NBA Prop Bets

      The National Basketball Association is the most prominent and prestigious basketball league in the world, garnering the attention of fans from across the globe. It isn’t the most popular sports franchise in the U.S., but it’s not far off the top.

      As such, bookmakers recognize its popularity and seek to find ways to entertain its millions of fans. With an 82-game regular season, the various NBA betting odds are plentiful. Fans are spoilt for choice, not just from mainstream betting lines, but also a broad range of NBA prop bets.

      The excitement of the NBA Playoffs is unrivalled, with the volume of bets increasing significantly around the time of the Finals. The prop bets for the NBA Finals are certainly some of the best prop betting opportunities throughout the basketball season, so be sure to check them out. Let’s take a look at these various NBA prop bets.

      Making Sense of Prop Bets

      From player prop bets to team-based prop bets, there is always a wide range of betting markets for NBA prop betting fans. An example of a common NBA Finals player prop bet would be if the Bucks played the Mavs, where you’d bet on Dallas’s starman Luka Doncic scoring over 29.5 in the game.

      Rather than wagering on a specific game result, bettors are able to wager on specific player performance and action. Other kinds of player bets would include things like the number of assists, rebounds, or the amount of successful 3-point shots in a game. The best thing about props is they take the focus away from the match result, focusing instead on something which is often much easier to predict.

      How to Bet on Team Actions

      In terms of NBA prop bets, be sure to check back with us as we will always explain how to find value in the odds, giving suggestions for the best markets. In terms of difficulty level, placing NBA prop bets is fairly low. If you are new to basketball, read on and we’ll cover the best ways to get in on the prop betting action.

      Knowing the sport is essential. Do your research about the market and always look for a new way to find value in the odds. These wagers often have what would appear to be bad odds. But, in fact, those that know the odds are actually offering some excellent value.

      Find a reliable sportsbook that offers exactly the kinds of NBA prop betting markets you’re interested in. We’d actually suggest taking a look at various bookmakers and signing up for a few of them. Generally speaking, we’d say take a look at teams that you’re well versed in, so you’re well informed about the odds.

      Check Out Player Performances and Rest Players

      One thing we always suggest to players is to study how players have performed recently and in previous seasons. This is especially relevant to players once we reach the playoffs, as players are under a different level of pressure. Also, check out the last 5-10 performances from teams and players to get up to date. Knowing this kind of information will help you to avoid costly mistakes.

      One thing with prop bets, notably when you’re focusing on player props, be sure to check if players are injured or are being rested. The sports features just 5-man teams, so it’s quite significant when a player is rested.

      Enjoy the Upcoming NBA Season

      The 2021/22 NBA season is now underway, moving into its second week. The best teams bidding to go all the way to the NBA playoff finals should be tracked, as those are the ones that NBA prop bets will focus on.

      Take a look at players like Giannis Antetekounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks, Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors, the formidable LeBron James from the Los Angeles Lakers, and the European superstar Luka Doncic playing in Texas. Follow the top teams for team-based props and the stars we mentioned as well as any of the top players that move into the spotlight throughout the season.