departing the team. If the Heat are in for a bad season, Riley helps guide the Heat to at least a spot in the lottery. The Heat are an example of how excellent management can make a franchise.

Heat spreads: try playing the point spread. This aims to make even the difference between the favorite and the underdog by assigning points for either team to “cover”. A minus spread like -7.5 means the Heat need to win by eight or more points to go over 7.5 while +4.5 means they can lose by up to four points so they don’t go over the 4.5. The plus and minus indicate a handicap. If you subtract or add the points to the Heat’s real in-game score, the results should still reflect a victory.