Cleveland Cavaliers' Odds

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      After four straight NBA Finals appearances, the Cleveland Cavaliers have entered a dark and uncertain time. Without LeBron James, the Cavaliers will spend much of the next few seasons rebuilding. Most bettors should see the Cavaliers as underdogs in most games, especially with the emergence of talent in the Eastern Conference. Look to bet against the Cleveland Cavaliers until they rebuild and retool their roster to the point where they can compete for a playoff spot.

      The loss of LeBron has certainly made the Cleveland Cavaliers odds a less popular choice among NBA fans and sports bettors. Though dedicated fans are still wagering on their team to make it all the way. The Cleveland Cavaliers odds to win the finals offer a huge outsider shot, but you just never know!

      Cleveland Cavaliers' Standings

      See where the Cleveland Cavaliers sit in the Central Division and Eastern Conference, plus gets points for and against totals and overall winning percentage (all useful bits of information).


      Cleveland Cavaliers' History

      The Cleveland Cavaliers have played in the Central Division every year since they joined the National Basketball Association in 1970. They won six Division titles and their first NBA title in 2016 (defeating Golden State in seven games after trailing in the series three games to one).

      While most fans of basketball view the Cleveland Cavaliers as a much-maligned franchise outside of the LeBron James, the Cavaliers actually have a history of fielding competitive teams.

      Cleveland had a good team from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, winning over 54 games three times. Of course, frequently running into Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls caused every Cleveland season to end in disappointment.

      The LeBron James eras in Cleveland was by far the most successful in team history. The Cavaliers made it to five NBA Finals with LeBron James (including four straight between 2015 and 2018). The franchise also won a record 66 games with LeBron James in 2009, tied for the 15th best record in NBA history (as of 2018). Now, it may take the Cavaliers three seasons to win 66 games unless they somehow manage to lure a highly touted free agent to Cleveland.

      Betting on Cleveland Cavaliers Games

      Life without LeBron James will be tough on the Cavaliers.

      The first time he left the Cavaliers, Cleveland entered a four-year playoff drought and did not win more than 33 games. The feel going into 2018 and beyond is similar, if not worse. The Cavaliers have not set themselves up for much success without LeBron James. Bettors should expect to see the Cleveland Cavaliers as underdogs in the majority of their games and offer little value when betting, especially when considering the Cleveland Cavaliers championship winning odds. 

      Of course, the Cavaliers will get up for some games, especially against their biggest rivals the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls and Cavaliers are both rebuilding, and once each team grabs some good, young talent, the rivalry should return to form, or at a minimum, entertain the fans.

      Betting on Cleveland Cavaliers Futures

      For the first few years following LeBron James’ departure, the best value NBA Futures on the Cleveland Cavaliers is likely whether they will win the draft lottery and get the first overall pick. In the four years between 2011 and 2014, the Cavaliers won the draft lottery three times (although once it was a pick from the Los Angeles Clippers that won Cleveland first overall).

      Maybe if the Cavaliers land some upcoming superstars such as Duke’s Zion Williamson. However, until they get some better players and develop them, betting on Cleveland to make the NBA playoffs, let alone win the NBA Finals is a risky proposition. Even if Kevin Love remains an all-star, he has never been able to carry a team on his own. 

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