The Grizzlies were first established in 1995 in Vancouver as one of two Canadian expansion teams. The franchise relocated to Memphis in 2001. They are notable as being the only major professional sports team to be located in the city and as one of only two NBA teams (Charlotte Hornets is the other) that have no division titles. After a horrid first eight years, the franchise turned the corner in the mid-2000s and have never looked back since. The Grizzlies remain a reasonable bet especially considering their small market status.

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The money line is an American system of betting that manifests the betting odds on each team as a minus or plus number to indicate the favorite and underdog, respectively. This is where you’ll be spending a good deal on Grizzlies’ games. A minus number like -180 indicates a bet of $180 is needed to win $100 and in contrast, a plus number like +165 means $165 will be won when you bet $100.

Grizzly Vancouver: simply put, the Vancouver Grizzlies were an atrocious franchise. Outside of having unique jerseys and personable players, the team was just bad. In their seven years in the city, the team never finished with more than 23 wins and have an overall record of 101-359 good for a 22 percent winning rate, the worst of any NBA city. Their east coast counterparts, the Toronto Raptors on the other hand, went on to make the NBA playoffs and just came off their first trip to the Conference Finals.

Best bang for your buck: despite not having a true superstar, the most recent Grizzlies teams have been perennial playoff contenders. Between 2010 to 2016, the franchise has made the playoffs and advanced to the second round in three of them while making their lone Conference Finals trip in 2013. Anchored by a strong frontcourt, dependable backcourt players and savvy management, the Grizzlies may continue to make the best of the little parts they are afforded.

Under Bears: known mostly for their gritty defense and team play, the Grizzlies are a popular team to bet the under on in team totals. This type of bet lets you predict whether the total score between the Grizzlies and their opponents goes over or under the projected number i.e. 200.5. The outcome of the game or the margin of victory are both irrelevant. Since 2011, Grizzlies games have scored under 53.9 percent of the time.