The Chicago Bulls were established in 1966 and have since become one of professional sports’ most popular franchises thanks to Michael Jordan. Under the greatest NBA player’s reign, the Bulls became one of sports’ greatest dynasties winning six NBA titles in six NBA Finals appearances in eight years along with setting an NBA-record 72 wins in the regular season (since broken by the Golden State Warriors in 2016). The post-Jordan era has been up-and-down for the franchise but they always remain a popular betting option.

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Betting on the Chicago Bulls takes place in sportsbooks and American books like to use the money line. This is where you bet for a team to win straight up. The money line will manifest a negative and positive number to indicate the favorite and underdog, respectively. Minus numbers like -150 show what you need to bet to win $100. In this example, you need $150. A plus number like +140 indicates what you win when you bet $100. In this example, you win $140. Check various books to see who offers the best prices.

Jordan era: without a doubt, the franchise’s golden years came during the nineties when they ruled the NBA and wowed international audiences everywhere. In Jordan’s 13 years with the franchise, the Bulls always made the playoffs, won six NBA titles on six NBA Finals appearances and won six division titles. They became the only NBA franchise to win multiple NBA titles and not lose an NBA Finals series in league history.

Playoff basketball: outside a few dark stretches where the team struggled as a lottery franchise, the Bulls have been staples in the NBA playoffs. They made nine playoff appearances in their first 11 seasons despite losing records and made the playoffs every season during Jordan’s reign. In the mid-2000s, the Bulls returned to the playoffs and won back-to-back division titles for the first time since Jordan retired in 1998. They however couldn’t advance beyond the second round except for one season in 2011.

Regaining the division: the Bulls are a far cry from their division-winning form in the early 2010s but the Central Division is in a constant state of flux and a few roster tweaks to both the Bulls and their opponents could mean an entirely different ball game. Making a small prop bet on the Bulls to win the division before the season starts could be a profitable gamble if you’re willing to take it.