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The NBA is quickly becoming the most popular sport to bet on and making money is no problem as long as you find the best NBA betting sites.

With over a hundred betting sites, there are a handful of dedicated NBA betting sites that serve Canadian bettors. We look at these sites and give you the best.

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    NBA Betting Sites

    Most of our partners offer the best-updated sports betting odds and among them are NBA odds, featured from the best NBA betting sites.

    These top sportsbooks are reliable, easy-to-use, and 100% legitimate.

    Yes, there is nothing shady about betting with these sites! The best part is, you don't have to go to your local convenience store and purchase overpriced lotto tickets just to get ripped off on the rare chance you win.

    Basketball fever continues to run amok across Canada thanks partly to the Toronto Raptors' championship run. This might be the nation known for its hockey, but basketball is rapidly rising as a mainstream sport.

    nba betting sites

    NBA Betting Sites Canada

    All of these NBA betting sites are accessible from Canada.

    How is this possible when there are Canadian laws that prohibit gambling unless sponsored by the government? For starters, these sportsbooks are not based in Canada, hence the Canadian government cannot do anything. 

    Second, these Canadian basketball betting sites are legitimate like most "legal" businesses. They offer polite customer service, plenty of promotional offers, and most importantly, an unbelievable amount of NBA markets for you to bet on.

    From the offseason to the regular season to the NBA Playoffs odds, these books have them.

    Top 8 Basketball Betting Sites

    Technically, you can use any of the NBA betting sites around to bet on the NBA but if you want to get the best bang for your buck, you'll only rely on the best NBA betting sites.

    We took the liberty of doing that for you by ranking the eight best basketball betting sites.

    We compiled the sites and assessed them based on four key metrics:

    • Odds

      Arguably the most important metric; you need the sportsbooks to have competitive odds or even have better ones than the field

    • Markets

      The amount of NBA odds you can bet on; the more there is to bet, the better!

    • Accessibility

      How easy it is to use the site - this includes customer service, website interface, and overall reliability of the site for betting

    • Promotions

      Including sign-up bonuses and whatever other promotions (like free bets) they give, the more frequently and the more generous the promos, the better the score

    basketball betting sites

    Without further adieu, these are the top eight NBA betting websites:

  • Play Online Now
    Sports Interaction Review
    BONUS $ 500
  • Play Online Now
    Bet365 Review
    BONUS $ 200
  • Play Online Now
    Bodog Review
    BONUS $ 400
  • Play Online Now
    Betway Review
    BONUS $ 300
  • Play Online Now
    Spin Palace Sports Review
    BONUS $ 200
  • Play Online Now
    William Hill Review
    BONUS $ 500
  • Play Online Now
    LeoVegas Review
    BONUS $ 1000
  • Play Online Now
    PowerPlay Review
    BONUS $ 500
  • Despite our rankings, you can't go wrong with any of these sites. Be sure to read our in-depth reviews to find the right sportsbook for you.

    How to find the best site to bet on Basketball games

    Check out our NBA odds page to find all the information you need on how to find the best NBA betting sites. We give you what you need to know when selecting these websites.

    Naturally, many of these sites pay lots of focus on Toronto Raptors' odds. They are usually given priority when heading to basketball sites serving Canadians for obvious reasons.

    But some sites spread the field and layout all the latest games and big events including the NBA Finals odds.

    When choosing books, be sure to use the criteria we used in our rankings above: odds, markets, promotions, and accessibility. Some sites are stronger in one or two of these areas so sign up for two or more websites to take advantage of each one's strengths.

    You will also be able to avail of their promotions and sign-up offers.

    And don't forget to see how these websites are on mobile. The desktop experience is only half the equation, especially today.

    You can pick your main go-to book, your mobile book, and one that offers alternative markets.

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