NASCAR is North America's premier racing competition and the biggest stock car racing meet in the world. It features one of the longest motor racing calendars, starting in early February and culminating in November when the Cup Championship Playoffs are held.

The most popular betting options for NASCAR are the individual race winner and the outright championship markets, although there are plenty of lines available for every single race. You can find these at all the top online sportsbooks, and you can check all of them on CSB.

News and Odds

Canada Sports Betting will always keep you updated with the latest news and odds form the world of NASCAR. With so many top sports betting sites to choose from, you're never going to be short of a great pick. 

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Each betting site will also offer a selection of bonus offers, particularly if you're new to sign up. Make sure you take advantage of these and look to gain maximum output from your wagers.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

Nascar Betting Tips

Betting on NASCAR can at times seem quite daunting. You have several names to pick from and there can only be one winner, so how do you ensure your bet is successful?

Each Way Betting

First and foremost, you should explore the top sportsbooks to find a line that suits your needs. For example, Sports Interaction offer two options: ouright winner bets and 'Each Way' bets. Let's say you put $10 down on veteran Jimmie Johnson to win the race @ +2000. If your bet is an outright winner and Jimmie wins the race, you've just won $200! However if Jimmie comes in second or third, you would leave with nothing.

In an Each Way bet, your $10 is split into two separate wagers, one at $5 on the outright win and the second $5 to place in any of the top three positions, which will pay 1/5 of the original odds.

In the above example, if Johnson managed a victory, you would collect for both bets:

$5 @ +2000 = $100
$5 @ +400 = $20

Total Profit = $120

If Johnson finished 2nd or 3rd, you would still profit as you would collect $20 on top of your original $5.

Race Matchup Betting

The top sites also offer head to head odds on a number of drivers, which makes the race even more interesting from start to finish particularly if your favourite racer is not likely to win the event. Kurt Busch may be at the back end of his career, although you would still get a good price for him to finish ahead of say Clint Bowyer or Aric Almirola in the chasing pack. This is a great option if your knowledge of NASCAR runs deep.


Odds fluctuate daily, so be sure to track the path of your preferred driver carefully before placing a bet on the futures market. Truex Jr is a good example of a driver that eases into a season (in 2017 he only had one podium finish in the first ten races, before dominating for the rest of the year). While he may start at short odds, he will likely become more valuable after the first month as other drivers overtake him in favouritism, meaning you will get a much better price.

Every season there is a driver just like this, so the same rules always apply. As long as you're doing your research you should be able to pick the next big thing in NASCAR.

Live Betting

Also don't forget about live betting, which is offered by all of the leading sportsbooks. Placing in-game bets provides a great opportunity for punters, as the lines and odds are consistently changing.

For example, if you were to look at betting on a favourite, they may start at odds of -300 to win a race, however if they get off to a bad start they may jump up to a price that is closer to evens. Back them to claw their way to the front of the pack and you'll be in for a big win.

The key to live betting is patience and discipline. Be sure to note the original odds before placing a live bet, as the pre-race prediction by betting companies has the best chance of actually occurring. Hold your nerve, wait for your opportunity and only place your live wager if the right moment presents itself.